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Suri Cruise

For VP

10/10/2008 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In 2006, adorable Suri Cruise (left) was Scientoloborn -- and schlocky mom Sarah Palin (right) was elected Governor of Alaska.

When asked questions, one of them has trouble forming complete and coherent sentences.

We're just sayin'.


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Where is Palin's wedding ring? That cheating whore!

2203 days ago


it scares the crap out of me that so many in our country, as well as in other countries, have been completely brainwashed by obama.

2203 days ago


Really? This is what you have to shock us? Comparing her to a waving 2 year old? And above that she got sqeamsih s science class? Do you have 8th graders writing this page now?

2203 days ago


Can someone tell me exactly WHY "Hollywood" is so against Palin? I think the more the bleeding heart liberal lefts cry and make fun of McCain and Pailn, it only continues to show how scared they are of losing.

2203 days ago


Here is the most important question: Don't any celebrities own a hairbrush??!! Every picture of Suri or any of the Jolie-Pitts shows these poor children with crazy, tangled, messed up hair! They look like street beggars. Please, someone brush their hair!!

2203 days ago


TMZ I love reading your website but for God's sake STAY OUT OF POLITICS!!!! Your writing against Gov. Palin is so slanted it's not even funny! You guys are going way out of your way to get your new god the lord Obama elected. I don't care what you guys think but stop trying to influence the people who read your website. The main stream media is doing a fine job with their pro-obama propaganda. Dr. Gobbles would have been proud.

2203 days ago

Moderate for Truth    

Is that really all you have, left wingers? On your candidate, we have potential terrorist ties, confirmed racist, lacking experience and an understanding of the American people and you have a picture comparison? Maybe focusing on the issues would help you to better understand the party you are aligning yourself with.

2203 days ago


What the heck is on Palin's left palm? Is that a bandage?

And I'll tell you why we are so against Sarah Palin....because if John McCain is elected, he will die in office since he's 108 years old. Then the country will be put into the hands of a woman who has NO experience whatsoever with national politics. I'm not against Palin the person, I'm against Palin the VP. It is a very scary, but very real thought that she might be president someday. No thank you.

2203 days ago

Sick of the Ignorance    

I ocassionally visit the TMZ site simply for humorous photos. Lately, the ONLY polictical photo-ops I see are related to obvious bias against Sarah Palin. This has truly disgusted me to the point to take time out of my busy day to post this comment. Once I got to the comment page, and saw that the majority of the posts were reflective of my opinion, I was very surprised. Thank you AMERICANS for seeing through the rhetorick of the left! TMZ-learn something from Fox news.....

2203 days ago


I knew there wre some ignorant people in this country however, I had know idea there were so many. The main stream media as well as TMZ only talk and post what they think WE want to hear. All for the sake of ratings and hits! There are always three sides to EVERY story........................yours, mine and the truth.

There are people like Jason who, make a ridiculous comment about a damn wedding ring. Go read a book Jason and educate yourself. You are showing your ignorance!

Tmz, how can you compare a child to a Vice President candidate is beyond me. But, then again everyone shows their a!! enventually. We all know that TMZ empolys chidren in LaLa land so, I guess that is to be expected.

If Obama becomes president, God help us all!

2203 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Hey TMZ, STFU. Nobody cares that you'd blow Obama behind Pink's.

2203 days ago


You right wing nuts are funny people.Mccain is in desperation mode now,and will sayand do anything.I was watching cnn last night and 2 of the 3 female republican commentators were embarrassed that Palin is the Vp nominee!Thats right,people you would expect to support her to the fullest were doing the total opposite.We're not buying the garbage your candidate is putting out there,just check the polls!

2203 days ago


Jendms - Obama could be killed in a car accident, if, God FORBID, he's elected, his first day in office. Are you 100% comfortable with Joe Biden running the country? He doesn't even know what the role of a VP - how could he run the country????? I'm so sick of you radicals claiming age has anything to do with McCain. And the fact that you can't tell your LEFT from your RIGHT (You said the bandage in on her left hand when it's her right hand) scares me that you have the ability to vote or even the intelligence to vote.

2203 days ago

Lan Yap    


If harvey wants to make fund of palin, then you should be making fun of harvey. remember folks, tmz is just a compnay, but harvey runs it. so he should be the focus of your comments. ha ha we know he can dish it out, but let;s see how long he can take it. ha ha

2203 days ago


Bahahhahahahha. Suri is much more intelligent than Nasty Palin. that Terrorist Palling Whore. Her Nasty Husband is A SECESSIOnist. Bhahahahhahaha She married a TERRORIST>

2203 days ago
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