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Gary Coleman Won't Stoop to Admitting Guilt

10/15/2008 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman isn't taking those bowling-alley dust-up charges sitting down. Or was it standing up?

Coleman's lawyer says he pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct and reckless driving Tuesday. "He simply acted accordingly with what normal human beings would do," Randy Kester said. Thus implying Gary Coleman is a normal human being?

Gary's accused of running into a guy with his truck at a bowling alley after the guy wouldn't stop taking cell phone pictures of him.


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Gary, you have to live like you got HIV aids. - The hidden life stlye.

A normal human being would hide from the public, and park your car near the exits, for a fast get-away.

Howard Huges, and Michael Jackson had, and are having fun living the hidden life, so why can't you.

I want to date the girl with 2 heads. Double the fun.

2164 days ago


"What you Talk'en About Willis?" .. (Why can't he just GO AWAY?????)

2164 days ago


Lock the little freak up, throw away the key. Perhaps he and OJ could get some sort of deal for an in prison reality show. Like Mr Rork and Tattoo in a land where your wildest fantasies can come true(as long as said fantasies involve sodomy)

2164 days ago

mrs k    

this has got to be the nastiest little man of the all the z-list cabal of celebrities anywhere. he comes across as truly a horrible excuse for a human being in everything he does, and personally I'd like to see him banished guantanamo so we never have to see or here from this tiny cretin again. was that mean? don't care. banish him. PLEASE!

2164 days ago


he will be loved in jail

2164 days ago


Typical whites messing with the guy going about his business, then lying about being asaulted by him in order to get him into trouble. Then have him jailed. Typical trouble making b''tches !

2164 days ago


I'm not sure Gary Coleman is guilty in this incident. I live in Utah, just about 10 miles from where this situation is taking place, and the guy who is suing Gary Coleman is actually in jail right now for burglary! He's a thief...he is obviously just after money!

2164 days ago


This is Colt Rushton, the guy that accused Gary for the bogus complaint. As you can see he is currently behind bars in Utah County Jail for burglary, and thats not his only conviction. What a Douche-Bag...

2164 days ago


How many of us would get real pissed off if some idiot kept invading
your personal space, even after being repetedly asked to stop. Do you think the guy would of acted if Gary was 6.4 250lbs? No it is because of his diminuitive stature. People think very short people are toys. (i know I am guilty of that at times myself). I
have a lot of respect for Gary. He WAS a child star who just wants
to be a normal person, and not live his life as a sideshow. When a man with his background takes a job as
a mall security guard that to me shows humility and fortitude.
Qualities we true Americans appreciate. True Americans know what it
is like to work a dead end job just to make an honest living. I'll
say a prayer for Gary today, and pray whatever happens, he'll be a
better man for it.

2164 days ago

get a life    

He was cute when he was younger. Now he acts like an over grown spoiled child. Always pissin' and moanin' about something. The world doesn't owe him anything. The reason he can't find any 'good' acting jobs... he needs to look in the mirror. Move on and stop being so bitter. The acting world doesn't want you anymore. Gary Coleman is a little TROLL!!!

2163 days ago


my heart go out for the Colemam FAMILY.

1571 days ago

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