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10/15/2008 8:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are putting the brakes on their marriage, according to reports.

Madonna and Guy Richie
There a million reasons we can think of as to why they're calling it quits: The A-rod scandal, her "film" career, Kabbalah ...

Your guess is as good as ours.

Madonna's rep is mum.

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No Avatar


She's a tired old retread...

2197 days ago


I think we found the REAL PIG in LIPSTICK!!!

2197 days ago


they say she doesn't allow her kids to watch TV. if they did, they might see their mother making an ass out of herself as she has all along. she's nobody's role model.
so glad that Guy is going to make a break for it -- if it's true. he always looked so unhappy on the red carpet with her. and if she really is the cause of the Rodriguez marriage breakup, she better pray just alittle bit harder. in most religions, that's adultery.

2197 days ago

philly fan    

#8 you're too funny. Do you not remember this woman standing along the roadside getting naked pictures of herself for publication? The last thing she ever wanted or wants is privacy. She is a woman who craves publicity, good, bad or ugly. Take her off the pedestal. Many people make it out of small towns and lead successful lives. They just dont need the public adoration that she craves.

2197 days ago

drew deze    

who cares? and i do agree wit that one cat cuz she is lookin like a man slash skeletor i dont c what a-rod c n her if thats who he left his broad for

2197 days ago


She's a great lady....she just needs to stop that bending over ever time some man comes around.

2197 days ago

Lenn K.    

Well at least Sarah Palin can keep her husband. Karma bitch. couldn't happen to a happening to a worse person!

2197 days ago


What else is new. Wasn't it a couple of weeks ago that their marriage was kaput. They made a show to make it look like they were happy which you know they were just acting the part. First time Madonna does a good part in acting LOL.

2197 days ago


Next we will find out she is pregnet with OBAMAS LOVE CHILD!!!

2197 days ago


Hey Fabio No.30...did you mean retardor retread? She could be compared to an old tire(d), worn out piece of rubber.

2197 days ago


To number 7: Why are you on this gossip site if you are "minding your own business?" If people minded their own business this Media Whore named Madonna would not even be rich and famous.

2197 days ago


Congrats Guy! Glad you left the BITCH, take your son and run, let him have a normal life. Be happy and live now that she is gone. Madonna has always been a whore.

2197 days ago


It amazes me how hateful and mean all of you can be. Whether you like her or not, you're entitled to your opinion, but keep in mind that this is a self made woman. She started from nothing and turned herself into an icon. For those of you that think she's OLD, you too will age, as we all do. How many 50 year old women with three kids have the arms and abs that she is sporting? Marriage is not easy for any couple. Living in the public eye makes it even harder. The fact that you fault her for adopting an Ethiopian child is also rediculous. It was a selfless act. You all need to get a life and stop being so hateful. Give the woman a break!

2197 days ago


Yeah, I think Madonna got a little too butch for Guy. Can't blame him for being unattracted to a Draq Queen Bratz Doll.

Madonna was good back in the Eighties. I can't believe anyone is paying money these days to watch her muscle skeleton prance around the stage. Oh and knockin Sarah Palin - can we say "jumping on the celebrity bandwagon?" It's getting old and I wish celebrities would stop forcing their political views down our throats.

Will she get to keep her British accent when the divorce is over?

2197 days ago


WHO CARES????????????????????

2197 days ago
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