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Balthazar Getty Thinks He's 2pac

10/15/2008 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either he was really happy that nobody asked about Sienna Miller for a change, or Balthazar Getty suddenly felt really proud of his L.A. roots -- cause dude dropped some westside gang-sign language and a gangster-ass shout out on his way through LAX yesterday.
Balthazar Getty: Click to watch
Somewhere, 2pac is smiling ... because he's not really dead.


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Forgot to add, how did the papz know that BG was at LAX? Except for those times when he was photographed leaving for Italy, returning from Italy/NY, and leaving the London airport, BG has rarely been photogaphed at an airport. We all know SM likes to stage photo-ops at airports, so she must have tipped off the papz. Since she is laying low and reduced the frequency of her staged photo-ops and PR stories, she needed to come up with a different way to upstage RG/her kids and keep her AFFAIR with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN relevant. She got her fix by informing the papz to BG's whereabouts, and thereby drawing attention to herself. No amount of photos of the MARRIED MAN leaving/arriving at LAX or any other airport is going to fool people into believing that the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN is so "in love" with SM that he just can't tolerate being away from her for too long. SM is just BG's "booty-call" and "sugarmama", so she should stop trying to convince everyone that they are "happy and in love".

Have you noticed that since SM filed that lawsuit against the UK tabloid, that BG has become more verbal/open? No wonder they get along so well, they both are greedy, selfish, inconsederate, heartless, desperate for attention, and lack compassion, respect for themselves/others, and self-control.

2200 days ago


He is such a d*ck!!

2200 days ago


what an idiot ,getting just like miller with her sign language no character no morals and no class .watched Brothers and Sisters for the first time this week rather good but getty is so wooden no life, should concentrate on his career more not his love life.

2200 days ago


AMY getty's wife is 5 years older than getty.

2200 days ago


I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners. What a fruit loop. Sienna is a whore.

2200 days ago

the short chick in the back    

Sorry, but this made me laugh

2199 days ago


Will someone please get this jackass a drink! I think Rosetta Getty has enough amunition to fill an arsenal! I hope she is beginning to realize that their children will be much better off without this guy in their lives. She will have no trouble finding someone else to appreciate her. She is young, beautiful, creative, smart and a lady.

2199 days ago


He's showing how he fingers Sienna now that his weenie doesn't work anymore

2199 days ago


has anybody wondered when he sees his children, has been working on Brothers and Sisters now he is off he is going to see Miller in England, what kind of father does that make him, not a very good one, spend May and June with Miller in Prague and Italy, would have thought he would spend some time with his children, in an interview said how he loved children and wanted a big brood and last year said he was looking forward to the birth of his last daughter, also liked coming home after a day at work.what a big liar, all a lot of rubbish.

2199 days ago


I have to see it makes me real sad. I am in the same boat as rosetta. My husband is living with his 19 year old girlfriend. I found out while i was with my daughter. The teenager was screaming what we were doing there and my husband stayed silent. Thats what hurts me. Balthazar has some time of and what does he do? He flys around the globe for yet another screw weekend with that woman who knows no guilt or shame. What about taking his kids to bed or to school? Just like me i am guessing rosetta has to deal with that all on her own. I sit with my daughter who cries every night and is asking me questions i dont even know the answer to because we were kept in the dark all this time. According to my husband it was all a bunch of lies that were told about him. Yeah right. I hope that neither one of them will have a nice career from now on. Its time that they start realising that there are some things in life that u just dont do And being disrespectful and a liar is one of those things. What will the children say in a couple of years time when they are old enough to understand what happened..they wont be proud thats for sure..but even that thought doesnt stop these so sad and very painful...i feel for the children..

2194 days ago


haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,no one not even the sky born can be or stand a quater of ma ve killed him why wont his poor soul also rest in perfect peace hun...............................

1654 days ago
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