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10/15/2008 8:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are putting the brakes on their marriage, according to reports.

Madonna and Guy Richie
There a million reasons we can think of as to why they're calling it quits: The A-rod scandal, her "film" career, Kabbalah ...

Your guess is as good as ours.

Madonna's rep is mum.

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No Avatar


Kick back ShellyBelly..... for whatever reason you came on tmz, you know where all todays jucie gossip is !!! so dont talk s**t to others about there comments your just as inerested in this crap as the rest of us so get off your high horse.... miss i know someone who knows someone... who at one time knew madonna family...

2167 days ago


He is so yummy and she is so...yucky. Keep attacking Palin stupid.

2167 days ago


i'll bet he goes for custody of the boy or at least Rocco.

2167 days ago


Thank Goodness he's getting out of it. Good for him.

I wonder what kind of pre-nup they had? I'm sure he will walk away with millions, well deserved.

2167 days ago


i thought they made a good couple. and to all you haters out there, shame on you. and i guess the tabloids were right.

2167 days ago


Who gets Madonna's bought kids?

2167 days ago


Amazing the union lasted this long. Madonna has many, many fans and also many, many detractors. Her fans claim she has talent for singing. Her detractors claim she is nothing more than a media whore who merchandised herself to become successful. Either way, neither the fans or the detractors are wrong in their beliefs. She is all of those things and more. No matter how you feel about her, please keep in mind that there are three beautiful children involved in this and are not doubt confused and sad. They are the victims in all of this and no amount of money, publicity, cosmetic surgery or anything else, will keep them from the pain they will experience now and for the rest of their lives. Hopefully Madonna and Guy will put the children first, not money, not accusations, not anger, but the children, Perhaps this will be a wake-up call to Madonna to focus more on her family and not on herself 24/7. Her fans will say she will, the detractors will say she won't. I just hope that upcoming divorce does not mirror Cristie Brinkley's and the media leaves the 'dirt' out, for the childrens sake.

2167 days ago


Does this mean she has to givr back the baby she stole/bought?

2167 days ago


good for him and for me, I expect he will make films like before, I need it

2167 days ago


LOL! I would rather know Madonna's family myself. I had the Scientologist David Miscavige as my neighbor growing up in Willingboro, New Jersey in the late 60s to around 1972 before his family took off to England. It is funny the way life turns out.

Anyway, I am sorry her marriage didn't work out. :(

2167 days ago


That is very sad but to be honest it lasted longer than I thought it would. I believe we'll be seeing her with A-Rod. Besides the sad news of the divorce, WHAT is the average age of a poster on this board? Britney is old at 26, Jennifer Aniston is old at 39, Madonna is old at 50. I've read here that Jennifer should cut her hair b/c she is too old to wear it long. I've read that Britney has lost it (her talent and her looks) b/c of her age. Posters here say that Madonna should just retire b/c she is so old. Really, I wish everyone would post their age with their name as "Anonymous" just to get a sampling of ages. I would think that most posters are between the ages of 35-60. Whadda ya think?

2167 days ago


Um....does anybody really care? Waaay back in the 80's Madonna was great to listen to, and fun to watch. Ok, it's 2008 and I think she's "been there, done that" one too many times. Unfortunatley, her kids will be the one's to suffer while she moves on to her next conquest. I have a feeling she's impossible to live with.

2167 days ago


She is sooooooooo washed up and plastic looking.....
****She should go quietly away......far, far away!!

2167 days ago

philly fan    

WHAT????? IAM SHOCKED>>>>>NOT!!!!!!!!!!

2167 days ago


So they kept saying their marriage was fine when the A-Rod scandal happen. Now look what's going on.... No big surprise here.

2167 days ago
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