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Brinkley Split

Takes Turbulent Turn

10/14/2008 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whatever Christie wants, she doesn't get.

Brinkley tried getting a restraining order against Peter Cook last week, supposedly in an attempt to keep her kids from seeing his "20/20" interview -- no dice. The feuding couple then reportedly agreed Cook would drive the children to upstate for the weekend -- he flew 'em instead and she was pissed.

The kids allegedly were freaked to fly and cried to mama -- but Cook tells it a little differently.


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I have ZERO respect for Christie Brinkley choosing the legal path that she did a few months back. Clearly, she didn't care about embarrassing her kids by airing their family's dirty laundry in such a public way. The old saying is true. There's nothing worse than a woman scorned. And Christie's recent actions continue to be petty and vindictive. I don't fault Cook for the 20/20 interview, because he never got to tell his side of the story. He deserved that opportunity after her inappropriate public rant. I will never see Brinkley the same.

2163 days ago


He is a bitter, spoiled Turkey Butt. What wuz he THINKIN' , messing around on a beautiful, classy lady like that ? Helllloooo, earth to Mr. Stupido: We do not play dat ! We are glad she told him, "Step off, Mista Cook !"

2163 days ago


Hey ! Looks like Mr. Peter Cook just changed his name to "Danny."

2163 days ago

john Ryan    

Vindictive old hag, probobly need s a shot of estrogen before she has sex, dried up old prune!!

2163 days ago


This guy is such a skin-crawling loser. Every time he opens his mouth he digs himself in deeper. Christie Brinkley is lovely (and looks shockingly fantastic.)

2163 days ago


Christie is a has-been idiot who uses her kids as pawns. I'm starting to feel sympathy for Mr. Cook.

2163 days ago


I also don't have any respect for her. For one, this woman has kids from 3 different men and Peter's a creep? Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors or what he's had to live with. He cheated. Oh, well. She's the one that made it public, not him. It happens to regulard people everyday and you have to move on and leave your kids out of it.

I feel bad that he's going to have to live with this bitter, publicity-starved ex-wife for a very long time to come.

2163 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Brinkley is just a bitter bitch if she took care of her husband (number 4 if I remember correctly) maybe he wouldn't need to look for nooky some place else..... maybe she's bitter cause she can't seem to keep a husband

2163 days ago

just wondering    

DITTO ~ No respect for her. SHe aired nasty and dirty laundry out for the public and now she is worried what her kids will hear from him. Oh please. Shes a joke. She needs to get over herself. She is no longer famous or a model. Big deal, shes pretty, there are lots of pretty faces out there. But when you spend more time on yourself, no wonder why husbands roam.

2163 days ago


Stop abusing the system,Christy! You don't ask for a restraining order because you are mad at someone.

2163 days ago


I do not particularly care for Peter Cook, but Christy is totally overreacting. It seems like no matter what the guy does, she hammers him for it. I agree, he had the right to have his side heard even though he is an ass, but she seriously needs to let it all go and move on with her life. He screwed up majorly and will pay for it for a long time. No need to keep reopening an old wound...Move ON girl!!!

2163 days ago


No matter what you all say:
NO ONE can make another person cheat.

2163 days ago


I dunno, I thought that she always handled herself pretty well and in a classy way during her last THREE divorces..maybe this one put her over the edge. The guy was playing her pretty much right up to their wedding..he had another girl or, I wonder why he married her? Money? But he got the financial benefits of marriage to her and did take advantage of that. He deserves to tell his side of the story, but after the track record that she has with handling divorces and bad relationships in a fairly quiet and dignified way, I think she's justified in clobbering this blithering idiot who got caught. Wah wah wah....tell it to somebody else.

2163 days ago

Not a fan    

Uh, hello. Getting a divorce in NY is very different and more difficult than in places like California - a no-fault state where you can simply check the box irreconcilable differences and the judge grants the divorce after 6 month waiting period. In CA, it's the property division that takes so long. Pervert Pete, the cheating husband, got what he deserved.... your face being drug through a public divorce is today's equivilant of wearing the scarlett letter.

2163 days ago


Looks like Peter the Pig thinks he has the right to terrify his children by making them fly when they clearly didn't want to. Yes, Peter, it is ALLLLLLLL about you, just as it's always been, isn't it? Oh, and for all the idiots out there who are attacking Christie for "airing dirty laundry," just stop and think who got the laundry dirty in the first place and then wanted it covered up...

2163 days ago
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