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Holly to Hugh: Hef Off

10/7/2008 8:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holly Madison dropped some big news on us Monday night -- she and Hef are no longer together.
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If a love affair between a 28-year-old woman and an 82-year-old man can't work, what hope is there for the rest of us?


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Let's face it Holly, you are getting too old for that ancient old fart, has anyone noticed that he is getting old himself and can harley navigate when he is walking around or is it just me? Watch him, his knees are bent, he can't stand up straight and he walks very slowly, hmmm, maybe he needs to use his walker more. Holly, go out there and show us what you are made of, GO GIRL I say

2175 days ago


She clearly said she was not with Hef so she couldn't invite him... DUHH!! not that she is no longer with him anymore!! She just said she cannot invite anyone without being with him, like right next to him for him tos ay okay!! lol TMZ really knows how to make a mountain out of a mole hill!! dumbasses.

2175 days ago


See even you got to old for that pervert! Look out all you parents he's on the look out for more 18 yr olds. Why don't you stick to the grannies they need love too and face it Hef Your F'n Old!!!!!!!!!!!

2175 days ago

entertain me    

What I don't get is how did Holly actually believe Hef would ever let her have his baby. I guess it was obvious to everyone but her that he would never agree.

2175 days ago


Good for U Hef!! Those HO'S are just like beer cans!!! When your done with them, you squash them and throw them away!!!
Such is the fate of all gold-diggers!!!

2175 days ago


Having sex for money is the same whether it is millions or fifty bucks. That makes her a hooker.Take away the hair extensions, fake boobs,,capped teeth,liposuctioned body,botoxed face,false eyelashes, and ten coats of makeup and she is average at best.

2175 days ago

DingDong DingDong    


2175 days ago


I like Holly and I am sad that they had to go their separate ways!!! I truly believe she loved Hef!!!! It's just that when you want a family and marriage, you have to go find it w/ someone who wants the same. I think she really wanted to have Hef's kids and marry him. I'm sure he will miss her and I hope she doesn't hook up w/ FUGLY CRISS ANGEL.....YUCK!!!!

2175 days ago


Am I the only one that senses the sarcasm in what she and the dude in the clip say? I think they're just poking fun at the 'rumors'.

2175 days ago


Poor Puffin!!!!

2175 days ago


She thought in her little brain of hers, that the man that made a mens mag. into a billion dollar business was somehow going to marry her at the end of his days... and have a kid to her and then she would be able to collect half... lol... She started to date him when he the other girls and he was still married.. I am sure Hef saw that from day one,, and didn't care.. he is swarmed by money grubbers I am sure he knows how to spot them...

2175 days ago


Have you all seen her myspace page? All the pics of Hef are down and she eludes to the break up there too.

2175 days ago


if Hef were a regular guy without all his money-what girl of any age would give him a second look

he reminds me of the weird old pervert on a street corner in his overcoat flashing anything female

not a fan
or couldn't you tell ((*_*))

2175 days ago


I heard that she cheated on him

2175 days ago

Bosco are so full of crap. Ya, im sure your tight with hef and holly. I love how people try to act like they know people that tmz report about. Do you feel special #38sandy?

2175 days ago
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