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Suri Cruise

For VP

10/10/2008 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In 2006, adorable Suri Cruise (left) was Scientoloborn -- and schlocky mom Sarah Palin (right) was elected Governor of Alaska.

When asked questions, one of them has trouble forming complete and coherent sentences.

We're just sayin'.


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To 189: Are you for real? I hope you're just kidding. Palin has had NO interaction with the National Guard whatsoever. So much for "Commander in Chief of the National Guard." And by the way, a governor's powers over the state Guard are limited to begin with. They can't order them into a war; troops would be federalized should such an incident take place. The governor's position is to govern, not command.

Aside from that, I have to say that the pro McCain/Plain comments here are just plain dumb.

2174 days ago


Suri Cruise has more foreign experience than Sarah Palin - her dad was in that Hitler movie.

2174 days ago


I am just so disappointed in all the women libbers in the country. They can't stand Gov Palin and the question is why-she is the best Femminist in the country. She runs a state, a family. and she loves her husband. Just because she doesn't for herself believe in abortion doesn't make her a bad person. When asked about abortion she said it was her choice and what other believe is their choice no where did she say that she wants Roe vs Wade turned around. So my question is just because she doesn't talk with so much hatred like Joy on the View (which I quit watching got tired of looking a hateful bitch everyday) and others so called Femminst that she is wrong to be VP, why was it ok for Bill CLinton to be president he was a Governor and Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter, you dumbasses you chose people who do have the experience around you just like Obama has. Women who fought for all our rights to be a woman are hypocrites and I am ashamed of them. I am proud of Gov Palin.

2174 days ago


This stupid website need to back up off Palin. I bet all those that run their mouth in jealousy will rue the day when seh is VP! And she WILL be VP. Mark my words. Print this off and save it if you like, I am here to say that the likes of Osama...oops I mean Obama will never reach office.


2174 days ago


WAY TO GO AL GORE"S VAGINA!!!! That's how you tell em!!!

2173 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

First of all, I'm having doubt in your understanding of what a feminist is. A feminist is not some bored housewife that decides to run for mayor, likes how she feels, then continues a quick climb up the political ladder of a very low populated state. A feminist is also not someone who would (if only she could) tell other women what they can/cannot do with their bodies. Feminists are concerned with the well-being of their fellow women, and not just the men who surround them.
Second, you say you are ASHAMED of the women who fought for women's rights in the first place? WTF is wrong with you? Honey, if you want to live in a man's world, I suggest you truly take it to heart and DO NOT VOTE.. also don't vote because you are a pathetic excuse for a woman, just like that political TOOL that you are sooo proud of..

2173 days ago


mccain-palin will be the worst thing that has ever happened to this country, secondary to the bush-chaney..& sorry suri is a adorable little baby..butttt..i so tired of hearing STUPID stories about her!

OBAMA 2008!!!

2173 days ago

Mr. A    

Pretty pathetic of TMZ to use a cute image of Suri Cruise (innocent little girl) next to another image of Sarah Palin just to fire up MORE of the same Palin bashing and Obama blowin'!

I've already seen some nasty comments being made about Suri just for you having done that, and how uncool and mean is that?

Knock the stupid sh@# off already.

2173 days ago


When people look at celebrity websites, it's for the celebrity information. Leave the politics to the news. Then again the news people should report the news and not give their opinion. Even celebrities should shout their mouths. Yes, they have the same rights as a "normal citizen" but for me celebrities are only for entertainment value and their opinions are not what I want to hear about, whether it's for who they are voting for or what people should wear. It's a shame when I hear younger voters say they are voting for someone because their favorite celebrity raised money for a certain candidate or is voting for him. What a wasted vote. People should use their right to vote after they listen to the candidates, their views, the debates, etc. and then make their decision.
As for the person who wrote about McCain being 108 and Palin taking over for him: I am sick of hearing about it. It could be a "heart beat away" for any of us including Obama, Biden and Palin. Anything can happen to any of the wreck, get really sick, have a heart attack, etc. Nobody can predict how long someone is going to live. Things happen but that isn't a reason why one wouldn't vote for someone just like it isn't a reason to vote for Obama because he seems to speak well.
TMZ, your articles (smear campaign) are one sided in this election. Why not report on what you do best.....celebrities!

2173 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

why do you put that precious baby next to that Religious freak, who spew's lie's and hate, she is such a hypocrite, she was probably headed toward a rightwingnut rally sort of like a KKK gathering, poor Suri, TOM shoould sue your asse's just for putting them together, it's certainly not a compliment

2172 days ago


Bryon Wolf In 2006, adorable Suri Cruise (left) was Scientoloborn -- and schlocky mom Sarah Palin (right) was elected Governor of Alaska. Bryon Wolf
Suri and Sarah
Bryon Wolf When asked questions, one of them has trouble forming complete and coherent sentences.

We're just sayin'. Bryon Wolf

2172 days ago

Mr. A    

Most (professional) people, that work with the PUBLIC know very well
you don't talk politics and religion with your customer base. You
run the risk of alienating a portion of your consumers, and why do

Entertainers are just the same, but they don't seem to care I guess?
Their "talents" (acting, singing, dancing) are their product and they
should just be trying to sell it to as many folks who will appreciate
it, but instead..they want to get involved in politics and be
outspoken on their personal views.

It does make it difficult to put their rhetoric aside when you just
want to go enjoy a MOVIE or listen to some music, and not have some
stupid RANT of theirs ruining all that. You have to really dig
around and do some searching to come up with a handful of
conservative minded entertainers out there, and not because they're
not out there, but because they already know this "golden rule" of
appreciating the loyalty of your fans by being SILENT on this other

2169 days ago


It's a cute picture of Suri and a smart, witty comment to the pic.

Lighten up people! This isn't FOX News. TMZ doesn't take political sides. They equally make fun of both candidates. It's highly amusing, as we all know it doesn't matter what the public has to say now. It will only matter on election day. If you feel so passionately one way or the other, use you vote to speak your mind!

It could be worse! I'm Canadian, and we just reelected the Canadian version of Bush, Stephen Harper.

2168 days ago

Sandi F    

How convenient that you've forgotten that "The One" doesn't even know how many states are in the United States. The country for which he was just elected president!! 57 was the wrong number Barry!!

2147 days ago
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