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Jacko -- Last Comic Standing

10/7/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just your typical human family outing -- dad takes his unmasked kids to the comic book store to pick up a few necessities. Except in this case, the dad is Michael Jackson and he wears a surgical mask, pajama pants, a pair of over-sized Nicole Richie sunglasses and a giant hooded sweatshirt. May the force be with Paris Michael, Prince Michael and Blanket.


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Why are people upset? Uhhh, because he's lied about everything?

Those children might slightly resemble the 2008 MJ, but not the human being Mama and Papa Jackson gave birth to. Skin color aside, MJ no longer has the facial characteristics he was born with. Unless those children have also seen a plastic surgeon, we have to make the assumption that they are in no way his biological children.

They are cute kids. I wonder who they belong to? MJ never would let the Paps photograph them before -- so why so openly now?

2019 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

I bet Michael Jackson bought 3 kids just to have sex with them. What a weirdo this guy is. Its waaay to late for the kids to ever become normal now, they are victimized and can never have a normal life. He should of never of been able to adopt them in the first place.

2019 days ago


Oh LOL! The more I read comments on this site, the more I say that I'm proud to be Canadian. Wow, some of you people really prove that most Americans are dumb as f***! A black person can make white-looking children. Look at the dude on Prison Break. If most of you can't see that by now, then you have a serious problem!

Michael Jackson may be a freak and seriously effed up but those kids are his and they are beautiful.

2019 days ago


He's such a nutbag! Can't someone take those children away from him? He's clearly not fit to raise children.

2019 days ago


I feel sad for you haters. How would you like it if every move you made was seen by the whole world. You would hide behind a mask to. The camera lights popping in your face just trying to get in and out of a store. you would were glasses to. IT is not like he is asking for it like Britney or Hollywood stars. He is trying to take his kids out for some comic books. Just think what you would do if you if you walked out of your house and there was a camera in your face. You would never know how you would act until it happened to you.

2019 days ago


I have three mixed race children in my classroom. One could pass for caucasian, one could pass as Black and the third is very obviously mixed race. My own two children look nothing like me (thank goodness) but one is the spitting image of her paternal grandmother and one resembles his maternal great-grandfather. I have a friend who adopted and yet mom and daughter look amazingly alike.
To the person who stated her nephews would be touching everything, my children were taught how to behave in a store and that meant not touching things. It's quite clear that these children have been taught manners.
My only real concern is with the length of the hair on the boys, but a lot of the stars now are not cutting their sons' hair so even that isn't that odd.

2019 days ago

Ms. X    

Why is this legal? He dangled "Blanket" over a railing 50 ft. in the air in UK. Our Gov. is allowing Michael to emotionally and maybe even physically abuse these children. Weird.

2019 days ago


anybody in their right mind know them not michael kids. he can bleach his skin, straighten his nose and hair, his dna is still a black man. mixed children most of the time look more black than white (ex. barack obama, haley berry) and these kids are white because sadly thats what he wants to be

2019 days ago


number 48 you need to go back to canada the guy on prison break is multi racial, meaning his mother and father are both mixed, michael jackson parents are black, and so is he

2019 days ago


He's a FREAK!!! Those poor kids! They will be messed up for life!

2019 days ago


I agree that it has to be hard to be MJ. But he did a lot of weird stuff in the 80s and 90s that have made it seem like he is a freak show. The media wouldn't be that interested if he didn't have 12 year olds over for sleepovers. I think it's sad that nobody in his family or work relationships got him help when they knew he was falling off the deep end. Maybe they tried, I would have tried harder.

If these kids write a book in the future I bet it'll give "Mommy Dearest" a run for the money!

2019 days ago


Those kids are NOT Michael Jackson's biological kids!!! They look nothing like him. No wonder Micheal's Mother is never like a Grandmother to them......she doesn't even know them.
It seems Debbie simply sold her children off for a lot of money and wealth. Anyway, these poor children have no real life outside of Michael. The kids look like they are his toys. How sad!

2019 days ago



2019 days ago

Hannah Destiny    

His New Name Should Be KING CLOWN

2019 days ago


right they are "mixed" as you like to call it not black but you know what they do not look like "mixed" ir biracial children either! They are obvoisly not his children, anyone who believes he is the biological father is an idiot or too young to remeber what Michael Jackson really lloked like before he made himself into the freak he is tiday.

2019 days ago
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