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Fabio -- We Can't Believe It's Not Old Yet

10/8/2008 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He first started doing ads for the butter substitute in 1995 -- 13 years later, we still can't believe it.
Fabio: Click to watch


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Corky from Life Goes On    

Fabio, that hair is so 1990s, get a haircut already

2213 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

He is literally a bird brain .

2213 days ago

Toby Christensen    

Where's a seagull when you need one?

2213 days ago


Someone alert the Immigration Officials........Fabio's back!!! Why do cheesy, sloeezy, no talent morons jacked up with steroids like fABIO get all the web space and air time....huh? If you want to confuse fABIO and really screw up his day try this: go up to the steroid freak and ask him to add up a couple of simple numbers like say 2+4+6 and then tell you the answer......BUT he can't stomp either leg and his hands gotta stay in his pockets. He'll be so confused he'll start pounding his chest and screamimg. And to all the little "chippies" out there who'd hop the freak-a-zoid's bones........DON'T DO IT LADIES........DON'T!!!'ll feel usedcand cheap afterwards so go with a real American hunk like me!!! All gut and no steroids.......and I take a shower every day!

2213 days ago


Is it me, or does he look like the caveman from Geico?

2213 days ago


I think Fabio is still Hot!!

2213 days ago


Enough of the hair already. He's never done anything for me anyway,but now that it's 2008, it's time for the hair to go.

Quit living in the past already.

2213 days ago

Vintage '51    

Don't you know "In the land of morons, the half wit is King"? Or so he thinks. Some people just refuse to go away.

2213 days ago


OMG!!!! he looks like he is maybe one of prince Von A-holes illegitimate children in this one...Scary Stuff!

2213 days ago


why is he still alive?

2213 days ago


JESUS, u people are awful

2213 days ago


For those persons making insults about Fabio...I would like to let you know a few things:

1.) Fabio is one of the "Good Guys" in Hollywood. He never says anything bad about anybody...well except, maybe George Clooney...who happens to be a prick!...and that's because Fabio came to the defense of 5 women having dinner at Madeo restaurant last year, when good'o George was drunk and called the ladies.."F--king Pig".

2.) Fabio is a very intelligent person. He graduated with a degree in engineering from The University of Milan.

3.) Fabio is a "Self- Made" Man, He did not come to the U.S. with alot of money, BUT did in fact, land a job with The Ford Agency to launch a new line called..."THE GAP", after only 4 days in this Country !

4.) Fabio spent 4 years in the Italian Army , 2 of those years in their "Special Forces" unit.

5.) Fabio is and has always been a complete Gentleman...that's why you NEVER hear anyone who truly knows him, say anything BAD about him !

6.) Fabio does NOT drink, take drugs, or treat his body with anything but respect...HOW MANY OTHER CELEBRITIES CAN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT ?

7.) Fabio LOVES WOMEN, alot of them...BUT YOU NEVER HEAR THEM "BAD MOUTH" him ! WHY ??? Because...he treats them with RESPECT !

I know these things to be true, about Fabio, because he and I have been good buddies for many years. If you ever ask anybody who has met him...see what they say !

2213 days ago


I have seen Fabio in Beverly Hills many times and he is always nice. He usually has a hot girl with him. He's in great shape too!

Stop being so jealous boys!

2213 days ago


I am Soooo ASHAMED of myself for disgracing the very essence of the one-and-only "fABIO!" BOO-HOO, BOO-HOO I am Soooo petty and bitter about my life as a mere mortal when the very definition of manliness, fABIO lives amongst us! I am going right out and fill my ass full of steroids. Then I'm going to let my hair grow out like a 70 year old transvestite and swish my way through the gym where I'll work on my grotesquely developed pecs and biceps. I'll have to work on a phony foreign accent and get myself a new Lamborghini to make myself even more of a babe-magnet. For the final touches I'll get a button shirt (3/4 left unbuttoned) and spray on blue jeans......and a big stick of pepperoni for.........well you know!!! All this to honor fABIO..............NOT!!! Instead I'll crack open a cold brewski, unbutton the top of my pants and plop down on my couch. It's almost 7:00 p.m. and TMZ's on!

2212 days ago


For those folks who keep putting Fabio down, guess what guys? He makes a ton more money than you do, so obviously he's not dumb if he's able to do that off of his looks, his name, his line of books...the man has brains and business sense. He came here and made his own money. He also knows how to be a real gentleman...obviously people have forgotten already that HE put George Clooney in his place when Clooney was unnecessarily rude to a woman in a restaurant. It seems to me though that people are just jealous, obviously he still generates enough interest for this photog to take his photo and there is still a market for someone (TMZ) to buy it.

2212 days ago
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