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Bon Jovi Sued for

Giving Lyrics a Bad Name

10/11/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Bon Jovi is being sued for 400 bil -- yes, billion -- bucks by a Boston musician who says Jovi allegedly borrowed lyrics from his Boston Red Sox anthem entitled, "(Man I Really) Love This Team."

Samuel Bartley Steele, the front man for a band calling themselves "The Chelsea City Council," believes Bon Jovi heard his song while campaigning in Boston for John Kerry in '04, then used the lyrics in his own song entitled, "I Love This Town."

Regardless of the result, Steele really is livin' on a prayer if he thinks he's going to get that amount of cash.

A Bon Jovi spokesperson says they haven't seen the lawsuit yet.


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Sounds like he is getting sued by Dr. Evil.

2202 days ago

I luv Jon    

Although I love Jon, couldn't TMZ come up with a better picture? What a bogus lawsuit. That's one of the problems today, anyone can sue for stupid amounts of money! $400 BILLION? Is this guy for real? What a joke, that suit should be tossed before it even gets anywhere! Just my opinion!

2202 days ago


I am a huge Bon Jovi fan. This picture is rather humerous but you would think they could find a better one. I think the lawsuit is BS. People will do anything to try and make a quick buck.

2202 days ago


I've never heard anything so ridiculous

2202 days ago


He doesn't even have 400 BILLION, that amount is insane just like the guy who thinks his so called song was stolen.LMFAO.
I heard his version & it is notrhing like BJ's song, they didn't even play the whole song IN A 4 PAGE ARTICIAL they talked about this guys childhood.
(when this story 1st broke a few months ago) I bet Jon & the guys are having a good laugh over this. The 1 & ONLY song
that BJ didn't write was "She Don't Know Me" & Jon didn't want it on the album but they had to, something to do w/ the record co. back then.
Hey Bart or whatever your name is, how come you never left a comment on you tube when i called you a lair???
Don't mess w/ us Jersey people. I can't wait to see this get thrown out of court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BJ's # 1 fan since day 1, Tee.I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder where the other guy is that said he wrote "I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU"..LOL

2202 days ago

Lost Lass    

Jon Bongiovvi has more talent in his little finger than almost any other current rocker in this country. I sincerely doubt he has to resort to stealing some wanna be rockers lyrics to an anthem for the Boston Red Sox in order to fill up space on a new CD. That being said, does Mr. Steele really think he can get 400 billion dollars if he should win his frivilous lawsuit? Sounds to me like Mr. Steele has more time on his hands than brain cells in his head.

2202 days ago


is that man suing bon jovi on drugs. he must be that bon jovi the album said it's say it all Bon Jovi - 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong. ps bon jovi tattoo on me four life

2202 days ago

Mrs M    

Hey maybe the since the Fed is backing companies who love frivolity.. maybe they could back Bon Jovi if he loses the suit.. lol

2202 days ago


Why can't everyone stop suing? For a good celebrity blog, go to:

2202 days ago


Maybe he can pay half of the bailout plan with his winnings ; )

2202 days ago

Huge Bon Jovi Fan    

GREAT ! Perfect opportunity for Jon Bon Jovi, Dave, Richie and Tico to be in the spotlight, ignite their billions of fans, and gain greater public recognition! People will be all over the internet listening to Bon Jovi's I Love This Town, get an opportunity to listen, once again, to the absolute magic of this world class rock and roll band, compare the Bon Jovi hit to this parasite's (Bart Steele) pathetic clanging and confirm in their minds why we should support Bon Jovi and go out and buy another 120 million CDs! For the legal matter, unfortunately this MAY be a fly on the face of Jon Bon Jovi to be swatted and temporarily distract him, but should put this jerk, Bart Steele, where he belongs - in absolute public shame and financial ruin. To Jon and the other Bon Jovi band members, your steadfast fans are here if you need us.

2202 days ago

Ms. Jon Bon Jovi    

I love this story! Jon baby, the more you are in the spotlight the brighter you shine. This loser will get thrown out of court and it gives me more chances to see your beautiful face. (Although they could have picked a better picture) Well keep up the good work. We love YOU!!!

2202 days ago

Another Huge Fan :)    

Nicely put Huge fan!
I cannot believe the insane amount this guy is suing for.....that floors me!
And to even think Jon would steal or "borrow" lyrics is just ridiculous.
The stupid things people do over the drive for $$$$$ money!
They need to throw this thing out before it even makes it to court....what BS!

2202 days ago


$400 billion? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I did laugh when someone wrote it sounded like he was being sued by dr. evil!

2202 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Well said, Huge Fan. May the name of Samuel Bartley Steele rot in Hell. I had the opportunity to hear Jon Bon Jovi in Los Angeles back in April and I know he's on his game.

May the name BON JOVI endure forever.

We love Bon Jovi.

2202 days ago
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