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10/16/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama MCCain

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Mr. A    

There is a real attempt to make people afraid of Obama based on lies. (You heard the lady at the town hall right). Don't you think spreading those kind of lies is a little pathetic and desperate?

Posted at 7:10PM on Oct 19th 2008 by Tina

I do Tina...I really do, but the problem here is that these kinds of FEAR tactics are not strictly something that's coming from the RIGHT as you'd like to believe, but from BOTH sides.

Look at the fear mongering that they LEFT is doing against McCain and Palin, that we're seeing right here on these pages of TMZ and all the Hollyweird creeps that spew it out each and every day. The sh@# is getting vicious and out of control. Even poor "Joe the Plumber" has gotten sucked into the hate machine out there that's trying to cover Obama's ass by claiming Joe's unworthy of asking his question because he's behind in taxes and doesn't even have his own license yet.

Read the utter nonsense that's printed about Sarah Palin and her ENTIRE family, and then tell me why I should be made to feel guilty about calling a man by his ENTIRE Christian name, and how that even comes cLOSE to being anything near as mean and hateful and FEAR mongering?

You're taking a really ridiculous issue on this whole Hussein thing. It's his name. Even Obama jokes about it and claims it's really STEVE.

2158 days ago


I know I said my name is Barack Hussein Obama but, I lied. My real middle name is Steve, yes, Steve. Also I do not know who William Ayres is and I have never heard of Acorn. As far as being a Muslim, I love my Muslim faith, I mean my Christian faith.I did vote not to fund the troops but, I love the troops. I believe that only I can help the middle class but, if you are a middle class business owner, I WILL f**k you. Rev. Wright was my spiritual leader but, of 1,040 Sundays I attended church with him I never heard a word he said. Tony Rezko? who is Tony Rezko, I have no idea who Tony Rezko is.


Hey, Barack, it's for you, it's Tony on the phone....

Sorry, I have to go now. I am happy to have cleared some things up for you.

2158 days ago


Lol. Both canidates are creepy, but I would vote McCain over Obama. I don't believe in abortion. It also isn't a good idea to lower the taxes.

2157 days ago


Obama does not have enough experience to run our country...that is a fact and not related to skin color or religion. McCain has at least served in our military.

2156 days ago

Dani from Cali    

It is funny that Mr. Bush NEVER served in our military and that did not matter to you #502.

2155 days ago


McCain is a jackass. He wouldn't know which end to stick it if you guided him. And whats up with his miniature arms, he is always waving them little things around. Does he have any originality? Everytime Obama say we need a change, two seconds later McCain " we need a change". Elmo needs help. Elmo lol thats exactly what he looks like. WATCH OUT SESAME STREET

2155 days ago


Glenn can be goofy sometimes but Glenn Beck is one of the good guys... Out of all the networks, Fox is the only fair and balanced one. Bill O"Reilly and Glenn Beck are the only ones I care to watch. Watch Glenn's show and give him a chance. He knows what he is talking about and I pray that Americans wake up.......

1516 days ago
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