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Britney Flashes Her Toothy Smile

10/9/2008 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a remnant of her 2007 self, Britney went for ice cream on Thursday. I luv me some chocolate sprinklers, y'all!

We can at least be thankful she's not traipsing barefoot through gas stations in Malibu.


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O.K. now that you have read all the postings; flip over to x17 and see some more pictures of her at the same ice cream place.

Can anyone say MANIPULATION? TMZ deliberately used what is a not so good picture of her so they would have something negative to say. What do you guys do, pull a card from the hat each day, one that tells you to be positive or negative about her? I think you do this to everyone in the public spotlight, and while I grant you that you have the right to present a twisted view of anyone it really is a low life way to conduct yourself.

2205 days ago


I agree with #9. All of that alone is enough bad behavior to last a lifetime, but with Brit Brit it's just the tip of the iceberg. How about--driving her car over the feet of a couple dudes, abandoning her car in the middle of the street, the chronic drug use cited by the judge, using the LA Police as a personal escort service, the hit and run, firing every person who helped her on the way up including her manager, business associates, enough personal assistants to form a battalion, etc. Here's one--being such and UNFIT MOTHER that her children were taken away from her. I could go on, but what's the point. For her brainless "fans" no amount of bad behavior matters. They are just happy to see a shining example of lowclass trailer trash make it. It gives them hope.

2205 days ago


It looks like all the drugs, drinking, nutcase behavior and whoring around is starting to catch up with her-she looks about 40 years old at least.

2204 days ago



2204 days ago

Drew P. Drawers    

Can ya'll ever write a story about Britya'll without using the word "ya'll?"

2204 days ago


Everyone should leave this kid alone. Allow her to heal and move on with her life in peace. She is apparently working on getting better and the press should not continue to torment her with negative pictures and so forth.

There are so much more important things for the press to report on and this is not one of them.

2204 days ago


WHAT IS IT ABOUT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA THAT BILL AYERS, members of Hammas and all the other far left people LIKE SO MUCH?

The fact is that B. Hussein Obama will NOT be honest about his relationship with terrorist William Ayers, who bombed the homne of a NY State judge and his family, while the judge was presiding over a BLACK PANTHER trial.

Guess who Ayers was supporting?

NOW it comes out that Hussein's sweet bride, Meechelle, was at the SAME LAW FIRM that Bernadine Dorn (Ayers' wife) was working at. ("Bernie", a law school grad, worked there as a clerk - no state would admit her into the Bar because of her terrorist activities that landed her on the FBI 10 Most Wanted List )

What that means is that not only is Obama LYING about the length of time he has known Ayers, which it tunrs out is 20 YEARS, but Michelle Obama is closer to Bernadine Ayers than we ever knew.

It ALSO turns out that Obama was chosen by Ayers to dole out $100,000,000 in "education grants" which would have Ayers' stamp of approval in being used to radicalize young people to OVERTHROW CAPITALISM and socially engineer young students. Ayers' education reform money has been heralded by none other than HUGO CHAVEZ and it was THROUGH OBAMA that Ayers was able to disperse this money through the Annenberg Foundation.

This is a man who has no problem having INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIPS with FAR LEFT radicals: Ayers, Phlager, Rev. Wright, Farrakhan. Even Obama's mother was a muslim-loving, atheist wack job who was a communist, as was his FATHER.

Obama is a follower of Saul Alinsky, who famously wrote, 'Rules for Radicals" and whose OWN SON says that Obama does a fantastic job of implementing the guidelines for being a community agitator, aka "organizer".

Can you imagine being a soldier where your commander in chief is comforable consorting with people who bomb the Pentagon and police stations?!!!

These are FACTS, people, WAKE UP and read! Research!



2204 days ago


Leave the girl in peace she's eating icecream and they have to stick a camera in her face all the time. You try having that done to you can coming out looking so wonderful!

2204 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Typical Republican't fear mongering buuullc-rap! You try to make the man a terrorist because you are a scared racist liar! Well guess what? The more you spread such lies, the more you drive people away from your cause! You are the one who is unaware of the facts, so you know nothing but hate and lies! I pity you and your backwards, fearful way of non-thinking. Your era is soon to be done and with it go your lies!

2204 days ago


TMZ, please tell your reporters to pick on someone else - leave her alone. I notice the number of comments are falling on TMZ articles, I would think they'd notice we are bored with the items they feel are just so important.

2204 days ago


Brit you still have time to get it togeher.

2204 days ago

I Love Memphis    

Just go away you has been!!!!

2204 days ago

citizen kope    

well, round up all of the stupid haters. looks like you all need to be stoned. as if you people are any better than britney. she will always win, always come out on top. and she will always, always, get to you people. ha ha. ya'll are nothing more than a bunch of angry ghouls who need even more attention than she does. losers and morons. ya'lls comments are also considered verbal abuse. so, if anyone should get reamed, ya'll should. if you're that mean and callous to someone that you don't even know, guess ya'll must treat others in your lives the same . the world is full of enough evil as it is. too bad there's such a lack of compassion and maturity in this sad place that we call life. it could be so much better if people like you haters weren't in it. ya'll need to be put in front of a firing squad and britney should be the one pulling the trigger. ass holes . go back to hell. satan needs you.

2204 days ago


I don't personally agree with everything that she did but she is still human. Everyone makes mistakes. And don't ya'll think maybe K-Fed had alot to do with her madness. He is a cheater anhd always will be. And yes I said ya'll. I am from a town not far from Brittany and we don't all talk like that. Frankly , I am sick of you people making fun of people from Louisiana. We are some of the best people you could ever meet in your life. She is a country girl and always will be. So with that being said ya'll have a nice day and try not to be so judgemental.

2204 days ago


just shut up, she cant go and get an ice cream geezus H, you guys are unBELIEVEABLY unmerciful, let her life her life for one you idiots

2204 days ago
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