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McDonald's Grimaces Over Vick Snafu

10/9/2008 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick, McDonaldsMcDonald's just sent us this statement regarding the Michael Vick Happy Meal boxes:

"We apologize for any confusion caused by the inadvertent distribution of a Happy Meal box that is four years old. As your web site pointed out, this Happy Meal box is from 2004, so it does not reflect any current partnership with Michael Vick. We take the messages we share with our younger customers seriously, and have since corrected this isolated incident."


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McDonald's food is absolutely revolting. I am always astounded at the hogs at the trough eating there. Pure garbage.

2206 days ago

Kool Breeze    

It makes you wonder what else is just sitting around 4 yrs old? Mmmmm.

2206 days ago


Due to the fact that I have children that love to play in the McDonalds play area. I know that the Happy meal toys are not little Michael Vick games. I am buying what Mcdonalds has to say. It must be a slow day in the newsroom.

2206 days ago

Audrina HOT    

Yeah I'm buying what Mcdonalds is selling... they have Vince Carter on the happy meal box too, that guy hasn't been relevant in... surprise, 4-5 years now.

And yeah, McDonalds food sucks, I can't eat there any more, the foods too greasy and I always get the McStomache afterwords.

I'll have the occasional McChicken, however... ;)

2206 days ago


Guess Micky Dee's didnt want to lay out the money to change the boxes and instead decide to reuse their over stock of "happy meal" boxes from 4 YEARS ago. Guess they are still hurting over that monoply scam/scandle where management and friends was winning all the big money!!

2206 days ago


Calling this story pointless garbage might be the ultimate pun as it actually revolves around a TMZ staffer's lunchtime trash. Why would something as retarded as this make the site? Who cares? And, furthermore, why am I even commenting on this? Didn't something happen today with the stock market? A horrifying plunge, perhaps? Aren't there a grey haired man and a wobbly eared guy battling it out for the white house? Back to more important matters. I'll check back tomorrow to see if the TMZ office janitor's metamucil kicked in on time.

2206 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

Sarah Palin is CIA!

2206 days ago

your mother    

Hey Outlaw Star, you might want to check your facts. It wasn't management and family winning the prizes in the contest scam. It was employees and family of the company that printed the packaging.

I'm buying what they're saying. You can't expect the mother corporation to check every single store to make sure they aren't using old stock. I'm sure they've now discussed it with the restaurant in question though.

2206 days ago

Kool Breeze    

You say this story is useless. But you "waste" more words than anyone else to comment? STFU!!

2206 days ago

let's save the world    

Love a Big Mac right now....

2206 days ago


Hahahaha what a great story! I've often noticed that places like McCrap's use cups and other packaging that can easily be 6,7,8,9+ years old .. based on the dates printed on the packaging itself. I guess this time it happened to be "time-sensitive" material. Either that or some kid just ate a dog-meat hamburger.

2206 days ago


If this is the best thing that you all could find to report on, you definitely need new jobs. Mike Vick fought some dogs and we have a president that has lead our troops to many deaths. If you saw George Bush on a McDonald's Happy Meal Box would that make you feel better. It's a box, not french fries made by Mike Vick or a hamburger with his signature ingredients. You all need to get a life and report on the real issues that are against Americans today. I'm pretty sure that moose will go extinct before dogs, so why don't you report about Sarah Palin next.

2206 days ago


Hey.... in this picture, does Mike Vick look like Spike from "Gremlins" to you? He does to me too! Don't feed him McDonald's after midnight.

2206 days ago


I LOVE McDonalds fries and hot fudge sundaes!!! LOVES IT! And MIke too!

2206 days ago


I have worked retail for 7 years and I am sure the food service industry is the same way, they probably had old boxes of happy meal contrainers buried under new ones and then busted out the old ones when they ran out not even noticing what was on them, if its not a current promotion obviously thats what happened.

2206 days ago
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