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Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero

10/15/2008 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 69-year-old resurfaced at a NYC event, looking stunning.
Connie Francis
In 1974, Connie was raped at a Howard Johnson's Lodge after a performance at the Westbury Music Fair. The rapist was never found.

Connie has been divorced four times and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


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2205 days ago

Sandy Sunshine    

Shame on you TMZ ... There are many wonderful things to write about Connie and you chose to dig up dirt!

2205 days ago


I see Connie as the young, talented lady that she was and is. The young lady who was deeply in love with Bobby Darin, but who would not disobey her father---regretfully. She has had a hard life and I am thrilled that she is back and is singing just as beautifully as she ever has. Connie is an icon in the industry and a beautiful person. Thank you, Connie, from coming out of "retirement" to again thrill us with your magnificent voice.

2205 days ago


I use to love her when I was younger and I have to admit when I head her name my heart jumped, She wae so beautifull and her voice would make me melt, she was great
To bad she has had such a rough life, she has gone through alot and her family only added to it. LOVE YOU CONNIE ALWAYS WILL.

2205 days ago


sandyduncansglasseye, you did NOT see Connie drunk on stage, because she does not drink! I am a friend of Connie's.

2205 days ago


Connie Francis, what a voice!!! She sang at a time when the your voice stood alone by its own merits. Her generation didn't have all the technical gimmicks singers have now. She has one of the great voices of all time.

2205 days ago


Let's face it, TMZ is notorious for finding the least flattering photo of everyone they post. Considering that, I was pleasantly surprised to see how good Connie looks at 69. This is not a bad picture. And for those who think it is, have you looked into a mirror lately?! She was always a great talent--and loved by so many all over the world.

2205 days ago


One of the GREATEST SINGERS of our time. Connie Francis from Newark, NJ (Down Neck) made us all very proud back in the early 60's when she was invited to sing @ the Academy Awards. She put Ft. Lauderdale on the map for Spring Break by singing "Where the Boys Are". The hit song was from a famous movie that showed college kids on spring break. To all you newbies that don't have any respect for our older celebrities, you need to back off. The music today would not be here if it was not for these greats that opened the doors for the rest to follow & break down those barriers. Especially in the rock world. I worked with her cousin in NJ. Connies brother was an Essex County Prosecutor @ one time. What some of the public doesn't know is that Connie & Bobby Darin were very much in love. Her father thought she could do better. He forbid the romance. Darin later went on to marry another Jersey Girl from Bayonne, Sandra Dee. In the Bobby Darin movie "Beyond the Sea", Connie was never mentioned yet she was the love of his life. Give her a break & realize she was BIG really a BIG STAR. To make remarks about someone who made the nation proud singing her rendition of "GOD BLESS AMERICA" and Jersey proud singing @ the Academy Awards which was not always the way it was. Usually the usual main stream singers that were around forever did that work. Anyone that ever heard her Italian song "Mama" even if not Italian would cry just hearing her powerful voice. Way before Whitney another Newark girl. Have some respect. You may if you are lucky enough get to her age. What a TALENT. GOD BLESS YOU CONCETTA. YOU ARE A REAL JERSEY GIRL.

2205 days ago


Rock on Connie! You look great! You are still #1 and always will be. I would love to see some of you that have made "ugly comments" at the age of 69 - she will far out shine you - since you are hiding behind a computer. Connie is a survivor.

2205 days ago


No matter what she looks like matter how she sounds, she, like Judy Garland, will be remembered for her incredible talent. This sensational BS that distorts and panders to the Hollywood ideal of glamor and youth is not worthy of such a talent. I listen to her music and am just amazed at the beauty, the clarity and the magnificence of her voice. Long after these hate-mongers are gone her music will live on.

2205 days ago


Connie Francis can be an inspiration to all of us. She is an incredible woman who has touched many lives! Still love you, Connie.....always will!

2205 days ago


Connie, I sympathize that your life has not been easy, but what in the world did you do to your face? This is definitely NOT the face we use to love and see. Your Plastic Surgeon's license should be revoked. You always had a very pretty face and should have left it alone... and as for the caption that reads you look "stunning" ... NO WAY!

2205 days ago


This woman was a legend in her heyday. Why do you have to be so damn nasty and reveal the sad and unhappy moments of her life to a readership who were hardly conceived when she was around. Do your research, find something decent to write about people instead of churning up unpleasant memories. Seems that muckraking is your specialty. Shame on you!

2205 days ago

N. MARIE    


2205 days ago

April Aretta Pritchett    

Connie Francis songs brings back wonderful memories of my chidhood. It was my older sister that played them all the time. It was me though, that grew up singing them. Too me she will always be beautiful. I think it's a cruel and ugly shame for people to speak bad about her. What did she ever do to you? Some people can't be happy unless they say something to hurt someone else. I say ,God Bless. And Thank you Connie for being apart of my life. April Aretta P.

2205 days ago
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