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Ryan O'Neal Charged in Drug Bust

10/15/2008 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Ryan O'Neal and his son Redmond have BOTH been charged with felony possession of methamphetamines.

The 67-year-old actor and his 23-year-old son were arrested at their Malibu home last month after a random probation sweep of the mansion turned up narcotics on Redmond's person and in Ryan's bedroom.

Redmond was also charged with two misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and one misdemeanor count of illegal possession of pepper spray.

Redmond is on probation for a heroin and crystal meth bust earlier in the year.

Both men are scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 13th.


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Redmond never had a fair chance. I'm sure he was exposed to drugs and abuse his entire life. Ryan is probably 1000 times worse than any of us realized. And where was Farrah? I'm sure off somewhere with her head in some cloud. He has battled drug problems since his preteen years. Pray for this boy. I blame Ryan and Farrah for this.

2108 days ago


4. how did Redmond turn out so unattractive with those 2 as his parents??? don't blame drugs because he was never cute.

Posted at 6:25PM on Oct 15th 2008 by tipsy

Whatever! He looks alot better than Daddy Dearest. I've always thought he was a cute kid. So sad his parents were never there for him. My heart aches for this boy.

2108 days ago


the split pic looks like an after/before example of what meth does

2108 days ago


What's more embarrassing? Being cellmate with your dad or your son? Hmmmm...either way this story is really f-ed up! Really don't want to be in that household during the upcoming holidays!!! Proably end up in the jail or the hospital or maybe even the morgue. Whatta bunch of loosers!!!

2108 days ago


Well, they're rich celebutards, so they'll get a slap on the wrists. Maybe community service or house arrest. Must be nice!

2107 days ago


This oculdn't have happened to a nicer abuser! I hope another incarcerated citizen will see what kind of contraband this jerk of all jerks can take up his ass...

2107 days ago


The kid looks like Lyle Lovett

2107 days ago


God! What a couple of losers!

2107 days ago


Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe the dad here is doing meth. More likely it was the kids stash. I think Ryan would be doing coke don't you if he was getting caught. Why would he smoke some street junk. Why don't they go to church like good Irish folk and turn it around.

2107 days ago


What a surprise!! I'm shocked, NOT. Rich drugged up dynamic duo. Like father, like son. What now, a new reality show on E!

2107 days ago


I think this is so sad. I feel sorry for them both but especially Redmond. Addiction is a shi$$y disease and I wouldn't wish it on anyone{ well except maybe the republican nominee] but I digress. There are plenty of recovering addicts in hollyweird so why don't you get to 12 stepping these two because their lives are at stake. I think Redmond is cute by the way.

2107 days ago


It's good thing that they have some money because both Ryan and Redmond will need to buy new teeth when the ones that they have now rot out of their heads.

2107 days ago


I always thought meth was the drug of choice for poor white trash, not rich hollywood trash. Either way, it's a killer and by the look of things, Dad already has one foot in the grave. So Sad!

2107 days ago

hollywood resident    

keep on cleaning all that hollywood trash up !!!!!!

2107 days ago


When are these idiot women going to wake up and realize what happens when you pick a drunk or a druggy to be your baby daddy? What the h*ll do you expect? And I have no sympathy for Farrah considering how she treated Tatum when she took up with Ryan and had him kick her out of the house when she was still a minor. I never liked Ryan and Redmond looks just like him. I never understood what anybody saw in Ryan Oneal...btw "Love Story" was the most idiotic movie I ever saw.

2107 days ago
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