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Dogfighting and Kids Meals? Vick's Lovin' It!

10/9/2008 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the Hamburglar! McDonald's is promoting its products using an actual convicted felon -- Michael Vick.
A TMZ employee went into a McD's in Hollywood yesterday and ordered a Happy Meal (don't ask). The box she received (pictured above) advertises six different electronic sports games, each of them named after a famous athlete. But Michael Vick is the only one of those athletes who is currently in federal prison.

The advertising was part of a cross-promotion with ESPN from 2004 -- back when Vick was just an overrated football player, instead of a dog murderer. Considering the Happy Meal is specifically targeted to young kids, you'd think Mickey D's would be more diligent about removing the name of a convicted dogfighter off the packaging.

We've contacted McDonald's for comment and they say they're getting back to us. This should be good.

UPDATE: We asked PETA what they thought about the whole thing. PETA's vice president, Bruce Friedrich, told us, "Given that McDonald's lets its suppliers cram animals into metal cages and crates and boil chickens alive, it's sad, but doesn't shock us, and at this point, even Michael Vick himself would probably rather that this particular Happy Meal would be a happy memory."

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This is absolutely unbelievable! Just another reason showing how out of touch McDonald's actually is with this country. The person who gave the go-ahead for this project should be fired... SERIOUSLY!

2182 days ago

Chapala Lago    

Is the economy so bad that McD's is resurrecting a four-year-old "prize" and not even revamping it? Guess they had a bunch of these in the warehouse, and they can't afford new ones.

2182 days ago


Thank you for your interest in contacting McDonald’s. 1-800-244-6227.

Write us. Our U.S.

corporate mailing address is:
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald's Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

2182 days ago


This Happy Meal should be Vick's last meal before going into the gas chamber and not just any gas chamber but one with a ear drum piercing loud speaker system that has the sound of bit bulls barking as he's injected.........YEA!

2182 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Who else whould they get for 6.50 an hour?

2182 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

14. #11 If u think dog fighting isn't wrong u need 2 pull your head
out of your a** Pit Bulls r the sweetest, most loyal dogs around
and SICK ASS people like Vick give the breed a bad name.
Pits r not born ready 2 fight they r breed 2 to do it.
Pits r not born mean they r breed 2 be mean.
What that man did 2 those dogs is sick & he
deserves 2 be in jail. You should learn something
about the breed before commenting. No dog
should be put trough that.

Posted at 3:03PM on Oct 9th 2008 by mamaj

I like 2 kiss doggs on the mouth so I don't kneed 2 lern how too spel.

2182 days ago


How long does Vick get raked over the coals for this?

You guys do the same thing with Janet's wardrobe malfunction.

It's over and done with, yet you keep re-living it like it happened yesterday!

Get a life!

2182 days ago


#8, Gigi, 2:18pm (whoever you are) why do you bother? If you're concerned about deeper issues quit reading TMZ. Everyone else reads TMZ because it ranges from ridiculous to hilarious. We look for real news elsewhere. Duh. Sides, nothing wrong with kicking a man while he's down as long as he's a raging d-bag. Shut up and get over yourself, but since you too seem like a raging d-bag I assume you won't.

2182 days ago


Mikey will be getting out soon, and we can all revel in the orgasmic yumminess of a happy meal!

2182 days ago


right on #14 i couldnt have said it better myself....and #8 we know about all the other issues but animal cruelty is something we have to deal with to Mike Vick shouldnt be on anything i would never buy or promote this crap

2182 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Thank you, Fernando,

That ghetto/text speak is so annoying it makes my eyes hurt

2182 days ago


to Fernando & #26,
I know how to spell just fine. Thank you.
I was pissed off, on the phone & did not
have alot of time to type every word out.
So excuse my misspelling on a few words.
I just want to commit on the Pit Bull.
They are great dogs if they are with the right
owner. And as far as not being old enough to be
a mother I am 35 and I have a 7 year old.
I am not a tree hugger nor do I support PETA.
I just love the Pit Bull. They get a bad wrap.

2182 days ago


Well now the numbers have changed since I have posted.
My first comment was directed to someone no longer
on here. My second comment is now directed to # 25
& Fernando.

2182 days ago


Oh give your employee a break! Sometimes I'll order a Happy Meal just to get the toy to complete a set for my granddaughter. As far as the mistake made - give McDonalds a break too. Good company, good family values, somebody just screwed up.

2182 days ago


They should be ashamed of thier McSelves!!!

2182 days ago
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