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BYU -- Half-Naked Men Equals No Degree

10/16/2008 3:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No shirt, no shoes -- no degree from BYU.

Chad Hardy -- the guy who was excommunicated from the LDS church for creating a Morman beefcake calendar-- has now had his college degree yanked as well. FYI -- that's not Chad in the photo, just one of his god-fearing models.

Even though he completed the academic requirements to graduate, and did the whole cap and gown thing at the graduation ceremony, Hardy just got a letter from the bigwigs over at Brigham Young University saying he's been "deleted from the August 2008 Graduation list" because he wasn't in "good honor code standing."

At least he's got some real-world business experience under his belt.


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I don't know about this case - but going through the graduation ceremony (cap and gown) is no guarantee of receiving a degree anywhere. Some people have not completed all the degree requirements yet, they get their real diploma only after they've really finished (for example, at the end of the next semester when the ceremony is held only in June). The individual university decides what constitutes a student "in good standing" in order to receive a degree. Before blasting BYU, might look into the rules and regulations at other private universities as well to see what conditions have to be met. My bet is that it's not just about academics at other institutions also, although such cases must be quite rare.

Not sure how they get around the tenure thing for profs, though, although there are some things that can be done to retract tenure (morals clauses generally) so I suppose each university has their own rules on that also. Tenure is intended to provide real freedom of political speech especially with no fear of losing your job - this had been a major problem during the McCarthy era, when people were being smeared and blacklisted and lost their jobs and careers due to the abominable actions of the evil, very un-American Senator Joe McCarthy. (A very relevant cautionary tale today, check out McCarthyism.)

2108 days ago


WOW, BYU that preaches morality should look at our churches founder
Joseph Smith married 14 year old girls!!
And other mens wives! In secret!
Now what LDS defender wants to say that didn't happen!
I'll go get the facts!

That's what I thought!

Or should we prove RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, how very naive most LDS mormon members are about their own church!??

2108 days ago


HE WAS x.ed for this calendar only!
it was all over the news here in Vegas

2108 days ago


Correcting a few misconceptions:

Many posters have stated that he signed a contract to uphold the honor code and that he broke it. But they ignore the fact that he did not break the honor code. Publishing a calendar with men with no shirts on is, quite simply, NOT a violation of the honor code.

Ploygamy did not end in 1890. LDS continued to perfom new plural marriages until 1909, and the old polygs continued to practice polygamy until they died off. Joseph F. Smith was the President of the LDS church and a practicing polygamist - until his death in 1918. The first LDS church president to have never been a polyg was George Smith in 1945. The 1890 thing is just hisotrical revisionism at its worst.

The LDS church has NEVER apologized for its racial policies which denied the temple, the priesthood and exhaltation to balck people.

The LDS church owns BYU.

The LDS church expelled a BYU baseball player for not attending his church services because he had only attended about 75 percent of his church meetings last year. Public outrage got him reinstated. Hopefully public outrage can do the same for Mr. Hardy and he can get his diploma. Either was - it should serve as a wake up call to anyone who is thinking of attending - or of sending a child - to an institution so caprisciously evil as this one.

Steve - BYU Class of 1984 - Back before the Taliban rules were in effect.

2108 days ago


Does BYU receive any governments funding whatsoever? If they do, even $1.00, then they should be sued for discrimination.
I guess they don't have a problem with men marrying a bunch of little girls, it's just skin that upsets them. We didn't hear any outrage from the church during the whole scandal, did we? Just those poor women forced to dress like complete clowns. What utter nonsense. Another ridiculous made up religion made up by men for men. Why is it that women can't have multiple husbands? Why? Because this crap was dreamed up by a man.

2108 days ago


I can't believe how naive most of you are. We don't know the real facts about why he is not getting his degree. We know it was because he did not follow the honor code. We don't know what codes he violated. BYU is a private institution and if you don't want to follow the rules then don't go there. So much ignorance about the Church...and so much hatred towards people that practice the religion of their choice...a concept that led the first settlers to America. This country was founded on freedom of religion. Seems to me that this type of hatred comes from people that have never been to an LDS Church or have left the Church for whatever reason and are bitter. I have been a member for 6 years and have never felt like the Church was taking my money and being greedy, I know that the Church shows charity to everyone and Mormans are among the highest educated citizens in this country. And its none of your business what kind of "underwear" I wear. No one asks the Pope what he has on under his very elaborate costumes. May God forgive some of you for your comments and hatred.

2108 days ago


Mormons are hypocrites and not so smart about their own religion.

Blacks were denied the priesthood for 120 years of church history because they were descendants of the seed of Cain. Joseph actually gave the priesthood to at least one recorded black member of the church during his time (Elijah Able). It was only after the next guy took over that the racism kicked in. Ironically a University is named after him.

Funny thing that, so the atonement of Jesus Christ doesn't apply to Cain or blacks ? Hmm..... Ok.....

Who cares about polygamy, Joseph Smith also practiced POLYANDRY ! D&C 132:62 states that marrying other men's wives is adultery, so I guess since he was a prophet it was ok to commit adultery ? Nice.

Its great entertainment to read all the ignorant BS that church members throw out to defend their church that was founded by an adulterating pedophile. Even better is their defense of a university named after a racist biggot.

2108 days ago


Welcome to the wacky world of Mormonism. Willard J. Marriott big time Mormon and the biggest pornagrapher in the country remains in good standing while poor Chad loses his degree and his membership. It's about money folks. The LDS Church profits directly from porn through Marriott's tithing receipts. Maybe it was Chad's failure to pay them their cut that got him into trouble. Hey you Californian's do you really want these Utah dingbats deciding your Proposition 8 for you?

2108 days ago


Thanks for posting this TMZ. Chad was excommunicated because his church leaders didn't think it was appropriate for him to produce this calendar while living the life of an inactive member (ie not paying tithing). Chances are if he was paying tithing on the calendar proceeds (like the Marriott family pays on their hotel-porn profits) everything would have been fine.

As I understand it he had completed all of his requirements and actually participated in the August graduation ceremony this year. The excommunication happened after he completed the requirements for the degree. Instead of sending his diploma they sent the letter. I think he should sue to get his degree or his tuition money back.

There have been several high-profile BYU football players over the years who have violated the honor policy in even more outlandish ways (ie spending the night with female companions). I don't recall any of them being denied their diplomas upon graduation. Is the LDS church just itching for more bad publicity? By now most people have probably forgotten about the Calendar controversy, but this boneheaded action is bringing it right back into the media again.

2108 days ago

Ex Member    

The Church is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. I was threatened with the big X when I decided to divorce my husband. Years of abuse then he started on our teenage dtr. But because I chose to end the marriage I was threatened. I went to Church leaders over and over and his behavior was ignored.

I feel bad for this kid. The church is nothing but fraud at it's best.

2104 days ago
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