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Witnesses Say Gerard Was Provoked

10/8/2008 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we just told you the LAPD is investigating whether Gerard Butler kicked a paparazzi's ass yesterday. Well, there's more to this story.
Gerard Butler
Sources tell us witnesses have now come forward with a very different account. They are saying the papper was tailing Gerard for hours. And, they say, the photog was driving "recklessly" as he "chased" Butler's limo, almost hitting several pedestrians. The photog says he endangered no one.

The witnesses say after Gerard allegedly got out of the limo and struck the photog in the face, the photog continued following Butler for more than an hour before going to the hospital. But the agency the photog works for says Gerard struck the dude at 1:45 AM and he was at the cop shop at 2:10 AM.

And, we're told, the photog spoke with a civil lawyer before contacting cops.


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Paps are like groupies- except that they're guys.

2204 days ago


is he legally in the United States anyways?!

2204 days ago


if the photog was driving recklessly, why didn't gerard call the cops

it's just another whiny celeb who thinks he's above the law

2204 days ago


Deport his sorry ass if he cannot follow US laws on aggravated assault. Russell Crowe couldn't either.

2204 days ago


I agree. He DOES look like he peed his pants.

2204 days ago


If it were any "normal" citizen, then the way the paps follow them around would be considered stalking and harrassment. There'd be retraining orders and police reports. But for some reason the paps are allowed to get away with breaking the laws, endangering citizens with their reckless driving and obstructing the ability to leave an establishment. They surround celebs to the point where they can't even walk down a street, leave a restaurant, or drive away from the mob scene. Some celebs fear for the safety of their children and that's why they are carried everywhere. Put the tyke down and they risk getting trampled or driven over.
Laws should be passed against them..... such as they cannot get closer than 500ft. and cannot obstruct a persons ability to walk or drive normally. It's not gonna happen until someone dies from a really stupid accident.

2204 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

The pap got what he deserved. It would have been nice if Gerard could have found a better way to resolve it but the police don't always respond quickly enough and this guy was endangering others. The pap is the one who should be charged not Gerard.

Go Sox

2204 days ago


Whoa. If you take this out of the context of this "celebrity Vs pap" situation, I think anyone would have reacted that way if someone was following them wrecklessly. I mean....I get irritated when people cut me off in traffic. It isn't uncommon to see a guy punch another dude if he thinks he was hitting on his girlfriend. So it definitely doesn't seem unreasonable to kick someone's ass who has been tailing you for hours and threatening people's lives.

2204 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"that savage",

T-in-SD sounds like a frustrated wussie...

2204 days ago

true dat    

Grow up all of you. Especially Gerard. Cops are there to protect and serve. Gerards big head is even bigger than I thought if he resorts to beating up people. That savage
If the police were actually doing something about the paps then I could see calling on them but they aren't. Before you judge Gerry maybe you better put yourself in his shoes, T.

2204 days ago


If celebs are coming out of a club or going into one fine, have at it. If there are out and about shopping or at the park, fine. But it should be illegal to hunt them down or chase them hours. The paps are the lowest form of life. You are not contributing anything to society. You are a virus.

2204 days ago


If you don't want to support paps I suggest you stop reading TMZ and visiting this site. The paps are part of TMZ's lifeline.

2204 days ago

Toby Christensen    

I love this "as we are told this pu$$y little fa66oty b!tch-boy spoke with a civil lawyer before calling the cops".

So this little fairy pulled his finger out of his ass long enough to dial 1-800 the eagle and find out of he could get money instead of being a man.

How many of you, after getting your lip split open by some guy punching you, are going to call a friggin ambulence chaser?

Fairy pap, way to sack up and be a man.

2204 days ago


"T-in-SD sounds like a frustrated wussie..."

Yea, frustrated when stars act like savages. That talentless hack, hope they throw the book at him and deport his sorry ass for breaking the law.

What are you jealous of Jealous? Not an admirable trait. Ick.

2204 days ago


I think the paparazzi have gotten way out of hand. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, I can almost guarantee that there will be a lawsuit. You know most paparazzi start trouble so 1. they get a story/photo and 2. they can sue. I'm sorry, but when you start to follow someone around, that's just creepy. I don't care who you are, or if it's "your job". It sucks that it got to that point, but I say good for Gerard for sticking up for himself.

2204 days ago
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