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Slips Her Boyfriend Some Tongue

10/16/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the face Miley Cyrus, 15, made at her boy toy Justin Gaston, 20, when he walked down the runway at some fashion show yesterday. Maybe she's just craving another milkshake...

Miley Tongue


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A 20 year old DATING a 15 year old is NOT statutory rape. Unless we have videotape of them having sex, it can't be proven that any law has been broken.

Wow, the underside of the tongue is soooo NOT sexy.

2145 days ago

a mom    

Ok, I'm a mom of a 13 yr old and 8 yr old. I can't believe the way some of you are talking about a 15 yr old. She is still a child! You think just because she is a star, she is having sex, doing this and that. That her father is doing "things" to or with her. That is just sick! Just because some people had a child early in their life, does not mean all people do it. She looks like she is making funny faces at her boyfriend on the stage, and it's turned into something sick and perverted. Some would almost think that is bordering on child porn! Something to think about TMZ? I wonder if suggesting something like that is or should be illegal. Also, what makes her trailer trash? Because she has money? Because she is in the spotlight? Give the kid a break. And to the idiots in here, who always have to bash, put down, and belittle every little thing she does, kiss my a** and grow up. Try acting your age, or did your parents not teach you maners? Mine tried, most of the time I use them unless I put up with people like you! P.S. y'all have a great day!

2145 days ago


What is going on with this girl ... This is a 15 year old girl that is dating a 20 year Man. My daughter looks up to her and loves to watch her show this is a pitty that a mom and dad would let this happen. But like the other person said when you are the bread winner and supporting your family hell why not???? Then we wonder why our children do what they do and act the way they do NO PARENTS are kids dont need FRIENDs ..Diseny has to do something cause there will be another Ms .Spears but her name will be Ms. Cyrus...

2145 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Why can't this 20 year-old find a woman his own age? I know there are plenty of them in Hollyweird. Is a 15 year-old the only piece of @$$ he could find?

2145 days ago


She's a CHILD.
Children are NOT role models.
You cant BLAME a child for... acting like a CHILD.

Parents who allow their children to IDOLIZE other children, should perhaps instead TEACH their children the TRUE meaning of a "ROLE MODEL"

Here's a thought... be a role model to your children.

2145 days ago


I agree it looks like she's just making stupid faces to try and make the guy laugh on the runway....something a teenager would do just to make their friend screw up, not anything sexual. But the 15-dating-a-20-year-old is sad. Sad guy for going after a 15-year-old, sad parents for letting it happen. No parents I know would let that happen....guess you can get away with anything when you're the family money-maker, huh?

2145 days ago

Ms. X    

Wow! Guess I should explain more. It's wrong for Miley to be with 20yr old. Ok, with that being said, I didn't know her birthday party was early. I thought TMZ was trying to keep her younger for more impact. Also, #48 it's apparent that you are still a virgin! Bwahahahahaha

2145 days ago


OK so this guy is a 20 year old male model and the best he could do was Miley Cyrus? Dude is clearly with her for the fame, I mean no offense to Miley, but she is very much average looking. And if her dad wasn't Mr. Achy Breaky I'm sure we wouldn't even know who she is. Her brother has more talent then she does. I don't see what the problem is with the age difference. They are close enough in age that they both would of been in high school together. I just can't understand why a 20 year old male model would want her, for anything other then fame

2145 days ago


Good thing she's not my kid - she would not be dating a 20 year old man - at 15 OR 16 - and she would no longer have a tongue. I would have yanked it out!

That whole family is screwed up. A photographer takes a few shots of her without a shirt, her dad hands her over to a 20 year old man, then dear old dad feeds her ice cream from a spoon as if she were an infant???? Yeah, she'll be preggers soon......Hopefully TMZ won't call it "breaking news" as I am sure we all expect it.

2145 days ago

Who Cares    

For everyone saying she is 16 leave her alone, her birthday isn't until Nov. Disney just gave the party early. As far as her dating a 20 year old, it is down right wrong. I don't know what her parents are thinking, but then again when she holds the purse strings her parents aren't going to intervene and she is going to continue her wild ways thinking she can do whatever she wants.

2145 days ago


thats not the only thing she uses her tongue for..
when i was 9 i was making out with 12 year old girls i can only imagine what she does behind closed doors.. shes definitely not a good girl if shes dating a 20 year old guy ... im 16 and it scares me to think about my daughter when she becomes a teenager

2145 days ago


She looks so dumb! Thefame has obviouly gone completely to her head and thats too bad I was actually rooting for her!

2145 days ago


Yeah Miley, the underside of the toungue really isn't sexy and niether is dating a 20 year old guy when you're 15.

2145 days ago


my2.5cent: Well they are if they like it or not. Other children idolize her anyways, and that's the end of that.

What if shes saying "L" real big? lol!

2145 days ago


Maybe the issue is not Miley....maybe the 20 year old Justin is dating a "15 year old" because he can't do anything with her. This buys him some more time before he opens the closet door.

2145 days ago
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