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The Lamas Gals -- Plastic Makes Perfect

10/13/2008 5:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to plastic surgeons, the Lamas girls like to keep it in the family.
Shane & Dr. Frank: Click to watch
Shayne Lamas, Lorenzo's daughter and "Bachelor" wannabeen, was out this weekend with Dr. Frank Ryan -- the same doc who's giving her ex-stepmother Shauna Sand a new boob job and endless "injectables."

Shayne called Shauna a "doll" ... yeah, of the Real variety.


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The Shauna critics posting on TMZ have yet to get with any real story, it seems; they offer wild and preposterous accusations and ideas about Shauna Sand (and a hundred other threads) that are of no point reading. I do adore Shauna Sand but don't think she's perfect. I have to admit that the lucite shoes on the beach may have presented some wibbly wobbly ankle worries and not been such a great idea? I am certainly NOT from, associated with or even informed about the Lamas family. I don't know who's who on this TMZ system and really don't want to break the mystery. The freedom of speech with anonymity is what encourages hundreds if not thousands of people to participate on many stories. Magnificent!
More power to TMZ!

And what the HECK is wrong with the shoes! Nothing! They're GREAT! Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! And as for Shauna Sand not being bright, my god, you have no idea of the many plateaus she operates on.

Oh, and don't worry, I will be on the political threads!

2164 days ago


I have hung out with Shayne twice recently, even during these few days, not only is she amazingly beautiful, but she is intelligent well beyond the average person and a total sweetheart, a regular, regular girl, fit to date and marry. Yup, thats right! If anyone hung out with her even once you would change you tune real quick.

I met her ex-step mom too, and again, real smart and a genuine sweetheart, I would associate myself with them any day..

Trust me, they are regular girls, and super sweet and nice.


2163 days ago


Well there we have it......... bring in first-hand observations and the slimers are once again shown to be just a few galaxies off base in their TMZ-weekend hypoglycemic sodapop opinions.

Opinion does not equal expertise.

From one bodhisattva to another...............thank you Someone-Real.

2163 days ago


so someone-real,

are dr. frank and shayne really dating? or is just for PR? When you were hanging out with her did the coupling seem legitimate to you?

2163 days ago


Although there was some cute cuddling going on, I'm pretty sure it was just friends. No PR motives, just hanging out, dining, little dancing, lots of talking, some great story telling, and a harmless fun night..

2162 days ago


OH PLEASEEEEE, Dr Ryan is WELL KNOWN for using anyone he can get his hands on for PR. The SLEAZIER the BETTER. I have worked with him in the past, and it isn't PRETTY. If he can get some PR, he will dine you and make you feel like a QUEEN and of course sleep with you to only dump you if his plan isn't working. And I have heard from a " source " that he likes to play " Hugh Grant and Divine " if you know what I mean. If he had a life, a decent one of course, he wouldn't need to chase the cameras, they would chase him.

2162 days ago


LOL! My, My,.... poor Shayne,... LOL! She's such a sweet girl, I wish her so much luck..

2162 days ago


hey thank you for replying someone-real. I just heard dr. franks radio show and he said that they are just friends and the only reason why he was holding her hand was beacuase two girls kept asking her about matt, so he grabbed her hand and walked her out.

from hanging out with shayne, do you know why her and matt broke up? does she seem heartbroken? she seems like a great girl.

2162 days ago


She didnt dish on any boyfriend stuff. And didnt seem be to be heartbroken that I was aware of.. As yes, great girl, she has new stuff filming, you will see more of her very soon. So, so pretty she is... I hope she is portrayed in a great light..

2160 days ago


I have worked with Dr. frank Ryan and his Charity for inner city youth at his Ranch and he truly loves the children, he exposes them to wonderful experiences and each and everyone of the kids gets treated VIP in their own unique way, I wish the poeple who post about him really knew him like I do. I met some of the kids just recently and they are STILL talking about him and his generosity! That's pretty amazing, if you ask me he is one of the mose unique people I have ever met! So nice, always so nice to everyone.



2152 days ago


Wow you people are brutal. From what I know about Dr. Frank Ryan he is a very generous man that helps underprivileged children at his ranch. He also donates all of the money from his clothing line to the foundation. The man should be allowed a bit of downtime to hang out with Shayne and enjoy life.

2152 days ago


RESPONSE TO 21 and others with unfounded negative comments...

I would like to say that Miss Shayne is absolutely beautiful and seems like a nice young lady. It is non of your business what Dr Ryan and Ms Lamas do on their personal time. They are both beautiful people.
As far as Dr Ryan, my mother had surgery done by him 6 months ago and the results are FABULOUS, she couldn't be any happier. I went with her on several of her meetings with other Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons, most of them have all flashy offices and flashy cold staff but at Dr Ryan's it was very different. The staff was extremely kind to us and Dr Ryan was such a sweetheart. Find a surgeon who will take ONE FULL HOUR with you and answer all of your questions! When the day comes when I will need surgery myself, NO DOUBT will I see Dr Ryan, plus it is a BONUS that he is EXTREMELY nice to look at...I sure would trade place with Ms Lamas...
To all of you jealous people...GET A LIFE...KARMA IS A BITCH...remember that!

2151 days ago


I have known Dr. Ryan for a couple of years and he is an amazing person all around. I have never met a more caring and giving Dr. in my whole life. He cares for his patients like it's his family. His charity including everything he does at his ranch for under-priviledged youth and clothing line do so much good for the community I can't believe anyone would have anything bad to say. He is an extremely generous man and a phenominal individual who cares about others more than himself, so if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all.

2151 days ago


I'm not going to pretend to know Dr. Ryan or his charity. What I do know is that often times many donors, volunteers, and founders of charities use the whole "I do/am involved with charity work" as an excuse /wild card /self justification /rationalization to be able to live with themselves despite the morally ambiguous or unsavory details of other aspects of their life. I kid you not, there are many an article about this...labeling of the ego. It has everything to do with what they want to think of themselves and NOTHING to do with helping others...all done in the name of stamping their name on things. This in itself is more hypocritical than not pretending to be involved with any charity at all. Doing charity work does not justify the many casualties one may make on a personal level when dealing with others. It should only be done IN ADDITION TO dealing with others in a moral, compassionate way in one's own personal life. There is no need however, for anyone to bash this man or the girl in it. Because at the end of the day...this poor insufferable old man has to live with his own mistakes and lies. And at the end of the day...maybe these two misbegotten creatures ( I dare not say human) deserve each other.

2138 days ago


WOW.. Reading your comment " Hypocrite Caller ", I wonder, if you don't know Dr Ryan & His Charity as you state, how can you make allusions that he must be a hypocrite, a liar, a poor old insufferable man that lies etc.. ? You sure sound more like a pissed off ex-girlfriend of his OR maybe you are some jealous Plastic Surgeon who dreams of his success..

I will agree with you about the fact that some people do use Charity as a cover up for either taxes/ego boosting etc. But these Charities and the People associated with them never last long...

I don't know Dr Ryan on a personal level but I have met him twice. The first time was in 1992 when he removed my husband's tattoo. I told Jamal that I wasn't going to marry him unless he got that " stamp " off his forehead. We had no money and every places we called we coudn't afford. A guy that worked with Jamal at the Compton's Golf Course gave us Dr Ryan's name saying that he removed tattoos for free one weekend every month. I think he was still in school then but I am not sure, but the results were fantastic! Then last summer my Grand-Daughter Shakitah told me that her class was going to Dr Ryan's Bony Pony Ranch for the day and asked me if I would be willing to volunteer. I didn't put THAT Dr Ryan with The One who helped us years ago until I saw him. What a surprise, I went over and gave him a big hug and refreshed his memory about our meeting years earlier. I was happy to find out that he still removes tattoo for free. My Grand-Daughter and her class had such a wonderful time playing with the animals, and getting a horse back ride by Dr Ryan. It is a shame that he doesn't have children, he is so good with them.

I am planning to go back and volunteer next summer. I am glad that I met Dr Ryan again, and happy that he became so successful. I make a point to watch him on TV now and listen to him on the radio.

" Hypocrite Caller ", you should make a point to go and volunteer at the ranch one day and you will see for yourself that it's not some PALACE that the Dr built for himself to use as a private playground, and use Charity to pay for it. I can only imagine the costs of keeping that place up. All the animals who need daily care, the grounds that need to be kept up, and all the full time people who maintain it... I bet it costs this man a fortune, maybe the donations cover the fees for having kids on weekends but no way could it come close to covering the yearly operations...

I read that the Bony Pony Ranch has been around for 10 years, so I am 100% sure that if Dr Ryan's intentions weren't genuine, and if he was such a bad person, His foundation would have never lasted that long and he would have never ended up as the TOP PLASTIC SURGEON...

What it comes down to " Hypocrite " is that My Grand-Daughter and other no so fortunate children have had the chance to play and be happy...It was an experience that they will always cherish.

You shouldn't waist your time wondering about Dr Ryan's Moral Values and integrity...and if he is as you described, he will eventually get his day in court, just like YOU for being such a nasty person...

Remember this....KARMA IS A BITCH!!!

2119 days ago
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