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Janet Set to Scrap Whole Damn Tour

10/15/2008 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson has already bailed on ten concerts since Sept. 29, and now it looks like the rest of the dominoes could fall as well.

She's also going to pull out of shows in DC, Jersey, and Atlanta this week, reports the New York Post, and a source says Ms. Jackson "should cancel all her dates now." All the cancellations have been very last minute.

And there's still no official word from her reps on what's ailing JJ.


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Poor Tyra Banks devoted an hour to this trainwreck on her show bragging about her tour. Maybe she gained all of that cheeseburger fat back and can't fit into her costumes.

2145 days ago


Maybe your dumbass needs to keep up with the news. Janet left a message saying she is back on her tour and resuming tonight..Take that biatch!

2145 days ago


Can you say baby on board!

2145 days ago


Maybe nobody even cares. When did she have her last hit...I can't seem to remember.

2145 days ago

Illinois person    

Is it that seats aren't selling? These Jacksons all seem to have a problem working a full-time job. I should think she would welcome the income since she hasn't had a hit record in years. If she is truly ill, why can't she recover and then resume her tour? She better be careful as her brother was notorious for backing out of concerts and it cost him a mint (back when he had it) to settle all of the legal ramifications. Good luck Janet, please don't become a prodigy of your brother's own doings.

2145 days ago


She's having migraines that are causing her to be very dizzy. If anyone wants some good information, check out Entertainment Tonight Online. They have real information - not just a lot of stupid comments like TMZ.

2145 days ago


If things are not going good for her whether it be health or any other reason, maybe she should cancel the rest of the tour. It looks pretty bad when you cancel at the last minute. I'm not buying tickets to her concert in KC unless I know for sure she's gonna be there. I've heard low ticket sales and that may be true - I can't even get my daughter & friends to go with me. They're just not into Janet.

2145 days ago


I'm with number 3, I think she's pregnant.

2145 days ago


duh this news is so WRONG .... she is already back out .. and her reps DID specify what illness she had .. ugh haters will just never die !!

2145 days ago


poor ticket sales - what else ? although this will be denied !!

2145 days ago


Janet WHO? ... She's so yesterday... Koff Koff HASBIN... Koff

2145 days ago


This news is so false......Janet left her fans a message.....and for the haters aying "low ticket sales" the DC, Jersey, and ATL shows are sold-out....LOL.

"Hey you guys it's me. It's what, the 14th of October?

I know you guys have been hearing a lot, a lot of rumors - the tour's been cancelled - none of that's true. I'm actually rolling into D.C. right now to do my first show coming back. I feel a lot better and I just want to thank all of you, each and every one of you for all of your wonderful messages and wishing well. I really do appreciate all the love and the support.

And once again, don't believe anything that you hear and you read. The tour's still on. And like I said, my first show back is gonna be D.C., which is tomorrow night, the 15th of October. So, I hope I'll see you guys there who are in D.C.

We're excited, we're really excited, and it's gonna feel good coming back. And thank you once again for everything. I love you. Bye."

2145 days ago

Joe Mama    

Who Cares????

2145 days ago

The Dave    

Sounds like she's either pregnant or has developed Meniere's Disease. Hopefully for her sake it's the former.

2145 days ago


Well,actually I went to the Jersey concert and there where no signs of a "cancelled concert". Washington and Atlanta also saw her live, so I think you have a credibility problem or just bad sources. As for the sales,just check Billboards statisticks.It's grossing a million per venue.

2141 days ago

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