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Spank This Monkey ... and He'll Drop Kick You

10/7/2008 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Should "Karate Kid 5" ever get made, the part of Ralph Macchio will now be played by a Japanese monkey. Wax on, wax off!
Yachan: Click to watch
Yachan is a black belt wearing primate who not only knows how to kick, punch, flip and do push-ups, but also has a part time job cleaning tables at a local bar -- just like Ralph Macchio!


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thought it would be funny and cute-but it is sad
the monkey doesn't look like this is fun for him at all-forced to do it from training

2205 days ago


that is so sad, that poor monkey looks like he hate it. i feel so sorry for him, animal rightes activist should do something about that!!

2205 days ago


YESS!! Monkeys doing stuff is always funny. And for people who say this is wrong.....its a frikken monkey, not a human. its not being abused, hit or anything, you can tell the owner clearly loves his monkey. The owner even gave him gloves so he wouldnt hurt his hands....TMZ i wanna see more monkey videos. this monkey has more talent the kim k, heidi, spencer, and paris combined.

2205 days ago

Just wondering??    

Come on TMZ. Stop perpetuating this sort of nonsense. The celebrity stuff (as lame as it sometimes is) is one thing, but this monkey is surely not having a grand time. Do you honestly think that he was sitting around thinking that he wanted to learn martial arts? Probably more like, hed rather be grooming his pal and lounging in the sun. Whats next, a monkey with his hands tied to a steering wheel, driving a big rig? Maybe you can tape his fingers down so he can flip you the bird...

2205 days ago


Please take this video down. Don't give this idiot any more publicity.

As other posters have stated, this is animal abuse. You should know better, TMZ.

2205 days ago

Caroline Johnson    

I'm actually gobsmacked by TMZ's insensitive ability to have an advert banner on the right for the WWF and this video play on the left, are you brain dead or just incredibly hypocritical and anyone who thinks that a "wild" animal would willingly put on gloves, clothes and behave in this manner, needs to get a dose of reality, check out the work of or the if you really want to know why this animal is performing, although the stick might be a little clue, agree with the other postings on here, take it down, also contacting WWF and telling them maybe they might want to think twice about advertising on your site, very disappointed...

2205 days ago


WHAT THE F*@&? Why are they making that poor monkey dress up in a uniform and wear gloves and a protective helmet? They probably beat the monkey if it doesn't preform to their liking. Okay, I thought it was kind of funny but it's not right.

2205 days ago

northern gypsy    

after reading some of the blogs...couldn't bring myself to watch the video...FORCE-TRAINING defenseless animals shows the under-belly of our humanity...should not be condoned...

2205 days ago


I agree with everyone else on here.. that definitely was not cute or funny. That a$$hole trainer is pushing the poor monkey around and making him do things he obviously does NOT want to do. The poor thing does a flip and bashes his head into the wall.. I'm sorry but this should be removed.

2204 days ago

Mitch's girl    

I can't bring myself to watch it, nor do I want to. From other's comments I can tell this is abuse. This is terrible. Take it down.

2204 days ago


I HATE it when people say "It's just an animal". No, it's not just an animal, it's a sentient being with feelings who feels pain. And no, I won't get over it. Take this horrific video off now.

2204 days ago


This wrong on so many levels. I can not believe that this kind of thing still goes on. It's animal abuse and the people responsible for this should not only be fined but they should do jail time.

2204 days ago

Island of misfits    

This is so very sad....please don't promote this. I bet the human does smack the monkey with that stick when they are alone.

2204 days ago


This is probably animal abuse. For those of you who say it isn't, how do you know? This is not normal and it doesn't look like it's enjoying it at all.

2204 days ago


This video is horrible, and the fact that it is being presented as entertainment is even worse. I have lost respect for this website as animal abuse is never fun to watch. Now I am so depressed and angry. Please remove the video immediately as it is NOT APPROPRIATE.

2204 days ago
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