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Polar Bears, Wolves and Moose? Oh My!

10/8/2008 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gotta give her points for trying to go green with her ECO friendly canvas bag -- although the tag line, "Real Women Hunt Moose" could use some work.Sarah Palin
Guess when it comes to certain sneaky, and notoriously vicious animals, nothing makes a woman feel more alive than a well-placed bullet between the old antlers. So much for the PETA vote.


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I agree with 9. This moose hunting bitch is hotter than fish grease.

2204 days ago


You are a liar! By misrepresenting facts, you are lying. You get the facts and comprehend you moron.

The federal legislation (PDF) does have a loophole for predator control, permitting state employees or licensed individuals to shoot from an aircraft for the sake of protecting "land, water, wildlife, livestock, domesticated animals, human life, or crops." (This doesn't just apply to wolves; coyotes and foxes are sometimes gunned down from aircraft, especially in Western states.) Since 2003, Alaska has issued aerial wolf-hunting permits in select areas where moose and caribou populations are particularly endangered.

2204 days ago


16 you are wrong go to She reinstated the law based on recomendations from the fish and game because the wolves are killing off the moose and caribu in alaska where the wolves number nearing 7 to 11 thousand. the popluation numbering 79% rely on hunting for food. The wolves and other preditors being hunted are only on less that 5% of the land mass of alaska quit being a douche bag and get your facts straight. You sound stupid when your repeat lies.

2204 days ago


Sarah and John would never get the PETA vote no matter what they did, and they really don't want to be associated with those idiots anyway.

Go Sarah!!

2204 days ago


TINALOUISE! You are a moron and a loser and a racist! Have a nice day!

2204 days ago


20. If you love Palin then you are racist too!! Just that simple

Posted at 3:37PM on Oct 8th 2008 by TINALOUISE

HAHAHAH well then tina...I guess I'm a racist. Wow...don't you sound like a moron. By the way, lay off her parenting skills...unless you know her personally you're just talking out of your ass.

2204 days ago


Hey #33 Jenna.....real women don't "hate" at all. You're just jumping on the Obama bandwagon where nobody has thoughts of their own. You're hating because that's what the liberals are supposed to do. So she hasn't made a good impression on you? So what? Don't vote for her then.

2204 days ago


Wow #33, so you speak for all women now? That's probably what irks me the most, idiots who think they have the right to speak for an ENTIRE gender, race, nationality, etc.

2204 days ago


Bring it on - the more you mark her, the more of a mark she makes!!

2204 days ago


seriously? if people didn't hunt, the planet would be overrun by whatever animals tmz and peta are currently against hunting. this is so dumb! it's called NATURAL SELECTION and SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! I'm sure that the first humans were really more concerned about hurting the animals they were hunting rather than finding food to survive and evolve into the apparent dumbasses you are today! Please, everyone needs to get the f off their high horses and realize that the only reason we are here today is because our ancestors figured out that animals are food, just like plants and berries and fruit. WTF, is there a group that is against people eating plants? Because I learned in science class that they are just as much living things as animals. SO STUPID!

2204 days ago


Go Palin!! Loved the way she shot that heckler down at a rally yesterday. The big guy was speechless after what Palin said.

2204 days ago

laughin' in Malibu    

#33 Jenna...nah they dahn't! You betcha, real women are crazy for her!! Please don't speak for an entire gender!!

2204 days ago

Lelsie B.    

The more I see of her the more I like her. She's the best thing the Conservative party has going for it, makes me proud to be a Ronald Reagan Republican (God rest his soul).

2204 days ago


Yeah I have to say as a die hard Repulican and vegetarian McCain lost my vote picking her simply because no compassionate person hunts. How hard is it for a human with a GUN To shoot a defensless animal? Doe sit make these little people w/ no self esteem feel big? The only justified hunting is if it is your ONLY source of food.

2204 days ago


I love how conservatives think the word "liberal" is bad. I am a proud Liberal and calling me one is a compliment.

2204 days ago
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