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Butler Kicks Butt -- LAPD Investigates

10/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Gerard Butler is under criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting a photog.
It allegedly went down early Tuesday in L.A. Gerard was leaving Crown Bar at 2:00 AM and got into his limo. The photog claims he was following Gerard's limo in a car, when the limo suddenly stopped. Gerard supposedly got out of the limo, approached the photog and asked why he was tailing him.

To that, the photog says he responded, "Hey, that's my job." Gerard allegedly then reached in the car, grabbed the photog's throat and and punched him three or four times. Butler allegedly then kicked the car and again punched the photog three or four times -- close-fisted -- for good measure.

The photog went to the hospital for stitches and then filed a police report. The LAPD confirms they're looking into the case and plan on interviewing Gerard.

No immediate comment from Gerard's people.


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I say fine the Photo agency that hired this tool pap too!
Looks like he might have to get a real job and he won't be giving head for a few weeks.
Congratulations to Butler.

2171 days ago


#56 you are a huge dumbass.

2171 days ago


Gerry is very patient with the razzi and with his fans. If he hit the photog, he must have been provoked. He is a true gentleman who treats everyone with patience and respect. His true fans know that this is not the "norm"....

2170 days ago


I think that Gerard Butler is really patient with the paparazi and when he go to red carpets he always give interviews and he is really lovely with his fans so if paparazis borther a lot they´ll have many problems with the actors, the mass media should respect their lives. If they respect, they won´t have injuries.

Gerard Butler take care sale bye =)

2170 days ago


Wow, this really is screwed up! The LA PD is investigating? That's almost funny in it's self. The gross Papp is obviously an opportunist. He called an Attorney at 2am in the morning? What did he have him on, speed dial? Doesn't that sound like pre-meditation. Talk about entrapment!!! I hope Gerry and his Attorney kick both their @sses! I'm just disapointed that he didn't give the Papp a good old "THIS IS SPARTA" kick! That would've been awesome to see! This Papp is dirty and looks like the trip to the ER was his only way to free soap and paper towels.... ewwww!!

2170 days ago


What a whiney whimpy bitch!
YAY Gerry! Bout time these stalker bitches were put in their place!
Just because you have a camera does not give you the right to violate these peoples privacy.
This guy KNOWS he provoked Butler. Otherwise there would be a whole lot of fat lipped hurting paparazzi staggering around. Learn respect boy; Gerrys a mans man, and was scrapping back in Glasgow whlie you were still potty training.

2170 days ago


Princess Diana is smiling down on Gerard.

Every celeb should give him a big HOOOOOOOHAAAAHHHHHH!

Ban these self appointed freelance (CRIMINALS) photographers.

This means you TMZ; you just had to place a mad looking photo of Gerard by this crotch lipped photographer whom you empathize with.

2170 days ago


Anyone who views this website had better shut up about people bashing the papparazzi and how "celebrities deserve privacy and you should leave them alone" WHY ARE YOU ON THIS WEBSITE THEN??? I

2170 days ago


Whoa, it's actually a crime to swat a blood-sucking mosquito? He's doing everyone a huge favor! If being harassed and hounded by photogs 24/7 is just the "price" for being a celebrity, then getting punched in the mouth should just be the "price" you pay for stalking people! Hazards of the occupation, get over it loser.

2170 days ago

Butler girl    

Pap - if that is your job - you just got paid with a fat lip- fair price I think.

2169 days ago

Meanwhile down at the ranch    

Gerry I applaud you. In fact I make you an honorary Texan.

2169 days ago


IF Gerry punched the guy in the face almost 10 times as he alleges that guys face would look a whole lot worse than that! I wouldn't doubt the guy didn't bite his own lips in fear when Gerry got out of his limo and started coming back to his car.....

Gerry Butler is one of the most gracious actors out there...not only to his fans but the patience and courtesy he shows the paparazzi has always made me admire his good nature. I've read where witnesses say that this pap was driving erratic and being a danger on the road trying to invade on Gerry's private life.

There needs to be a law against these guys who make their living stalking celebrities.... taking their pictures at events is one thing ..... stalking them is totally unacceptable.

2169 days ago


Gerry...I'm so glad you kicked his ass!!! I'm right behind you baby..nothing you do will ever change how I feel about you!
Hugs and Kisses to you!

2169 days ago


Go Butler!!!!!

2167 days ago
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