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H.M.A.S.P. -- Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

10/12/2008 5:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It probably sounded like a safe bet at the time: Self-pronounced hockey mom Sarah Palin dropping the puck amongst peers at a Philadelphia Flyers game. Her campaign manager should've been more informed about Philly fans.
Sarah Palin
Just for knowin's sake, Philadelphia fans are legendary for being the most brutal in all of sports -- they once booed Santa Claus during an Eagles half-time show. But cut to last night when Sarah skated into the Flyers' stadium to drop the ceremonial puck -- only to be greeted by a split of boos and cheers.

Politics really brings the best out in people.

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"But cut to last night, when Sarah skated into the Fliers stadium to drop the ceremonial puck -- only to be greeted by split of boos and cheers."

Philadelphia is booing TMZ to for mispelling their name!

Boooooo Booooo

2140 days ago


Posted at 10:29AM on Oct 12th 2008 by Idiots

The same percentage of AA have voted for WHITE MALE Democrats in the past too. Shut the f up and learn your history and facts.

2140 days ago



I've always kind of thought God was an imaginary friend for adults, but I'm actually getting nervous about this whole anti-christ thing. Of course I have a brother that believes all this new world order/triad stuff and he's super persuasive when I'm drunk. Guy coming literally from no-where, seducing the world with his words, people lining up to vote for him when he has no record and doesn't tell us what he's going to do. What the frick? Anyone know how I can research this whole anti-christ thing? Looking for unbiased info here.

2140 days ago


Can't enjoy drinking anymore,

Your brother is right. Quit drinking and go to church. You forgot the fact his father was a Muslim, critical element to be anti-christ.....muslim descent. Unbiased research material would be book of Revelations.

2140 days ago


Wow,we don't care what the potential presidents background (community organizer) but we are concerned unfarily what the 2nd in coimmands background is who is far more experienced? Shame on all the haters and women in particularly she be upset about the treatment so all I have to say, Obama, Biden go home and raise your kids!!!

2140 days ago


I was confused by Obama's campaign stops in Philly yesterday. All four stops were places he has the vote. Why campaign to your base. He should have gone to the suburbs and outer lying cities where the vote is somewhat divided.

We boo everyone. We boo our own team. Just ask Mike Schmidt. That's just how our sports people roll. I'm sure Mrs. Palin knew she would be booed and didn't care. A politician can't just go where they are liked.

Realistic and Jill – your comments, like you are racist.

As far as Michelle Obama looking angry, I just think she needs some dental work.

2140 days ago


Wow, are you people really that ignorant? Anti-Christ? This is beyond ridiculous. If you don't like the man because you are too shallow to see past the colour of his skin, then don't vote for him. It's simple and It's your loss. I'm sure you voted for Bush, and we can all see where that got you. He ran your country into the ground, killed thousands of your neighbours and their kids, reduced the worlds view of america, crashed the market, etc, etc... But hey, he's white so you can all sleep better at night. Honstly, reading this sampling of what is going on in your lttle heads, to use your eloquent phrase "makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. Disgusting. You deserve what you get.

2140 days ago


Can't Enjoy Drinking Anymore,

Dude, I can't really say about God or the Anti Christ, but your brother is dead-nuts-on regarding the New World Order. Fact is, it doesn't matter who wins this election. They are both total puppets. All you have to do is read the major news stories every day and connect the dots. We are all being herded towards the vision of a few that have the real control. What's the vision? Population down to 2 billion and most of us will be worker bees for those in control. Ever notice investagative reporting is totally dead? Notice how everything is being globalized in spite of the vast majorities being against it? Fact is, I could go on and on, but most people have their blinders on and maybe it's best that way. My advice....stock-pile your booze of choice and keep drinking. It's coming regardless of who wins.

2140 days ago


She didn't get booed because she is a woman, she got booed because she is an idiot.
As for her "record" maybe you should pay a little more attention to the headlines recently...
she has a record of using her power in office to settle her personal vendettas, now that's the kind of person we want in the white house isn't it? A vindictive one who shoots defenseless animals from helicopters in her spare time...just for kicks.
Before you hop on the bandwagon, make sure you know the facts,

2140 days ago

blues fan    

Ditto #40, Palin is an evangelical nutjob and hardly a "breath of fresh air" -- she is not only an inarticulate syntax-mangler who, when asked, couldn't name ONE NEWSPAPER OR MAGAZINE she reads regularly, but someone who abused her power in office to settle personal scores.....and she uses her children for her own personal ambition by trotting them out into the public spotlight every chance she gets, handing that poor baby around like a sack of potatoes under the harsh lights of media scrutiny and subjecting a pregnant teenage daughter to world-wide publicity when what that child surely needed was sensitivity and privacy during a most emotionally-difficult time. This speaks volumes about her character. McCain tried to pull a fast one on American women by choosing this woman and thinking we would vote for her simply because we are the same gender. How insulting! We vote for the person we think is most qualified, and it sure isn't this self-proclaimed pit bull with lipstick.

2140 days ago


Sarah Palin claims to be a maverick and an ousider- yet her conduct is typical classic "everything we distrust" in a politician.....Liar, Continued Liar after proven wrong,vague, can't answer a direct question and speaks in airy-fairy language ( freedom, America is the best, Apple pie and motherhood) without saying anything specific about what they will actually do. Elect me! We will fix everything in your life......Details to follow after we are elected.

2140 days ago

Mr. A    

Hey Ellen~

I like that line about "before you hop on the bandwagon, make sure you know the facts". I have to wonder though, how so many folks got catapulted onto the OBAMA wagon, seeing how there's little to qualify him as their MESSIAH and a whole LOT out there that qualifies him as a wolf in sheeps clothing. That "wagons" about to ride of the cliff and your boy Obama won't be riding it off with ya.

2140 days ago

Mr. A    

oh good lord...BUDDHA B!TCH is back!!

You must be one fat and nasty, skanky individual to have so much HATE and ignornace (to share) over such an intelligent, sophisticated and ATTRACTIVE young CONSERVATIVE woman..like Sarah Palin? I bet your computer screen even reeks of your foul breath from you leaning in so close when you're typing your hateful, ignorant SPEW!

YUK! You're just plain nasty!

2140 days ago


#41, I haven't decide who I am voting for but Obama has lied 5x more than Palin. So you have to use something other than that to argue a paint. Acorn, his racist ties, his terrorist ties, etc.

2140 days ago


Yeah, I was there. Just as many cheers as boos. Philly boos anyone. Santa. Hurt players. Little kids who wear jerseys other than Eagles. You name it. They boo it. And are proud in some way. Strange.

2140 days ago
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