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H.M.A.S.P. -- Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

10/12/2008 5:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It probably sounded like a safe bet at the time: Self-pronounced hockey mom Sarah Palin dropping the puck amongst peers at a Philadelphia Flyers game. Her campaign manager should've been more informed about Philly fans.
Sarah Palin
Just for knowin's sake, Philadelphia fans are legendary for being the most brutal in all of sports -- they once booed Santa Claus during an Eagles half-time show. But cut to last night when Sarah skated into the Flyers' stadium to drop the ceremonial puck -- only to be greeted by a split of boos and cheers.

Politics really brings the best out in people.

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#72 - falling for those McCain hate ads I see.....

2202 days ago

Mr. A    

Mr A Fan~

You're right on the money! The thing LIBERALS count on when debating with (most) Conservatives is for them to maintain their class and integrity and NOT to get down in the gutter with them when they get all asinine and hateful with their looney Left winged rhetoric. It's a serious disadvantage for most people of REAL Conservative values, but I'm not like MOST of those people, so I've just given up on trying to be. I'll just get a little muddy with the pigs I guess and HOLY CRAP you're witness to just how bad they HATE it.

It's a riot I tell ya...a nasty-ass FRENZY! Almost as bad as 1000 blind lesbians in a TUNA factory...get the hell out of their way!!!

2202 days ago

Mr. A    

Everyone notice as well, how the Libs want to accuse anybody who has legitimate concerns about Obama's character and decision making abilities, based on his past decisions, his conduct and business associations...are not REALLY concerned about those issues, we're just RACIST is all??

We don't see COLOR...we see CHARACTER! We're questioning his and he has yet to give satisfactory answers. So far, all I'm reading about McCain is "HE'S OLD!!" Guess it's ok to discriminate against people based on their AGE now?

Anybody remember the old movie LOGANS RUN? Turn 30..they fill your ass up with helium and then blow ya up! Obama's plan for fixing social security...maybe??


2202 days ago


I would think that wherever McCain and Palin Democrats boo. The Democratic Party has never been known for having any class.

2202 days ago


The photo above is cropped too much, so you can't really see the funny part. On the uncropped version of the above photo, two Obama/Biden signs can be seen, held up in the stands.

2202 days ago

Oh Fer Sure    

Philadelphia Phans Love McCain & Palin!!! Goooooo Phillies!!! We're going to the World Series Baby!!!

2202 days ago

Mr. A Fan    

Right On Mr. A! I just got a dose of liberal rascist hooha bliggy boo recently because I must be rascist or worse yet, be rascist AND hate women if I don't vote for BO. If a screechin' Lib even allows me to get a word in, I try to explain that my conservative beliefs are based on the character of the candidate and BO's character has serious flaws (i.e. ACORN, Ayers, Rev Wright, etc). I am also a woman and not a fan of abortion which is the cornerstone of the Lib rant as to why McCain/Palin will set women back. Abortion? Racism? Really? That's all you got? I work for a small business that makes over $250,000 a year and BO wants to tax the stuffing out of my employer and put me out of work. BO wants to give tax refunds to people that PAY NO TAXES. BO and his followers hate capitalism and want to snuff it out. Universal health care piled up on top of our unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare) will smother us all. People in the middle class that think BO will give you all this stuff w/o taxing you into submission are fooling yourselves. I could go on and on. There are plenty of reasons to not vote for BO. Racism? I think not.

2202 days ago

BOEING 787    

Hay Brooke you ignorant dummy, is sure it's classy for Republicans to call Obama a terrorist, Arab, and ask Palin to "kill him" at campaign events. Your a dumb hypocrite Brooke.

2202 days ago

BOEING 787    

Brooke; I almost forgot, you seem to be missing a word in your first sentence and a comma,
proof read what you write next time, and maybe go back to school.

2202 days ago

Mr. A Fan    

Mr. A I almost forgot: Awesome Logan's Run reference. I also keep picturing a possible Soylent Green scenario in a BO/JB administration. God help us all.

2202 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


2201 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

The footage is awsome the DUM bitch being booed at a hockey game and that was her claim to fame, Oh! she brought her pregger teen and the little one that tott's the baby around she is such an unfit mother, YEP all the Jo6pak's let her know who they were voting for, and there were ton's of OBAMA sign's behind her, it was great LMAO

2201 days ago


Have faith


2201 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


Sadly enough I find myself leaning your way,
At least the warmonger will do the least damage...

2201 days ago


Well you sure told me. You are very good secretary and you should think of applying for work at TMZ. They appear to need your proofreading skill more than I do. Oh, but before you apply for that job you may want to re-read your first post.

Yes, I've read someone yelled kill him at a McCain rally. I have also read that it is still being investigated and as of yet is unproven. I believe it happened. Some Obama supporter yelled it to garner sympathy and stir up racial tension.

In addition, they have not accused him of being a terrorist, just consorting with them and what’s wrong with being Arab?

2201 days ago
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