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LC's Audi

Can Suck It!

10/15/2008 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and Spencer showed up LC last night at her own party. You'll recall LC just got a $118,000 Audi. The Hateables one-upped that by rolling up in a Rolls Royce Phantom. We did some checking and were told H/S really did buy the car for around $400,000. Apparently, Jesus loves 24" inch rims. Chauffeur not included.



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I guess the rumors are true: Speidi has video of Harvey cavorting with barnyard animals! How else can you explain the sickening regularity of airtime and web space given to these spawns of Satan? Their only value seems to be to infuriate the common decency of us regular folk which then spurns us all to respond negatively. I'd love to see Spencer shed that phony "stud-muffin" persona and become the jizz guzzler we all know he is! He should go and get himself arrested and jailed without bail. It'd be like an early X-Mas for him. He can utilize his "people" skills to satisfy the "personal" needs of all of his fellow inmates. They just don't have "closets" to hide in inside prison! And in a perfect world Spencer would simply disappear......FOREVER!!! As for Heidi and her whole "Jessica Simpson" be it........just stop pretending about and hiding behind the "Virgin Mary" facade. Girl give into the urge and be the nympho we all know you wanna be!!! Oh and Harvey Levin don't worry about those supposid "animal videos." The film quality is grainy and you'd rather be an animal lover than a P.E.T.A. target!!!

2196 days ago

Fleet Pete    

Wow. I mean tell me this is not insane.

2196 days ago


is it just me or does anybody else think that heidi looks like Britney Spears

2196 days ago


They are so ghetto, so tacky.... and they should keep that car because after the The Hills is over, that will be the new home.

2196 days ago


I like Heidi, she doesn't seem fake like Lauren............Team Heidi all the way...........

2196 days ago


I CAN'T STAND THEM. So what if they "showed up" LC with their stupid $400,000 car? At least it seems like LC is trying to live her own life while she's being filmed. Heidi and Spencer are just living their lives for the CAMERA. If I see one more cheesy, staged photo of the two of them I'm going to barf. Heidi should have taken her half of the money to buy a clue.

2196 days ago


I don't know why I HATE these two SO much...but seriously, I HATE THESE TWO SOOOOOO MUCH.

2196 days ago


These two are the biggest pcs of CRAP EVER. THEY are so jealous of LC and all she is doing and they are getting worried that LC is DONE with the hills. Once the Hills is over so is there huge pay days.... DO UC HE bag Spencer doesnt work aside from being Heidis Pimp. LOSERS

2196 days ago


Dont these fools realize there is a recession happening? I HATE THESE TWO AND IM GLAD LAUREN KICKED THIS BROAD TO THE SIDE.

2196 days ago


please STOP putting this two morons on your site. I thought you had more dignity than that...

2196 days ago


Did they really purchased this $400,000 car? There is such a thing as rental....leased....or ...maybe borrowed???? These two nitwits are just show-offs who are so DESPERATE for attention that they will go to any extent to have their faces land a tabloid....Everything they represent or stand for is FAKE....FAKE....FAKE....

Granting that they have the money to purchase said car...maybe they have the money to pay paparazzis to follow them & cover their every move....If they have the money (as Spencer claimed) ...maybe they would someday produce their own reality show since they love to see themselves on TV .....

No matter how expensive their car is....that doesn't make them any classier.....

2196 days ago


This is the last time I will click on a TMZ article about these two. STOP EFFING POSTING ABOUT THEM FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. Jesus, I never even knew about these two until you started your stupid posts about them. God!

2196 days ago


When will all these hills people go away? their 10 minutes of fame is up!

2196 days ago


Just goes to show you you, You can buy luxury, but you can't buy class. If Spencer's dad's really a high-priced dentist, I see about $75k in dental work for Spencer every time that douche smiles. Heidi, listen to your family, and make them happy, it'll make you happy in the long run. Spencer will cheat on you again.

2196 days ago

hollywood resident    

god they make me want to gag let's move on to some one else

2195 days ago
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