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Butler Kicks Butt -- LAPD Investigates

10/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Gerard Butler is under criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting a photog.
It allegedly went down early Tuesday in L.A. Gerard was leaving Crown Bar at 2:00 AM and got into his limo. The photog claims he was following Gerard's limo in a car, when the limo suddenly stopped. Gerard supposedly got out of the limo, approached the photog and asked why he was tailing him.

To that, the photog says he responded, "Hey, that's my job." Gerard allegedly then reached in the car, grabbed the photog's throat and and punched him three or four times. Butler allegedly then kicked the car and again punched the photog three or four times -- close-fisted -- for good measure.

The photog went to the hospital for stitches and then filed a police report. The LAPD confirms they're looking into the case and plan on interviewing Gerard.

No immediate comment from Gerard's people.


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G. getting into his own car from the valet and driving himself home.

2177 days ago


So the photog ADMITTED he was following his car, that's stalking....he had it coming. If he would have just taken photos when Butler came out of the bar I doubt he would have been pummeled, but he just HAD to follow (stalk) him...he had it coming and good for Butler!!! I would think though that if Butler had hit the photog as many times as is alleged that his face would have looked a whole hell of a lot worse, he'd have had a LOT more than just a split lip.

2177 days ago


I think both sides have a point here. True Gerard has to be left alone if he was going home. On the other hand, asking paparazzi to leave them alone, is like asking all these gossip sites to dissapear because it's precisely the pap pictures that feed them. There's no win vs. paparazzis nowadays.

And stupid Gerard did EXACTLY what the paparazzi ask in the first place which is attention. Paparazzi hate when they're ignore cause they get no story. So i'd say prosecute Gerard, but not for hitting the guy but for being stupid.

2177 days ago


I don't know...this sounds suspicious to me. You're getting the account only of the photog and he's making himself sound awfully innocent. I'd like a little more detail about what made Butler "suddenly stop" his limo. I have a feeling it was something slightly more intrusive than that he was just being followed.

For anyone who believes this story is the WHOLE truth, I have some real estate on a cliff in Malibu to sell you.

And to Attention...I don't understand people with your perspective and hostility towards celebrities. Just because someone chooses to be an actor does not mean they surrender their right to privacy. At some point in the day, don't you leave YOUR job? I understand that an actor's job invites a certain amount of public attention, but why should they have to put up with public scrutiny 24-hours a day. Granted, he was at Crown Bar, which is a place that he should expect to be photographed. Still, I don't agree with your point that they can't pick when, where, or how they get media attention. I don't think anybody goes into show business expecting to make that trade-off.

2177 days ago

two cents    

This just makes me love Gerard all the more.

How funny. It's about time people started putting an end to the constant harassment that people usually tolerate, on their own, personal time. The man was leaving a bar. Why follow him? There was NO story and he should have just ended it there. No. He followed him. Fair game.

2177 days ago

He's Dead    

Hey I just wanted everyone to know, when your a victim or supposed victim when you present your incident to the Police. They look at the total picture,ie: did you have a chance to leave the area or the danger if you had a means to leave and if so did you take it or did you decide to stand and fight or be a punching target to get attention. The investigator/ Distric Attorney look for the DOMINANT AGGRESSOR involved in the incident. So a word to those looking for that lawsuit beware you placed yourself in harms way the outcome of the investigation my not be favorable.

2177 days ago


just figured out it was the """300""" guy,,, good movie, kind of~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hey actor stick to acting -leave the fighting to the real gangsta' life~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tough guy,,, yeah sure dude... ASSAULT/MISDEMEANOR __anger management classes & fine.......... good day sir!!

2177 days ago


Hello? If Photogs stopped taking pictures, you would not have this site to look at.

2177 days ago


My new Hero. A New Idea: 300- The Paps.

The plot line is simple, kick the living hell out of the photogs, and WIN!

2177 days ago


Justifiable. These paps are annoying. Hope this photog had witnesses because otherwise it's just allegations. Gerry's a lawyer, he knows. As for assault - not fool - assault is when you say you are going to do it and then you do - it's battery and even then it's self-defense - invasion of privacy. And for this grand an allegation there aren't many injuries - next time Gerry use a bat - make sure it's metal - wood does tend to splinter.

2177 days ago

Toby Christensen    

Butler should have drug the photog out of the car, removed a manhole cover and thrust kick the whiney b!tch into the open sewer.

2177 days ago


Shame on all of you for posting bad stuff about photogs, and yet you're on TMZ.
TMZ is awesome,
Gerards an idiot.
Photogs are just doing their jobs and that in turn keeps this site alive.
Actually when you think of it, gerard pucnhing the photog has helped keep the day a little more interesting thanks to TMZ, so go gerard, you talentless hack with a temper, that cannot handle being a celeb.

2177 days ago


Bye bye green card, care of paparazzi 101....great job, dummies .....Ya both deserve each other, lovers' quarrel.

2177 days ago

His Royal Blackness    

He kicked someones ass that was endangering others for driving recklessly. Good on him. Why can't people see that? If the pap was driving like an idiot to chase Butler then this is the least he deserves. Post number 7 is a complete moron for missing that fact.

Post number 7. Why are you so ignorant?

2177 days ago


I used to like Gerard when he was doing all of his publicity for "The Phantom of the Opera". I even bombarded "People" magazine with e-mail for a couple of years for overlooking him when they published their "Hottest" issues. Well, he was eventually included in one, then he began to get high profile roles such as the ones in Sparta and P.S. I Love You. Apparently he has moved from London to Hollywood and now he's an ass. Everyhting on TMZ and some of the celebrity type magazines make him look like a horn-dog. I don't think you'd even see George Clooney - who has tried to get the paps from stalking celebrities - get out of the car and PUNCH someone. Apparently, making a lot of money and riding on limos doesn't give one class. I'm no longer a fan.

2177 days ago
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