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Serena Williams

Handles the Swell

10/14/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more powerful than Serena Williams' backhand ... is her backside. While surfing in Hawaii with her man Common, Serena showed off why she's really the number one seed.

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i don't care if her ass is all muscle, and i also don't care what her skin color is. the fact is, her ass looks like boobs, she needs to cover up, it's just gross

2197 days ago


I think it's so interesting that White people feel the need to constantly make fun of Black culture when they don't understand or respect it.

Black men prefer thicker, more curvacious and endowed women as a whole, what's wrong with that?

As a White person, if you don't like or respect that, why not just shut up about it and live and let live. Skinny White women are posted up on TMZ all the time and you'll never see Black people posting comments about how skinny the woman is.

The reason is because Black people can respect that that particular woman, skinny as she may be, might not necessarily be our thing, but we don't feel the need to degrade her for it.

Actually, I think you'll find that most women in general are starting to 'thicken' up because they are starting to wake up to the fact that most men prefer a more curvacious woman as opposed to a skinny one.

As much as I love Kim Kardashian, I think it's pretty clear that she didn't get to be as popular as she is because of her personality.

Think about it.

Serena, to me, is gorgeous and has a beautiful body as well, but I'm open-minded enough to be able to appreciate different kinds of women for different things to.

Why not challenge yourself to find the good in people, instead of looking for something to tear them down for?

Lastly, both Serena and Common Sense are at the top of their respective fields, worth millions and living life and loving it while you sit behind a keyboard, most likley at work to judge them.

How pathetic is that?

If its not your thing, I can respect that, but why do the people who like and support Serene and Common have to see how intolerant and disrespectful you can be?

Live and let live.

2197 days ago


I read the last comments and was simply amazed by what was said, apparently the people who has added there senseless comments about Serena's A$$ has to be white , I mean come on people We black women have A$$ and lips we were born wth these blessings and our blessings now are being added to others by plastic surgery ... Fish Tac, criddler and fatdaddy wake up ass and lips are in and always has been we have big A$$es yall have flat a$$ES WE have nice perky full lips yall have none. So next time you see a nice ass and perky lips its just a blessing from God and we all cherish this ....

Oh and Sha'Nae thanks for that information the haters needed it ... lol

2197 days ago


She is not #1. She has held the spot a few times, but can't retain it. She can't retain it because she is always injured. She is always injured because she is 50 lbs overweight, and gets coached by a non pro. And that is one fat mean tranny ass.

2197 days ago


Writeright, what does this have to do with culture? No one on here said anything bad about black culture... they were talking about being fat... it isn't about being white or black...

Personally. I wouldn't like her ass if she were or black! I like women with curves on them... don't get me wrong... I just think that the body and curves should be proportionate. Serena's ass is too big, her swimsuit too small and the cellulite is clearly showing in picture 14 and 20...

2197 days ago


24. I'm a white guy and i agree with cake.I love the black woman's body,unless you've dated one you can't understand.For the person who said they saw cellulite,where???I've been with black women and white women,and in the bedroom there is no comparison,black chicks do the damn thing!

Posted at 1:49PM on Oct 14th 2008 by rob

I just threw up a LOT in my mouth!!!!

2197 days ago

Your mom    

Who cares, at least she has an ass, a LOT of people have body issues. So, this women as an ass, alot of men like it some like flat-asses who cares work on your own self and leave people live there lives. Besides look at her man, he's f'n HOT!! Someone likes the ass, I wouldn't care about all you haters...when I have the prize. Hate all you want, skinny isn't sexy regardless of what you hear or see.

2197 days ago


WriteRight, there are about 20 comments on this posting alone with black people putting down a white womens body, so I don't no what universe you live in where that never happens. You must not visit this website much.

2197 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

to the commenter OMG -

You must have some serious self esteem issues. Which is why Serena is one of the top athletes in the world and you are sitting at your keyboard (most likely on your flat ass) hating on her. Just because you have issues with your body doesn't mean she has issues with hers. I can always expect to find whenever there is a beautiful (yes BEAUTIFUL) African American woman on this site to see the hate pour out all over the comments page.

2197 days ago

hell with them all    

that ass is two big and fat. good for butt lovers

2197 days ago

hell with them all    

number 5 turn white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS RIGHT!

2197 days ago


She's not just an ass, you a-hole 15. She's a person.

2197 days ago


she's not a beuty queen- she's a world class athlete. Her ass isn't supposed to look like some anorexic Gossip Girl star. Given that people think Eva Longoria is tipping the scales in a massive size ZERO, I think the world is just haywire. Good God, leave this very talented athlete alone!

2197 days ago



2197 days ago

hell with them all    

NUMBER 41 you must of PAID for it. I have had many types/color of women and I disagree with you. Some just lay on their back forever and no move a bit. You might of had a blow up doll, did you look?

2197 days ago
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