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H.M.A.S.P. -- Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

10/12/2008 5:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It probably sounded like a safe bet at the time: Self-pronounced hockey mom Sarah Palin dropping the puck amongst peers at a Philadelphia Flyers game. Her campaign manager should've been more informed about Philly fans.
Sarah Palin
Just for knowin's sake, Philadelphia fans are legendary for being the most brutal in all of sports -- they once booed Santa Claus during an Eagles half-time show. But cut to last night when Sarah skated into the Flyers' stadium to drop the ceremonial puck -- only to be greeted by a split of boos and cheers.

Politics really brings the best out in people.

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who cares about those moronic eagles fans? I've hated those pukes ever since those butt-heads booed Santa Claus and yes I know that was just a guy in a white beard but still it shows what radical group of haters those fans are! And for all of the air-heads who keep demonstrating how far up their a** they can cram heads by showing their colossal ignorance about Alaska! Seriously are all of these morons living under the same rock? Guess What you retarded half-wits, they have cars and houses and cable TV as well as satellite TV and airplanes and I've heard rumor that some of the citizens even travel to other states and other countries.....I know how shocking is that? LMAO!! I don't what's more disturbing the elitist stuck-up arrogant pukes in the drive-by media looking down their retarded noses as Governor Palin or the Ignorant prattle by the loony liberal crack-pots who obviously have never spent any time in Alaska. And to all of you ignorant old b*tches who are "ashamed" to be associated with Sarah Palin I'm sure the feeling is mutual!! What could more embarrassing than to be associated by a bunch of far left wing crack-pots who want to live in a country run by a bunch of radicals who want to turn this country into a welfare state! Maybe you good-for-nothing pukes are willing to embarrass yourselves by living off Uncle Sam like a bunch of parasites but some of us have enough self-respect and pride to want to stand on our own two feet and want to earn our own money and not have these bold-faced lying pukes grabbing half of my hard earned money to fund a bunch of worthless laughable programs that don't work, & will never work! And don't start babbling about how that's just a stereotype, that's a bunch of BS! I've seen these people with my own two eyes so don't tell me that I didn't' see what I saw with my own TWO EYES!!! That sort of BS might work on weak-minded college kids who are still wet behind the ears but it doesn't work on clear thinking adults! Nor do I want my hard earned money going to support a bunch of lazy pukes who refuse to lift a finger to support themselves or are willing to embarrass themselves by taking a meaningless laughable low paying job that is created by Uncle (daddy) Sam! If you want to live like they did in Russia then why don't you radical anti-American crack-pots MOVE THERE!!

2198 days ago

Dr. Mom    

I was disgusted watching Sarah Palin parade her infant son around on stage following her performance in the vice presidental debate. Not only does the woman seem clueless about the world and her own country, but, even after raising four older children, she doesn't appear to know that babies need their sleep. Using her baby as a political backdrop is nothing short of incorrigble.

2197 days ago

Marcia, A Republican Soccer Mom    

"6. As a hockey parent this BITCH is giving the hockey world a black eye. We as parents dont define ourselves by the sport our kids have chosen. We have had our turn at youth and for this woman to define HERSELF by what her child has done is weird. P.S. ALASKA, You know the HUGE land of snow doesnt even have ONE NHL TEAM. Good job GOV.

Posted at 6:57AM on Oct 12th 2008 by Stinky Palm The Bitch"

Interesting, given that it was your Demo Boy Bill Clinton who coined the phrase "Soccer Mom" and you Demos weren't bitchin' then!

2195 days ago

yadda yadda    

Yeah, guess we now know how much "class" people in Philly has...........NOT! NO matter if you like the women or not this just was tacky PERIOD! But then look at the source.

2195 days ago
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