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BYU -- Half-Naked Men Equals No Degree

10/16/2008 3:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No shirt, no shoes -- no degree from BYU.

Chad Hardy -- the guy who was excommunicated from the LDS church for creating a Morman beefcake calendar-- has now had his college degree yanked as well. FYI -- that's not Chad in the photo, just one of his god-fearing models.

Even though he completed the academic requirements to graduate, and did the whole cap and gown thing at the graduation ceremony, Hardy just got a letter from the bigwigs over at Brigham Young University saying he's been "deleted from the August 2008 Graduation list" because he wasn't in "good honor code standing."

At least he's got some real-world business experience under his belt.


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If he finished his degree requirements, I hope he sues their (naked) butts off.

2162 days ago


This is pure BS. I know the church well. School and church don't mix; if he got his degree they wouldn't take it I bet he couldn't GET his degree. ggeeeeshhh TMZ you have sunk as low as you can go. Such trash. I guess it was a slow night lurking around the rich and dumbfounded.

2162 days ago


seems illegal..... ha ha ha, what would John Smith do?

2162 days ago


In the fine print it says not only does a BYU student have to do everything to BYU's satisfaction academically, they also have to behave as BYU tells them to behave. Otherwise, they just wasted all that time and money. BYU doesn't advertise this info. What is to be expected though? BYU's administrators are uppity-up's in the church and they certainly don't tell you everything you're getting into with that either.

2162 days ago


hey hottie - SUE the so-called poligamy loving "church!"

2162 days ago


This cannot possibly be legal, right? If he finished his requirements, they can't deny him his diploma. If this story is true, I hope he sues.

2162 days ago


To Tami: School and church don't mix. ROTFLOL!!! Yeh right... BTW, the church frowns on profanity. Even when abbreviated. Watch yourself or you won't get your degree either.

2162 days ago

Illinois person    

News alert BYU, your guys (students) have bodies too. Beyond this, this young man can make a fortune as a model which would be way more than he would ever earn w/his college degree ('er lack there of). Move on Chad and find yourself a good lawyer. Ps, hey BYU why do you promote sports but not modeling?

2162 days ago


UMMM, seperation of church and state remember?

Religion is for retards. As usual the holy ollers think they have all the power. And guess what folks all you freaks out there helped this attitude along. This is how we ended up with dumb-a$$ for a second term. Wise up, Palin is a total religious freak.

Just what we don't need.

LEAVE GOD OUT OF IT!!!! Not everyone believes as you people do. Its still America the last time I checked.

2162 days ago


To Kristen: BYU is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is organized under a Board of Trustees and the President of the Church is the chairman of that Board of Trustees. BYU students are required to live by a very strict honor code, in other words, they must behave in accordance with the teachings of the church. (No drugs, no alcohol, no sex before marriage, your grooming and dress is monitored, and absolutely no posing for beefcake calendars). It's called the Honor Code. Students and faculty sign the form when accepted as a student and/or hired as an employee of BYU. If you break the rules you're either warned or you have to have a meeting with the Honor Council. They can expel a student and the profs can lose their tenure.

2162 days ago


To ok: Your retard remark is offensive. BYU is a private institution. They are allowed to have their rules. It's not my cup of tea but hey, they're allowed to have their rules. This is America, you know. If a person isn't going to/can't adhere to the rules, the answer is simple...don't attend that particular university.

2162 days ago


First - He signed a contract, before entering BYU, that he would abide by the honor code which is clearly spelled out. You can find a copy online. It was his decision to break that contract, not the University's. It was his fault and now he is suffering the consequences for his actions. Ah, but many here do not believe in personal responsibility. It is no wonder that so many mortgages failed, especially given that people were not responsible enough to figure out they didn't earn enough to make payments on a home purchase.

Second - To the person that called the LDS church "polygamy (at least learn to spell the word correctly) loving," you need to pick up a book. The Church abandoned polygamy over 100 years ago. Get over it. But then, you are likely the same sort of person that forgets that the Southern Baptist Convention only apologized for their role in slavery June 20, 1995. Why concentrate on something over one hundred years ago, but not another only 13 years? And no, I'm not mormon but I do pay attention and read.

Again, he signed a contract and he failed to meet up with his end of the deal.

2162 days ago


While he is stating that all this is because of the calender, there are two sides to the story. The problem is the church will not disclose information, even to defend themselves, which they shouldn't because of privacy. I find it humorous that anybody believes the calender is the issue when the guys that posed barely got a slap on the wrist, if that. There is certainly far more to the story, but again, because of the integrity of the church we won't here a church defense.

2162 days ago


Good posts: #9 and #10.

I'd just like to add...Choices have consequences. Chad needs to pick up his big boy panties and accept the consequences.

2162 days ago


I want to know since he has completed all of his courses and they are denying him his degree, is he still required to pay all of his loans back? If so, I would seriously consider taking them to court. It's a freaking calander for CHRIST sake! His shirt is off...BFD!!

2162 days ago
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