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Holly to Hugh: Hef Off

10/7/2008 8:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holly Madison dropped some big news on us Monday night -- she and Hef are no longer together.
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If a love affair between a 28-year-old woman and an 82-year-old man can't work, what hope is there for the rest of us?


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#645732 - Cell Block H    

Who wants this skank after that old geezer had his way with her? After cleaning out the cobwebs from her vagina, she'll end up being some other rich guy's playmate. What other talents does she have besides spreading her legs for the highest bidder?

2171 days ago

tanisha pratt    

Bout' time he got rid of your gold diggin hoe ass. He rely thought he'd marry you, so sad. Hefs old but hes not stupid.

2171 days ago


I once thought they was so cute together and she might actually love him but to see her act all nonchalance about it all really lets everyone see her true intentions.

2171 days ago


#3 YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! MCCAIN-PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2171 days ago

who dat    

Really, who would want this woman after she was knocking dentures with the mummy. It will take at least a year to get that ben-gay smell off of her.

2171 days ago

Galaxy Girl    

She's only 28? Gosh, this whole time I thought she was older than me and I'm 35.

2171 days ago


Hmmmm? I wonder who will take her place in the lair? . . . Kendra? Or are they all a package deal?

2171 days ago

bob cook    

I am so sadden to see what you what you are doing MR. Adam's Father. Your son, Adam, was kidnapped, his head was cut off. You have done such an honorable job to make your son's short life a savior of other children. Why are you doing this show? It is so beneith you. Please stay the course and give up this s slutty show. Remember Adam. He is why you need to stay the course.

2171 days ago


damn thats crazy. break ups suck

2171 days ago


I doubt this story is true. I've watched the show only out of boredom. Kendra is a psycho, Holly is a phoney in the highest order, and Bridget I really like her and she is definitely selling herself short by being a part of that group. Hef is just a dirty old man at this point. His hayday is far over and now he just looks silly. He was the swinger back in the day when it was okay to be a swinger but aren't those days long gone ? This show and these girls just highlight what a skank looks like today. Bridget is the only one who is a worthy person. She's quirky, weird laugh, but at least she has some semblence of being a naturally beautiful woman, unlike the others. As a I said in the beginning I doubt this story is true.

2171 days ago


P/S - this was taken after Holly was at the taping of Dancing with the Stars....did anyone else notice her in the front row?? They showed her after Warren Sapp's waltz :) Who is that girl she's with???

2171 days ago


Now Sarah palin and Holly have one thing more in common. Their both from a fascist anti-thought anti-freedom state called .... hum where is it? Alaska. Like she would have got what she wanted . wait she did!

2171 days ago


Go Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden 08 and To Ms. Fey " Up With The Palin spoofs " ! ! ! !

2171 days ago


All I can say is this " Good Riddance To You Miss Madison, Please Give Back All The Jewels Back To Mr. Hefner Asp ' Won't Miss You At All On The Girls Next Door " ! ! ! !
" Next To Go Is Miss. Wilkson And You Also Give back All The Jewels Too " Same To You Miss Wilkson " ! ! ! !
" No Miss Madison You Can Kiss PlayBoy Ass " ! ! ! !
" Good Bye Miss Madison And I Sure I Won't Miss You At All " ! ! ! !

2171 days ago


No amout of money in the world could make me kiss (much less screw) an 82 year old man. She is true whore!

2171 days ago
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