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Hi-Ho Silver or Gold?

10/8/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her sex tape ancient history, it looks like Jordan is trying a new mount.

The British supermodel, real name Katie Price, has been riding horses since the age of seven. Now she hopes to turn that hobby into in an Olympic medal in 2012. In other news, the Brits are petitioning for a new "smoking hot chick on horse" category.


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2149 days ago

Lady G    

She certainly won't be a contender for the Olympic team, but is a decent intermediate rider. Get your elbows in and tie your hair up, woman. Beautiful horse-

2149 days ago


xxx like shes hot xxx

2149 days ago


She's a fantastic rider, dressage takes a big commitment. Her horse is beautiful.

2149 days ago

Space Mountain    

Lucky Horse

2149 days ago


It's nice to see that she's good at something, and it appears that she is very good at dressage!!!

2149 days ago

An Observer    

Gorgeous horse!!, elbows a little out but it's clear she is an accomplished dressage rider :)

2149 days ago


The reins are way too long and she is clutching at them and pulling them. She would be better off shortening them and keeping them lower right over the pommel. her body is too far forward. She looks like a hunter who took up dressage later on in life. Her horses hindquarters are not at all engaged like they should be for a pirouette to the left as she appears to be attempting. She looks nervous on her horse and maybe that is why she is overworking the curb bit. Another star who thinks that money can buy talent. She should contact Kyra Kyrklund in England to see if she can train with her. It takes more than a dressage saddle to ride dressage, honey.

2149 days ago


Look at all you so called "EXPERTS" putting her down. At least she is out there wanting to succeed at what must be a very longtime dream of hers. What would you rather, her riding blokes with a needle in her arm? As far as i can tell she is a wonderfull mother and obviously has some talent in the saddle and without dreams we would be nothing, Goodluck jordon, i hope you get the last laugh and shut these armchair jelaous critics up!

2149 days ago


katie price.. aka JORDAN is not a supermodel.. PLEASE AMERICA!! she is a PAGE 3 GIRL .. A GLAMOUR MODEL.. a model that shows her TATA'S AS SHE DID WHEN SHE STARTED OUT.. she has done good .. and is worth millions and will be worth millions more by the time she's done.. she has 3 children.. one from a deadbeat baby daddy footballer who left her pregnant . she gave birth to a baby with so many medical problems but she is a fantastic mother.. many would have crumbled but she has gone on to great things.. got married and has 2 more healthly children.... no she isnt a british supermodelll but she is a model mum..

2149 days ago


Who ever she is, she has one beautiful horse!!!

2149 days ago


Well... at least her clothes are on. Even if she was having sex with the horse, it'd STILL be the classiest thing she's ever done. Way to go... I guess... or something....

2147 days ago


Super cute horse, but in what universe could she compete in a t-shirt? Love the tail swishing,,, shes pissing this horse off... Shes super tense in her seat and locked down.. Not a great rider, but shes fooling enough people who dont know better. Not to be a total DQ.... But I agree with Ringdiva.

2144 days ago

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