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Naomi -- Watts Are You Thinking?

10/12/2008 5:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

File this under bad ideas: A very pregnant Naomi Watts was out cruising on a moped with Liev Schreiber in NYC yesterday.

To put it in perspective, mopeds are such a hazard to your safety the Golden State Warriors forbid their players from riding them -- and just suspended one their guards for 30 games for injuring himself while breaking the moped clause in his contract.


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I love her, but this is up there with Michael Jackson dangling his kid from a window.

2201 days ago


It's her body... she's the mother... he's the father... (shrugging shoulders)

2200 days ago


That isn't a moped, it's a motor scooter. Mopeds have peddles. Not that TMZ will ever understand, or admit, the difference.

2200 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Why are mopeds like fat chicks?

They're fun to ride but you don't want your friends to know!!

2200 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Umm, I don't get it.. who cares... they were in New York, traffic is back to back anyway.. its not like they were on the open road going 80mph...Just leave people alone TMZ

2200 days ago


What a horrible mother she is! Why is she living in New York instead of Podunk IL where the crime rate is lower than New York?? Why is she not lying in bed instead of being on the street where an escaped lion could attack her? And that scarf??? Clearly it could get caught on something and strangle her. She, like all pregnant women, should stay home in bed. Also, all meals should be approved by TMZ to make sure they're not eating sushi, peanuts, cold cuts, coffee, or anything else that people have decided pregnant women should have. Geez.

2200 days ago


All professional athletes have clauses similar to that....I knew an MLB pitcher who was not supposed to surf, per his contract...but he did. It's a way for the organization to protect their investment...and not pay them if they get hurt doing something that was stipulated in their contract if they can't play anymore. I believe Steeler QB, Ben Rothlisberger (or however you spell it) was in violation of his contract when he was injured riding a motorcycle. Alot of those guys are not supposed to to surf, or ride motorcycles, on or off road, they are not supposed to ski, snow or water. I'm sure the Golden State Warriors have ALOT of things their players are not supposed to do, not just moped, or scooters, as the case may be. Vinny Testaverde was hurt on a moped years ago...probably the reason for mopeds being included in the list of no-no's these guys aren't supposed to do. Lots of danger out can't avoid it all.

2200 days ago


That's a scooter, not a moped. And with two people on it, it's not going to go fast. Its a great way to get around in a city.

2200 days ago


I'm thinking that Liev Schreiber needs to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle, not that little scooter.

2200 days ago


Just for clarification. That is not a moped. It is a motor scooter. Difference is moped have bike type pedals. They can be pedaled as a bike. Mopeds have motors. Why am I bothering to tell everyone this. In my state, anyone can ride a moped. but for a motor scooter, you must have a motorcycle license. they became very popular this summer due to rising gas prices. And the number of accidents went way up too.

2200 days ago


For one, I didn't know Naomi played on a team. Two, as long as the both of them are careful riding, big deal.

2200 days ago

Beach Babe    

Vespas are safe as long as you know how to drive them :) I don't think they are doing anything wrong!!

2200 days ago

Just sayin'    

It's not a moped, it's a motorized scooter, dork!

2198 days ago


Give me a break! What is the big deal about the 2 of them riding a motorized scooter in the middle of busy NYC traffic. I think I would prefer that method of transportation if I had to get to a hospital quickly too. At least you could get around cars. I see nothing wrong with them doing that, pregnant or not. You guys really need a life. I swear!

2166 days ago

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