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Jacko -- Last Comic Standing

10/7/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just your typical human family outing -- dad takes his unmasked kids to the comic book store to pick up a few necessities. Except in this case, the dad is Michael Jackson and he wears a surgical mask, pajama pants, a pair of over-sized Nicole Richie sunglasses and a giant hooded sweatshirt. May the force be with Paris Michael, Prince Michael and Blanket.


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"3. My bet is when his kids grow up they will write a very interesting book about being raised by a nut case."

Except for the fact that anyone who has actually spent an extended period of time with Jackson and his children (including Martin Bashir ) have insisted that he is a great father and that his children are some of the most well-educated and well-mannered 'Hollywood' children out there.

"8. Those kids are not his.
I hope someone get their DNA to prove it once and for all."

They ARE his children, they were raised by him since they were born. What difference does it make if they are biologically his or not, do you run around screaming the same thing to the millions of parents who may have adopted the children that they have raised since they were born? Some of y'all are just dumb.

2184 days ago


re: jgCase

Those kids don't have a drop of black blood in them. 99% of people that are mixed still CLEARLY look black. Hello? Rihanna? Halle Berry? The only child who is questionable (to me) is Blanket. He doesn't look totally white, but I seriously doubt he's black, either.

Anyway, he's a psychopath and those AREN'T his kids. Also, I'm pretty sure his "ex-wife" spoke out and said that the kids were conceived from a sperm donor, and at birth she basically gave over the kids to MJ.

2184 days ago


Bleached Freakazoid, I hope he doesn't ruin their noses. Do you think auntie Janet can send them some money for food?

2184 days ago


Reminds me of the line in the movie "Parenthood"......"you need a license to drive a car, heck, you even need a license to catch a fish, but they'll let any $&#*$% be a father".

2184 days ago


Those children are gorgeous. Stunning. No wonder he has been fearful but it seems like he is starting to relax. I can tell they look like him.

2184 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

What a freak MJ is.

Poor kids they prob have been drugged and molested multiple times. When they are older Im sure they will break away from this weirdo and confess that Michael is a pedophile.

2184 days ago


Leave this family alone!!!!!!!
God bless

2184 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Those are not his biological kids. He has Ethnic Black issues. They look nothing like him. Not color ,but in looks. Eartha Kitts's daughter is White ,but she looks just likeEartha Kitt. Themother wants nothing to do with the children. Weird. You have a baby , and your baby is leaking top and bottom you just let him take the kids striaght out of the womb abd go home with them.Sick!! Debbie words about the kids birth, not mine.
This would all be funny about his kids, except forthe fact they are kids, human beings, and not monkeys, Bubbles 1, 2 ,3.
These kids do not live a normal life. no school. No mother. No freinds. A dad walking in inpj's. A mask. Shopping with stores closed. The do not know of the outside world. Sad.

2184 days ago


These children are going to end up with major problems, especially the one dangled out the window, he doesn't even have a real name...BLANKET????And no way are these kids even from (luckily)MJ's gene pool.

2184 days ago

What the hell happened to Eddie!    

1) there is no way thoses are biologically his children and 2) do you think he sexually abused them ?

2184 days ago

miss sheree    

Those are NOT his biological kids. Their trailer trash mom Debbie whatever admitted that. They were sold to Bubbles Lover/Owner for a price because he could never pass the psych to adopt.

He needs to be committed.

2184 days ago


Whenever something's posted about Brad and Angelina adopting another kid, or any other celebrity, it's accepted, yet when Michael Jackson gets posted, all of a sudden it's this huge deal. Stop being so damn immature people, We don't know the specifics about his family, and even if they wouldn't be biologically his, so what? Plenty of people adopt or otherwise have kids that are not biologically theirs, and plenty of celebs. All of the accusations against him have been thoroughly disproven beyond the shadow of a doubt (you'd know this if you'd bother to actually look at it), yet people can's stop harrasing this guy, they are the ones who are freaks. Just leave this guy along and let him make his music already, at least he's got real talent, unlike most of these reality stars that people nowadays adore. Give me a quality artist like MJ any day.

2184 days ago

blue pen    

Oh give it a rest. Some of you are just old drama queens. They look like any normal set of kids - in fact compared some of the spoilt brats in Hollywood, I think he's raising them just fine.

Who gives a feck if he isn't their biological father - I mean big bloomin' deal.

2184 days ago


The older boy, Prince Michael I, looks like he has had his own plastic surgery so he will look like Michael AFTER plastic surgery. Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) doesn't look anything like him. No one seems to know where he came from. Only the older boy and the girl, Paris, were from Debbie Rowe.

2184 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Michael Jackson was accused TWICE of sexually abusing kids and he was able to adopt 3

Everyone knows his a@@ is doing all kinds of weird things with these kids..Its a shame. They are ruined for life all because MJ has the money to act out his sexual previsions with children.

2184 days ago
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