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BYU -- Half-Naked Men Equals No Degree

10/16/2008 3:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No shirt, no shoes -- no degree from BYU.

Chad Hardy -- the guy who was excommunicated from the LDS church for creating a Morman beefcake calendar-- has now had his college degree yanked as well. FYI -- that's not Chad in the photo, just one of his god-fearing models.

Even though he completed the academic requirements to graduate, and did the whole cap and gown thing at the graduation ceremony, Hardy just got a letter from the bigwigs over at Brigham Young University saying he's been "deleted from the August 2008 Graduation list" because he wasn't in "good honor code standing."

At least he's got some real-world business experience under his belt.


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Everyone who is complaining about seperation of church and state have obviously never lived in Utah! I lived there for 20 years (not mormon) and I can tell you that the church IS the state there. That is the biggest reason I left Utah. BYU can do whatever they want because it says right in the contract that students have to abide by their honor code (which is really strict BTW) so quit crying foul! He knew he was poking the lion when he made that calendar.

2169 days ago


It's not all about the calendar. He signed an honor code and didn't abide by it. You break the rules, you suffer the consequences. Deal with it.

BTW - Do people still believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints still practice polygamy??? Maybe your degrees (if any) should be revoked. Read a book. Look it up. It was disavowed by the church in the 1890s. That's "18"90S. Other faiths still practice polygamy, but not the LDS church.

2169 days ago


#14 -- (Amy) -- Who is "John Smith"? Did you perhaps mean Joseph Smith? If so, I'm guessing he would agree with BYU's decision.

BTW - for anyone who wants to see guys with their pants off -- watch the BYU-TCU game tonight. TCU will have their pants beaten off of them!! :-)

2169 days ago


Sorry David,

The Church has not abandoned polygamy unless section 132 of the D&C has been removed since I last looked. Also men who have been widowed can be sealed to a second wife. So at the very least Polygamy is still doctrine for the church.

Speaking of apologies while I agree that the Baptists were a bit late in offering an apology regarding slavery, The church has NEVER apologized for denying the priesthood to blacks until the late 1970's. I think we know why the church will never apologize for that racial travesty because to apologize is to admit error and if the church admits error on such a fundamental doctrine it would be admiting that it is not lead by Jesus Christ and does not operate with divine authority.

2169 days ago


He should sue. IF that doesn't work, then he should just transfer all of his credits to another university and graduate there. Stupid cults, mixing church and state; slippery slope.

2169 days ago


Yes, D & C 132 is still contained as scripture, but then so is Abraham's story in which he attempts to kill Isaac. It doesn't mean that the LDS church or any other Church of Synagogue promotes such an activity.

Yes, Spencer W. Kimball did make an apology. Too bad you weren't paying attention, he was very explicit.

2169 days ago


RUN if you are ever approached by Mormon missionaries !!!

This so-called church masquerades as a family church but is in reality a cult which takes 10% of your gross icome, your free time and your free labor.

The friendliness of Mormons is love-bombing and a bait-and-switch routine!!! Once a victim joins, the cult demands start.

Mormonism is much,much worse than Scientology.
Take heed!!!

2169 days ago


Mormonism is a huge pyramid scheme, designed to enslave regular members and enrich the people at the top, whose salaries are a carefully guarded secret.

Btw, everyone over the rank of stake president does get paid by the church - something most members do not understand because their church lies and says there is no paid ministry. Ha!

The Mormon church refuses to give a yearly accounting to members on how their tithing funds are spent.

They bleed people dry,even demanding 10% gross from disability checks, child support payments and govt.welfare. The Mormon church does not help membrs either.
When they fall on hard times they might get a pittance of food but it is nowhere near th huge amounts of $$$ many Mormon families have paid into the system.

Mormonism is like a very bad insurance policy. When you need help the leaders will make you feel ashamed for even asking.
This "church" is a rip-off.

2169 days ago


Ha ha, I have to laugh at the half truths and the people afraid of God. One should ask why do all these Mormons willingly do the things they do (serve others, work hard, attend church more than most, and give 10% like the Bible tells us to. Its because they have had a religious experience that has confirmed to them that the Book of Mormon is the truth and once someone experiences that, they have to obey the precepts if they are honest to themselves. I have had that experience, not a brainwash or a bait and switch. I am a leader of people and I am not easily fooled but once I found out that this was true - in my mind I have no choice but to follow it because I have that burden of knowledge and to be honest with God and myself makes it so. It is hard to follow all the rules after being such a partier most of my life but if you are an honest person looking for answers, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I would rather live my life as if there is a God and find out I was wrong than to live my life as if there isn't a God and find out I was wrong.

2169 days ago


For people who feel they want the truth, rather than somebody elses bitter or biased "Religion / Mormonism is evil" opinions, feel free to visit the churches official website, don't take anybody's word for it, even the missionaries, ask The Lord with real faith in sincere prayer if this is true or not.

2168 days ago


listen up folks: #1, BYU is a private university and can have their own rules they see fit. #2, when you CHOOSE to attend BYU (as this guy did) you sign a contract that you will uphold a certain code of conduct. it's called breach of contract, he broke it and must take the consequence, welcome to real life.
you can't just throw a hissy fit and say things are unfair just to you, policies have been this way for many years and plenty of other people were able to successfully attend school and leave with a degree. WAH.

2168 days ago


You miss the point. Polygamy is still practiced in the temples every day. If a Widower is sealed to a second wife, he is practicing polgamy. Second A I stand by my statement that the church has never apologized for polygamy. If you can quote President Kimball and provide a source for the quote I would be happy to hear it.

2168 days ago


Wow, based on so many falsehoods, I think I ought to join the LDS church. When our special needs son was born, our neighbors (a bunch of mormons) brought food, cleaned our home, and took care of our other child. NEVER, not once did they ASK ANYTHING of us. If those actions are the horrible forced time, then perhaps more of us should follow that example. Further, when our son was required extensive therapy, there was always someone that volunteered to watch our other child. It seems they LIVE their religion and I wish more people acted like those "pyramid scheme" mormons. A fundamentalist non-mormon family that happened to have had a son at the same time, fell from the earth. Their excuse was that they had a healthy child and though we would feel bad seeing them and they are the ones that claim the mormons aren't Christians and that they are. What a joke. I'd rather have a mormon "pyramid scheming cult member" neighbor any day of the week.

2168 days ago


To Dobbie 17 : Dave never said President Kimball apologized for Polygamy, re-read his post. Polygamy is a current DOCTRINE of the church, and as such is not subject to alteration, however, due to the current laws in effect the practice of it has been discontinued for now. Polygamy has always been a doctrine of the true church, if you read your Old Testament you will find that many ancient patriarchs practiced it as well such as Abraham and others as The Lord allowed it.

2168 days ago



I am not disputing that many Mormons are good folks. After all most of my family are members and they live good lives. I would still like to have you show me any apology by the church or its prophets regarding the priesthood exclusion ban. I would also like to hear your explanation of how the sealing of men to a second wife "for time and all eternity" is not a continuation of polygamy.

2168 days ago
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