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Radio Station to Magic: Our DJ's Are Morons

10/10/2008 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A radio station in Minneapolis is cleaning up the mess left by an idiotic pair of DJs who theorized on-air that Earvin "Magic" Johnson has been faking being HIV positive. Bad taste, line one!
Earvin Johnson
KTLK has released a statement to TMZ saying, "KTLK recognizes the seriousness of the health issues presented by HIV / AIDS -- and the great work that Magic Johnson has done ... We regret that some off-hand remarks by commentators on KTLK did not reflect that. To better inform our listeners and employees, KTLK will be airing HIV/AIDS awareness public service announcements, and will be reaching out to Mr. Johnson to get his thoughts on education efforts."

This once again proves that AIDS is no laughing matter ... unless it's on "Family Guy."

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YAWN. Not about the Obama thing, but about the Magic thing.

2182 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Magic has the AIDS,those djs should be suspended

2182 days ago


Why would anyone in their right mind make up a story about being HIV positive??? Sometimes I wonder if the qualifications for being a radio jockey are merely having a pulse and breathing. These idiots don't deserve even the negative publicity this is getting them. Magic didn't knowingly put other athletes at risk and retired as soon as he found out. He started playing again after getting the virus under control and the OK that the risk was practically non-existent. Furthermore, the other players knew what they were risking, yet played with him. His personal business notwithstanding, I met Magic and he is a very nice and down to earth person and he DOESN'T DESERVE the HIV virus, no one does. You can knock a person's lifestyle all you want, but saying they deserve a potentially fatal disease is loony, un-Christian, morally wrong, and in direct contridiction of the very Bible you hold so dear. Didn't God say "Judge not, that ye be not judged"? Sheesh, so many fake Bible thumpers and hypocritical people out there.

2182 days ago


its sad too see there arent that many comments............. as for the dj's what a tasteless means to get ratings.... the radio station should fire them..............but they probably will not........it seems that in todays america their is a lack of social responsibility.............and every time we turn around there is too much disregard for humanity ........... what a terrible world we have created and allowed .............. hiv/aids is certainly not a joking subject..........its serious problem in OUR WORLD.

2182 days ago


Actually it was South Park that made fun of Magic having AIDS. It was just on this past week.
That's probably where the guys got the idea for their bit.

2182 days ago

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2182 days ago


I live in the Twin Cities metro and listen to Langdon & Chris everyday......give it up Earvin and stop playing the victim card like so many other people that get "offended" from everything. It's called the 1st amendment, look into it. Maybe if you didn't live your life so carelessly it wouldn't be a problem.

2182 days ago


magic faked his illness. nobody has ever been cured of "HIV". he wanted out of his laker contract. there was a provision that allowed for illness.(this was brought up when he anounced he was "positive"). it backed fired on him. remember, none of the other teams wanted to guard him. his first game back he got a cut and started bleeding. he was asked to leave the floor.

2182 days ago


I am positive that he no longer has aids... as a matter of fact, I'm HIV positive he does not

2182 days ago


theres something very weird going on here...i want to connect the dots...LALALALALA jk! seriously! something weird...hmm...

2182 days ago


You guys should be for freedom of speech, not jumping on the anti freedom of speech bandwagon.

2182 days ago

All Of Them Be Infected    

He's a black man. Believe me, that boy's not faking.

2181 days ago


i say fire the DJ's. They crossed way over the line. They ARE offensive morons.

2181 days ago


Yeah, and TMZ staff should all know about "bad taste"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2181 days ago


you can say whatever you want but it better have at least some grain of truth to it.these two radio clowns i think would have us believe they are normal.

sorry guys you haven't sold me on that point and i doubtthat u ever could

2181 days ago
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