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10/16/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama MCCain

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mickey lou    

All the moderators are older than dirt! Please, they bring Tom Brokaw out of retirement. They ask nothing new. Barack has not been vetted. There are probably allot more Ayers & Wrights in his life!

2164 days ago



2164 days ago


Haha! That's funny! I'm still gonna vote for McCain/Palin though.

2164 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

I agree with you #25, All the USA haters all seem to love OBAMA... Hmmmmm why is that?? Also, These celebs, Like, lets see Madonna.. yeah, lets take her word. This so called human being has made millions here in the US hasent she? Yup but lets see where does she live?? England... interesting right. She has slept her way to the top.. completly disrespected chrisianity and Catholics alike!! And stands for anything without morals. She is one of the worlds biggest pigs! Who else...Halle Berry, well she is half black half white and Gee wiz so is Obama there is your awnser for that one! Kanye West " George Bush hates black people" and I deserve a award or I will cry like a bitch over it. Angelina Jolie, well it is very great that she adopts all these kids ( except american orphans that is, cause theres none of them right) ANd i guess she forgot Brad was married when she persued him, she has a gorgeous home in France, (the french hate americans by the way) The list goes on and on! I will always vote for our true all american heros! John Mccain is just that! Obama is a NOBODY

2164 days ago


ok, this is such childish behavior its entirely pathetic. I know where my vote is going and its all about Obama, what an idiot

2164 days ago

blah blah blah    

The people who think this isn't real are idiots, right? It can't just be that they didn't see him do that because they looked away or something. Why can't you people who did see it just tell them that you saw it and stop being so childish?

2164 days ago


32. Yo DAK420....Get real! Canada you realize just HOW dumb you Americans will look to the rest of the world voting for that war monger with your reputation already in the tank because of BUSH and a rapidly failing economy??? Are you listening to the rest of the world??? McCain is the final nail.....Are you related to Hasselback??

Posted at 11:14AM on Oct 16th 2008 by Poolside35

Yo, dumbass, I SO do not CARE how we look to CANADA!!! LOL LOL LOL What a JOKE! Why do you care anyway? You're a Canadian. Why don't you go make a snowman or something and stay out of our politics. I care about the future of our children here in the US. You are a clown. So is everyone on the View besides Hasselback. You people are SHEEP. You are a clueless, misinformed wretch. Obama wants to go to war with Russia, how does that strike you? McCain is a true hero. He's been there, done that. He knows what the hell is going on. Obama has no clue. And you can say what you want about our economy, it's the DEMOCRATS who screwed that up. Bush just gets blamed because he is President and the Dems are such pathological LIARS. Look at the facts.

2164 days ago


Isn't what Obama and McCain have done for our Country in the past all we can really judge on? They can tell us all they want, they can recite beautiful words or spew ugly words, we can all hear what we want from them-having watched the debates with a devout, dem. & rep. noted that they both totally got what they chose to hear. We can let this become about 'stuff', McCain making a face, dirty campaign vs. clean campaign, or bring in the fear factor with all the religious innuendo, age vs. smoker, pregnant teens vs. abortion rights, WHATEVER but in the end-take the time to find out what they have really done for our Country, in our Country's best interest. I have seen Obama work as part of the Chicago Machine, and if that is how you want your country to be... Vote Obama. Hopefully he'll take his good buddy our Gov. with him. Eloquent words are words. Hard work, deeds are deeds.

2164 days ago


Good grief watching you americans and all this election brouhaha is so freaking hilarious. No one person dem or reb is going to be able to fix the problems in your country which in turn are spilling over to the rest of the global economy. Bicker, bicker, name calling, you can't get along, no wonder your country is going to hell in a hand basket. Jokers!

2164 days ago


Does anyone else get the feeling that Mcain thinks that running the country would be like running a local Dairy Queen???

2164 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

I have to say that I don't believe half of the people posting to this thread even DESERVE to vote for our next president.

I am an African American female working in the financial district of lower Manhattan in New York City. I pay my taxes and am NOT on welfare. In fact, I think you closed minded posters would be surprised as to how many of us ALLEGED welfare minorities actually contribute to the mechanics of this country. You sit at home watching your FOX news and point the finger at Sen. Obama calling him a traitor to this country and have nothing but LIES to base your claims on.

I've been watching this campaign trail for two years and there is one thing I've come to realize. ALL politicians have their faults. That's why we as a country have a choice in who becomes our leaders. My reasons for voting for Sen. Obama are simple. I make $68,000 a year. My husband (who happens to be white) makes $42,000 a year. Sen. Barak Obama made it very clear to me last night (mind you has kept his message consistent throughout his campaign) what his economic plan is and I agree with it, period. My vote, although surprising to some of you I'm sure has NOTHING to do with his race. Sen. McCain on the other hand has changed his plan repeatedly and has not given me enough info to even lean in his direction, except for the FACT that his voting record and his economic plan du jour is similar to what we've seen from our current administration. I'd also like to point out that I actually LIKED McCain during the primary, because he didn't get involved with the mudslinging that was going on during the race between Clinton and Obama for the Democratic nomination.

My opinions of McCain have sinced changed sharply due to these two facts. The first being that he's made the choice to have Gov. Palin as his running mate. Sarah Palin herself has questionable ties to fringe groups in Alaska as well as being accused and found to abuse her power as a public servant.

She claims that she's done considerable work with handicapped children when actually her record proves (look it up yourself) that in fact she's done very, very little. I also simply don't like the idea of McCain choosing this obviously ill-prepared, unqualified and as we've seen unethical WOMAN just because she's a woman. That trivializes my views as to why I was leaning toward Sen. Clinton and I find it offensive on his part.

My second reason for not voting for Sen. McCain and also my newest reason for developing a complete lack of respect for the man is the way he's been running his campaign the past couple of weeks. If you are an informed American and you are truly concerned about your financial future and your home, job, etc. the last thing you want to hear from an erratic, angry man and his "pitt bull" is that the opposing candidate associates with terrorist and that you should be afraid of him. These are blatant and obvious scare tactics that the McCain camp stated that they'd use to appeal to their "base". Now think about that for a moment. Who do YOU think he's talking about. I have to think he's talking about the ill-informed, elderly, fringe supporters he's grasping to hold onto. You don't have to look far to see that is exactly what he was trying to do and has unfortunately succeeded at doing.

The idea that at a Presidential campaign rally, people would go so far as to say "kill him" and call him a "terrorist' and not to mention have your supporters verbally attack blacks at YOUR rally and then do absolutely NOTHING until it is put directly in front of you is SHOCKING. Now, Sen. McCain claims that he's spoken out against this behavior, but I'm sorry Senator, I haven't seen it and I watch a lot of television and read a lot of papers. That offends me, not only as an African American, but as an American period. You lied to my face last night Sen. McCain!

I don't believe that Sen. McCain has the right and I am frankly appalled that he's the stones to attack Congressman Lewis on his comments when all Mr. Lewis did was express his wisdom on how Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin would be wise to tone that rhetoric down as he'd seen this type of mob mentalilty the 60s...during the civil rights movement...during the George Wallace run. Now, most educated Americans wouldn't go out and make violent waves, but I have to believe based on this country's history with race relations and assassination attempts and assassination successes that it is possible and that Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin as public servants should be ashamed of going that route. They've blatantly played on the ignorance of certain citizens of this country and I certainly cannot support a campaign that not only blatantly lies to their followers, depicts their opponant as an enemy to this country, tries to gain votes by instilling fear and speaking false rhetoric and simply does not impress me wit

2164 days ago


46. I agree with you #25, All the USA haters all seem to love OBAMA... Hmmmmm why is that?? (posted by wake up america @11:27.

He is right. The people who hate the USA love Obama. Should tell you all something. Pull your heads out and vote McCain. Obama is a smooth talker, and he ALWAYS says what he thinks the majority wants to hear. He will stop at nothing to be elected. His record is a disaster and speaks for itself. DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!!

2164 days ago


I saw him do this last night. Its was after the debate.. For those of you that think this isn't real look it up. Do you want him running the US or Palin.. No thank you! We need someone that can handle the pressure McCain gets to worked up and pissy under pressure and that scares me!!! Its all about him and wanting to WIN, WIN and DRILL, DRILL!! He has had cancer 4 times it could very well come back and he could not make it through ( I don't wish that on ANYONE) Then we have Palin in office taking advantage of her powers!

2164 days ago

Green Is Good    

Ha ha ha! Hilarious.

But seriously, what the hell is going on here?!

2164 days ago


Hey DAK420, Colleen and NO TO OBAMA and all the rest of you who are scared of change...go back and check the "terrorists" facts. then re-post after you find the TRUTH! It is said that fear will hold one back, you all need to learn how to be fearless and embrace change for the future...unless you are all republicans, then...I'd be fearful also, an old cranky fart is running on your ticket, and he knows he has NO chance of winning, so he might as well be a dork as usual. BTW, he did do that in the photo last nite! Or were you all old and asleep?! Have a nice day...VOTE OBAMA

2164 days ago
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