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Brit's Dad Called to the Stand

10/16/2008 6:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More big news from the trial of the century -- where Britney Spears' dad Jamie was just called in to testify as a witness.

We're thinking Papa Spears will tell the court that Brit is a Louisiana girl through and through and therefore her Louisiana driver's license should make do.

Your tax dollars hard at work people.


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Party 'till you die!    

Gimme less! (Time around those damn kids!)

2199 days ago


I wonder if he will try to bribe the judge and DA with fried catfish.

2199 days ago


I am living in the state of Tennesee and have a California license. So what? I will eventually change it but I am not hurting a soul.

2199 days ago


She's probably lost all of her points on her CA license.

2199 days ago


As usual, the TMZ 3rd grader who wrote this article keeps getting it wrong. It's not the prosecutor who is wasting our dollars; he tried to settle this with a small fine & community service. No, it's SLUTney's hardass attorney, who insists on making this a major waste of taxpayer dollars.

Stupid dumbass SLUTney is clearly guilty of this (she was a resident of California for years, yet didn't bother to get a California license within 60 days, even after she was warned, then written up). Yet, like all arrogant celebrities (who bitch about taxes), she demands her day in court. Stupid dumbass & her arrogant attorney are AGAIN disporportionately wasting our tax money (just like when she needs a special police escort to go to the supermarket or to drive somewhere). To hell with her arrogance; when she's found guilty, I say toss her pampered poodle ass in jail & let the longtime girls go to work on her face...

2199 days ago


Shows what you know. It was small fine and a year of probation.

2199 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Just have her pay a fine like every other joe smoo and be done with it already - just b/c it is Britney Spears it has to be a big deal. Sha has a license ... just let her pay her fine.

2199 days ago

My two cents    

No WONDER our state is broke. Unbelievable.

2199 days ago


Yest another crappy and grainy photo from TMZ. Thanks for helping me go blind!!!!! Ever heard of focus????????

2199 days ago


21. Shows what you know. It was small fine and a year of probation.

Posted at 10:48PM on Oct 16th 2008 by Layla
I see they let another loo-siana inbred post here. Who the hell cares if it's probation or community service; what does that matter, moron? Point is, douche-ney & her idiotic attorney could have settled this a long time ago. They chose instead to waste our tax dollars at a trial...a trial they can't possibly win, and, even if they did, will mean absolutely nothing. F*CK them; when they lose, they should be billed the entire cost of the trial, as a warning to other arrogant "I demand my rights, even though I get special treatment" celebrities...

2198 days ago


What became of the cleaning of the DA-office when it became public knowledge that relatives could borrow cars paid for by hardworking taxpayers money and drive them without valid license?

None of these relatives were put in jail for 23 days because they took the wheels without license.

I think that it is time for the public to demand from Guvernator that he steps in and conduct a major cleaning or we risk that the DA office and the courts will end up as corrupt as in South America.

2198 days ago


Hey #25 Did you take stupid lessons or did it come to you naturally. A year of probation means that she could be jailed for getting a parking ticket, violation of probation, remember Paris. It could also be used to take away her children again or limit her visits.

Number 26 The DA office in LA is already corrupt to the gills. This prosecuitor is handling a high profile case while running for public office. In any other state he wouldnot be allowed to use cases like this for publicity.

2198 days ago


ok, so all for a flipping driver's license that almost every other person at one time or another has not gotten or forgotten, COME ON, waste of time and money, leave her the f alone

2198 days ago


I know the real reason she ran into trouble over this is the hit and run while she didn't have her California license - but I still wonder why she didn't know enough to get a California driver's license as soon as she started residing in California years ago. The laws are pretty clear and pretty standard across the nation. You can maintain driver's licenses in different states, but every state I've been in has always specified a certain time period after which you must get a get a license for your state of residence (that includes students at universities, although if you're just visiting then you can be okay with your home license indefinitely). Usually they will waive the driving test if you have a valid license from another state, but you still need to take the written test (i.e., study the little pamphlet...) since laws are different in different states. With all the staff (and lawyers) Britney has -- why in the world wouldn't she know that just having a valid Louisiana license wasn't enough? Didn't anybody selling her all those cars mention that little detail? She had to get California license plates - didn't somebody mention it then? She's hardly a "visitor", considering she's owned and rented houses in California.

2197 days ago
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