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The Case of the Californicating Hubby

10/9/2008 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Duchovny just got out of rehab for a sex addiction -- so we had to know, is his wife, Tea Leoni, gonna stick him in her ex-file?
Tea Leoni: Click to watch


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If TMZ had the whole would understand    

I love Tea Leoni, she is so amazing and beautiful. David is a A++HOLE!!!!! I remeber a interview he gave when she was pregnant witht heir first child. He asked the interviewer if "it" would be like a mayonaise jar after Tea gave birth. He made me sick! such a pig! I have hated him ever since, sadly she should have know he was a pig. As I said she is so lovely!

2172 days ago


Seriously lame. Tea is a good person going through a very rough time with her family. Why don't you go get more braless Hohan or something.

2172 days ago


Uh, Tea Leoni is not amazing or beautiful..she is frikkin weird looking and is a really crappy actress.

2172 days ago

who dat    

Don't waste your time on this clip. TMZ tries to force feed you a 30 second battery commercial before watching the clip. This site has really gone downhill.

2172 days ago


David Duchovny is a pig. I remember a long time ago how he bragged about how he had an extensive porn collection. Tea should have known what she was getting into, but like a lot of women, I guess she figured it'd be different with her. I honestly don't know how these pigs in Hollyweird (like Charlie Sheen) still seem to attract all these women. Women need to wake up and realize that money isn't everything. Even a rich and famous pig is still a pig!

2172 days ago


I have read the story about David Duchovny's addiction, and I don't understand his behavior. Previously,
he looked like any normal human being. And I had admiration and respect for him as an actor in the
television series "THE X-FILES".---- Now I learn that he has mental problems as a pervert. He has sex
with anyone, and has an obsession with pornagraphy?---- I feel sad and very disillusioned and disappointed.
I once believed in him as a good person. But he is no different than the street garbage. ----- What has
happened to morality in America? It has all gone downhill. There is no hero left to be believed in
anymore. ----- When I was a teenager, I daydreamed he was my boyfriend. The perfect boyfriend. Now
all those daydreams, seem like a wasted joke. He has let down all the people who believed in him.-----
From LADYFELIX in Hoboken, New Jersey.

2170 days ago


I once had respect and admiration for actor David Duchovny of the television show "THE X-FILES". He looked
like a normal human being. Now I discover he is a pervert, a sex-addict who will screw anybody and is obsessed
with pornography. He is no different from the garbage in the street nowadays. I feel very disillusioned and very
disappointed in him. There are no heroes left in the world to believe in. Everyone is tainted and rotten. There
is sadness in me as I wonder what has happened to the morality in America. What has happened to men in
total. To believe in the goodness of Hollywood actors has become a joke.------ LADYFELIX in Hoboken, New

2170 days ago

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