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Michael Jordan -- Tickled Pink

10/10/2008 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Smokin' hot NBA legend Michael Jordan can do just about anything he wants -- except make salmon pink pants look good.

"Space Jam" is no longer the 45-year-old's biggest mistake.

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No Avatar

just wondering    

he looks better in pink than most women ~

2182 days ago


Get out of the sun Micheal......................your skin is to damn dark!

2182 days ago


yeah, i'm not liking the pink, but he has the $$$$$$ to pull it off. Why would he care????He can drape himself in pink velvet if he wants.

2182 days ago


Its breast cancer awareness month, idiots.

2182 days ago

wayne matthews    

This man keeps stranger and stranger, use to love him, now just see him as another n111gger. Saw him scottsdale at a golf resort with two prostitutes, these woman where just pure white trash!! Money can't buy class!! Feel sorry for his wife and daughter. Boy would his dad not be happy how he is ending his life, just like charles barkley and john daley!!!

2182 days ago

wayne matthews    

and to the poster duh!! It is breast cancer awareness month, He is smoking a cigar and he dosen't care about his own wife and daughter, what makes you think he cares about other woman!! Oh the cigar, just like bill clinton!! gotcha!!

2182 days ago


TMZ.....Keeping stereotypes alive and kicking in todays society!!

2182 days ago


Is that what I think it is on the side of leg? Still smoking hot (with or without the cigar).

2182 days ago


Just another celebrity who let money ruin him... I remember when he came into the NBA in the 80's. He seemed like a pretty decent guy. But as his celeb status and fortune grew, he grew into being an a-hole and an adulterer.

Now just another stereotypical black athlete who is a bad role model...

2182 days ago


Golfers always wear those off beat loud colors. He looks very South Florida golfer....white shoes, pink pants.
I think it's interesting someone has to use the N word to describe his behavior as opposed to just describing his behavior, as if black people have the corner on hiring hookers! Yeah right. It could be worse, he could be one of these white men making our economy tank. Instead he's helping witless ninnies (hookers) make a few bucks and that indeed is "trickle down" economics. No pun intended. "ahem*

AND he's 45 years old...he has a lot more living to do. "Ending his life?" He's not 65 or 75. Get real.

2182 days ago


Is he hanging right or is that my imagination? Wow!

2182 days ago


Leave Michael alonnnnnne, michael can do anything he wants, if he wants to wear pink pants let him, hahahahah good for him

2182 days ago


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2182 days ago


Looks to me that someone washed some red clothes with their Khakis!!! Those pant are all sorts of wrong!

2182 days ago


Those look watermelon pink to me.

2182 days ago
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