Chrysler: Wear Leather or We'll Have Your Hide!

10/17/2008 2:30 AM PDT
The suits at Chrysler must have purposely wanted to piss PETA off, because they just issued a mandate to their employees forcing them to wear leather (and only leather) shoes -- or they won't get a paycheck.

The memo sent to the car company's factory workers states: "... all employee's [sic] shall not wear any shoe with open toe or open heal, Canvas, Suede, Mesh, plastic, pleather or any shoe with a raised heel. Only shoes/boots of solid leather composition are allowed ..."

If workers don't have leather shoes on, they'll be sent home -- and Chrysler specifically threatens no pay if this occurs.

PETA already had a cow over the memo, of course, and sent Chrysler this letter of condemnation.