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Polar Bears, Wolves and Moose? Oh My!

10/8/2008 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gotta give her points for trying to go green with her ECO friendly canvas bag -- although the tag line, "Real Women Hunt Moose" could use some work.Sarah Palin
Guess when it comes to certain sneaky, and notoriously vicious animals, nothing makes a woman feel more alive than a well-placed bullet between the old antlers. So much for the PETA vote.


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Mr. A    

338. Response to Mr. A: you're just carrying on with the same pointless, juvenile 'na na na na na na' stuff the McCain campaign endorses, because it is bankrupt for authenticity. Every time people point out the ludicrous nature of the Republican ticket, Republicans HAVE NO DEFENCE THAT MAKES SENSE. You can't say anything constructive about McCain or Palin and that's because neither one is capable.

Don't waste my time. If you want to know the Obama campaign, look it up on the ticket websites. You can't be so lazy that you can't do at least that much. I'm not going to paraphrase everything or anything for you. Get it straight from the source.

Have fun and OBAMA/BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted at 9:32PM on Oct 14th 2008 by PolarBear

Oh I see. I'm lazy because I won't take the time to LOOK up YOUR opinion...for you? You're telling us that YOUR opinion is printed on Obama's website? That's great man, that's really great.

Like corner a Liberal with a simple (yet DIRECT) question, and instead of giving a simple (yet DIRECT) answer, they spew out some non-sensical, non-RELEVANT bunch of bullsh@#, answering our questions with either a hateful tirade about Conservatives and "all their DAMN QUESTIONS givin'em a headache" or just another question they'd like US to answer, either way they have no answer unless one is given to them and we clearly can see here, that Bi-PolarBear only has no answer for my question. He's clueless as to why he thinks Obama will be such a GREAT President.

I bet you're one of those sports fans that pick a team based on their uniforms...rather than any actual talent? "Gee..i just like their helmets!"

What a bozo!

2198 days ago
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