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Polar Bears, Wolves and Moose? Oh My!

10/8/2008 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gotta give her points for trying to go green with her ECO friendly canvas bag -- although the tag line, "Real Women Hunt Moose" could use some work.Sarah Palin
Guess when it comes to certain sneaky, and notoriously vicious animals, nothing makes a woman feel more alive than a well-placed bullet between the old antlers. So much for the PETA vote.


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Wyo Girl    

72. umm.. as far as I know (and I know) you are not allowed to hunt moose. unless it's very different in AL than other northern mountainous states (ID, MT and WA) they do not give out tags for moose. Only deer and elk. course I would not have thought that you would be allowed to hunt wolves at all (much less from the air) and I can't believe that people would eat wolf or moose meat, so.. that would be killing just for pleasure right??

Moose is actually very good to eat! On par with Buffalo! And since you know about not hunting moose you would know that you are allowed to hunt moose in AL, they have a season for it just like we do for Elk , deer, etc. Go google it, they even have a Fish and Game video about identifying which sizes are legal to hun! The reason you kill a wolf is because it has or is causing damage to livestock, which you probably know a lot about. And guess what! Coyotes are also shot from helicopters or airplanes to keep their numbers in check!

2172 days ago


Oh George , don't be so shallow! Your country is in a mess and a voting for the way someone looks just sounds ridiculous!! Grow up!

2172 days ago


Does she eat the moose meat? Then it's no worse than slaughtering cows, calves (for veal), sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, deer, pheasant,etc...

2172 days ago


Um...I hunt (deer, turkey, small game, etc...), I grow my own vegetables, recycle, and VOTE.
I do not understand why people are picking up on this hunting thing with Palin - lots of people hunt. They need to, many animals would starve and die due to over population if people didn't hunt. Deer and Turkeys in particular devistate farmers crops if their population is not controlled. Get a grip people, hunting is nothing new and not a "bad" thing. (um, we have no wolves where I live - cars are the #1 predator to the deer around here).
I feel much better about hunting wild game and eating that type of meat rather than eating the meat that was mistreated, abused, and injected with who knows how many hormones before being wrapped in some plastic coating that was probably made in China (more chemicals...).
There are so many other things to pick on Palin about - hunting is not one of them.

2172 days ago

let's save the world    

OHHHHHHH you all enjoy negative stories about your opponents. Because you guys are all about hatred....are you happy with TMZ now?
freaking' bastards Muslim morons!

2172 days ago


For all you haters on this site MCCAIN PALIN 08!!!!!! MCCAIN PALIN 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2172 days ago


Good Lord! At first I was insulted that they threw this silly air head woman in our faces. She's sure not a Hilary. Not like Hilary was going to get my vote anyway. But this woman......just WHAT were they thinking? Believe me this woman and her "unstable" warrior (dementia coming on maybe?) angry at the wrold X-pilot McCain are NOT NOT NOT NOT getting my vote!

PLUS.......stop shooting the damn animals for crying out loud! No no no........we do not understand killing wolves down here in the lower 48. Killing Wolves just to increase the moose for hunting.....ha! Doesn't work with me! That's my opinion on this - cut throat rip your opponent down - way to the white house. If they act this way now......imagine them in the white house. Agggghhhh!!!!!

2172 days ago


I'm not a peta fan, but this woman doesn't even have to open her mouth to be repulsive. Awesome job in picking this one, McCain.

2172 days ago


#91 - You make a valid point.
If people understood what is done to geese to create pate foie gras, you wouldn't eat it anymore...the same for veal. It's cruel beyond cruel. Google it if you're curious as I'd rather not upset anyone unnecessarily.
I happen to be a carnivore and have no problem with eating organic meat but I do draw a line at cruelty to animals and people.

2172 days ago


She actually HAS shot animals from a helicopter. She is a disgusting, embarrassment to all women....she makes me physically ill

2172 days ago


Anyone who thinks that they will see the second coming in their own lifetime, scares the hell out of me. She is a right-wingnut and needs to go back to Alaska, and fast. There is no way I could vote for this person, or McCain, the old fart. I couldn't for the life of me let this woman anywhere near the White House or the Oval Office. GO OBAMA/BIDEN. Bring this country back together again.

2172 days ago


TINALOUISE - Palin is not a racist, but your choice Obama is the biggest racist, how about the hate spewed from his pastor. MCCAIN PALIN 08!!! All the blacks keep saying is he's black I'm voting for him well guess what he's just as much white as he is black.

2172 days ago


There are some sick and confused SOB's on this site!

"Real women hunt moose" is like saying "real men eat quiche" God people, it is a damn figure of speech!

2172 days ago


what's the difference between hunting and eating (she has a freezer full of moosemeat) animal vs. going to the grocery store and buying already dead Alaska the lifestyle is very different and the majority do hunt there. At least she's getting organic meat!!!!..not hormones and fillers and the like!

2172 days ago


jlee...the sad truth is if people saw how ALL farm animals are treated they would NEVER eat ANY meat again...if you go to PETA'S website there are videos...I will tell you, I clicked on one of them once and literally couldn't sleep was THAT BAD! I'm talking pigs, cows, chickens...all of them. It's horrible what they do to them. Their friends and family literally scream while they watch the slaughter...this sick ass woman does it for SPORT! She is nauseating

2172 days ago
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