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We Told You So

10/15/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just looked at a story we posted back in July. Seems like the Madonna/Guy Ritchie scenario played out pretty much as planned.

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Mr. X    

I would rather drill my own teeth with a rusty drill than attend one of her shows. She is an overrated nothing.

2163 days ago


To all the press and paparazzi who will have a field day and make lots of $$ off of this-


2163 days ago


I like to hope that her brother's book helped this happen.

2163 days ago


Any divorce is devastating, no matter who you are or what you do. My heart and best wishes go out to the entire family.

2163 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

To Obama the Coke Head #9,

No more so of a cokehead than that jackass currently ruining - I mean running the country. Your a moron.

2163 days ago

Al Jazeera    

mental image for you: Madge strapping on a big di!do and doing ARod. Tell me that ain't already happening!

2163 days ago


.........drumroll........TMZ, you were right!

Madonna, it is time to sit the f!ck down and focus on being a mother. The party is over and so are the lies. Take some time and figue out if you want to be a "woman" or a "man"!

2163 days ago


Somebody please hook up Jen Aniston and Guy Ritchie now!!! I've always thought that's who she needed to be with.They would be perfect together!!!

2163 days ago


Whoop de friggin' do! The world will now stop spinning. Or maybe not.

2163 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

As serious as a divorce is, MadDogga and Guy have proven once again, there is no such thing as bad press

2163 days ago


17. To Obama the Coke Head #9,

No more so of a cokehead than that jackass currently ruining - I mean running the country. Your a moron.

Posted at 12:30PM on Oct 15th 2008 by Shakes his head

No, YOU'RE a moron. So much so that you're too undereducated to use the proper form of the word your/you're. So much for making YOUR point. Typical Obama supporter. Needs to go back to English class.

2163 days ago

the short chick in the back    

As if Madonna is in need of money to secure her children's future... please. I mean seriously, come on now.

If they *are* getting divorced & waiting to push the legal stuff until later, Im assuming the reason for the wait would be because SHE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A WORLDWIDE TOUR. Wouldnt you want to wait until you were back home & off of work before you divorced with your husband?

Just sayin... lets use some common sense here.

2163 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

A well publicised divorce at that the height of Madge's tour?

What a coinkydink!

2163 days ago


I KNOW THIS IS BAD TO SAY - BUT I HATE MADONNA !!!! HATE HER, HATE HER, HATE HER !!! She needs to get over herself !!! Wish all you madonna-concert going fools would stop idolizing her like a queen !!! GET OVER YOURSELF, STUPID DUMB BITCH !!! HATE MADONNA !!!!! did i say that enough times ?????

2163 days ago


I wouldn't pay to see her concert. She's an abomination. She does every nasty thing in the book to make her money and corrupt everyone else's children and take their money. Then she shields and shelters her own. She's such a hypocrite.

2163 days ago
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