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Holly to Hugh: Hef Off

10/7/2008 8:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holly Madison dropped some big news on us Monday night -- she and Hef are no longer together.
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If a love affair between a 28-year-old woman and an 82-year-old man can't work, what hope is there for the rest of us?


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I love Holly. She and Bridget are my favorite. Holly and Bridget are to good for that old man.
Good luck to you Holly. Good luck to Bridget.
And as for Kendra. She's so damn fake. FAKE and Fugly. Kendra tries to act sporty. Sporty my ass. She sucks in every sport she does in the Girls Next Door show. That laugh of hers I can't stand. I can't wait till Hef kicks her ass to the curve. Everytime Hef tries to kiss her you can tell her ugly ass is so uncomfortable. She's the one who is with Hef for the money.
It's about time Holly left Hefs ass.

2169 days ago


Call me a softie... but I am honestly saddened by this news... I really liked these girls with Hef... always seemed cozy and sweet....

2169 days ago

AZ T    

I can't believe everyone is being so mean to her about this whole thing. While she doesn't seem remorseful it must hurt to break up with someone she has been with for so long and still won't give her what she wants in life. Everyone deserves to be happy and she will be happy one day with a man who does want to give her what she wants. Here's to Holly and her future endeavors : ]

2169 days ago


Dont hate her cos you aint her! Seriously you should all stop bitching about her and running her down to the ground. I believe she genuinely loved Hef.
She's hot and you know it and thats why you hate her so shut up! If you have nothing nice or constructive to say just dont say anything! Simple~

2168 days ago


DUH? Seriously Folks...if an adult cannot cook a hamburger, or remember to put on the gas under a pot of hot dogs...well, how high is that IQ really? Give HER what she wants? When most of us have to work for what we want???? Oh, I don't think so!

2168 days ago

GND fan    

I have watched the show for years and I am really sad to hear this news. Mostly I feel bad for Hef and Bridget. I like to think Hef was truly happy... At least he has said many times this is one of the happiest times in his life, and he loved the girls very much. That's a lot of memories to go away and he really didn't know this was coming suddenly like this. Interesting that Holly thinks she can still go to his Halloween Party... like she still runs the mansion and him from her condo wherever that is. I used to really like Holly. I got the impression that she was a bit fake, but I would probably come off that way too in front of a camera doing personal interviews. On the other hand, she is sleeping with an 82 year old man, and although he is the almighty Hef that had to have been just midldly akward. I feel bad for Bridget becuase she is so sensitive and although I can't see her moving on to be Hef's #1 girlfriend, she made such an impact on the house and also seemed truly happy with her life and with Hef. Kendra is all good... I always thought she had a man on the side anyway... ;-) She also loves Hef though, and seemed to look up to him so much. I don't see myself watching another season of the show wihtout the three girls... It would be like watching Newlyweds with Nick and Vanessa or Jessica and Tony...

2168 days ago


All three of these dumb blonds are missing some marbles. They have no qualms about sharing an 82 year old pervert. That is so gross. And Holly to actually want to have a baby with him. She needs counseling. If all three of those girls go their own way do you think Hef really cares. He's got more low self esteem bimbos lining up at his door than he can handle. It's just a matter of who he will choose. And seriously, Bridget has a degree. She doesn't need to be apart of that trio.

2168 days ago

Just my opinion    

93. DUH? Seriously Folks...if an adult cannot cook a hamburger, or remember to put on the gas under a pot of hot dogs...well, how high is that IQ really? Give HER what she wants? When most of us have to work for what we want???? Oh, I don't think so!

Posted at 8:09AM on Oct 9th 2008 by Dee-Licious sure know you're Girls Next Door trivia......................

2168 days ago


Our country is screwed up. We need to fix it. It's time for a change for Hef and the White House.

for the "nObama" guy or gal, This perfect "America" you speak of is an illusion. wake up.

2168 days ago

omg I don't f'n believe it    

Get over it Holly! How could Hef's 82 yr/old sperm produce a child? Are you kidding me, there is no way. Not to mention that you don't have any maternal instincts to be a MOTHER! Children are not monkeys or cute little pets that you put in their cages at night.

2168 days ago

Jen Fiz, you guys. I can't believe how many haters there are out there. Poor Holly, man. She's just a girl like the rest of us, trying to do the best she can with her life. So, she gets involved with Hef, falls in love, and wants a baby. The big mistake she made was not in getting with an 80+ year old man -- it was in getting with a *married* man. There's a saying in Spanish, "What starts off wrong, ends up wrong." I've made mistakes in my life, so I'm not dissing her for it.
Holly, if you can see this -- you are a smart, beautiful woman. Go out there and find someone worthy of you. And, please, just say NO to married men!

2168 days ago


Holly is still living in the mansion , but they are OVER!!!!

Now the twins are also moved in (both 19 with criminal records!)

UGH! I hated holly , but I am not ready to take in 2 new girls on the show! And soon Kendra will be gone too , she was found cheating as well. So sad!

2168 days ago


"TMZ really knows how to make a mountain out of a mole hill!! dumbasses. "---KM

Um KM it just flashed across the news tonight that hef said it is OVER with holly

2168 days ago


Also ALL of them are gold diggers ever read any of the books?

They each get a allowance 2grand a week , and 4 grand before parties. They must BE at the mansion at collection time or they do not get it.

Read the books!!! So worth it!!!!

2168 days ago



2167 days ago
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