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Chrysler: Wear Leather or We'll Have Your Hide!

10/17/2008 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The suits at Chrysler must have purposely wanted to piss PETA off, because they just issued a mandate to their employees forcing them to wear leather (and only leather) shoes -- or they won't get a paycheck.

The memo sent to the car company's factory workers states: "... all employee's [sic] shall not wear any shoe with open toe or open heal, Canvas, Suede, Mesh, plastic, pleather or any shoe with a raised heel. Only shoes/boots of solid leather composition are allowed ..."

If workers don't have leather shoes on, they'll be sent home -- and Chrysler specifically threatens no pay if this occurs.

PETA already had a cow over the memo, of course, and sent Chrysler this letter of condemnation.


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C'mon, the Chrysler peeps can't spell "heel?"

2200 days ago



2200 days ago


Why is this news? This is clearly a safety issue. Same deal in the military. Some heavy ass piece of metal falls on your foot...consider it a goner if it's not protected with steel and leather.

Seriously. Why is this news?

2200 days ago


First, thank you God that I do not work for Chrysler - and incidentally their car financing BITES. I do get the dress code policy; because if you don't have it, I swear a few idiots will wear Jellies or some sort of crazy sandal wih socks (I've seen it, I swear, in a corporate environment). However, it is bullsheet to make a person against using animal skins for footwear wear leather if they follow the dress code already. Personally, if I sit on a leather couch, it might as well of been made with people skin - all I can think of is a dead cow.

2200 days ago


I worked for a supplier to Chrysler. THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE. There are lots of forklifts. Large plastic bins that can weigh up to a ton. These bins are sometimes in racks which automatically recycle empty bins for full ones. And yes you would be sent home for not wearing the proper type of shoes. But it is for the workers safety. Some steel racks which have to be moved off and on the lines can weigh a couple of tons. Lots of heavy parts!! Wear a pair of sandals and you will get hurt. Safety first, not fashion!!

2200 days ago


Yes, I know it's not spelled Christler, but come on...

I can see where it would be for safety purposes.

2200 days ago


PETA people are freaks. I hate cruelty to animals and love my pets, but people and their safety come first. The fight for the humane treatment of animals is made into a joke due to these wack-jobs. PETS ARE NOT PEOPLE.

2199 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

H-e-e-l is not spelled heal. RU guys rocket scientists or what?

2199 days ago


PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals!!!

2199 days ago


Hey PETA/non-blue collar East Coast - West Coast idiots and those otherwise lacking in common sense: The reason for solid leather is a SAFETY issue. People have already discussed the steel toe issue, but there's a reason for leather. Depending upon the factory, not only do we have heavy equipment, but hot and/or molten materials and caustic liquids. Pleather may react to some of the chemical components, so it's not equivalent to leather. Suede, canvas, etc. is porous. Even the engineers who are only on the floor occasionally and are not on the line must wear closed-toe, closed heel, leather dress shoes (no tennis shoes), and the top of your foot must be substantially covered (no ballet flats). Try finding attractive women's shoes to match the requirements these days. Lucky for me I have big feet and can shop in the men's department.

2199 days ago

Jessica Swanlake    

I am a vegitarian and don't wear leather, but this is ridiculous. PETA, who I have supported in the past, is being moronic. It is a safety issue. Period. When I worked in a kitchen we were required to wear leather shoes because of the potenitial danger of burning our feet or dropping something sharp on them. There are differences between wearing leather for safety and fashion, just like there are differences between an Inuit wearing fur and some chick in LA wearing fur. And either way, it is nobody's business but the person wearing it.

2199 days ago


Nazi Chrysler!

And those idiots can't even spell heel right.

No wonder the American car industry is going broke

2199 days ago


It is an OSHA safety issue, you morons.

2199 days ago


Leasther doesn't protect feet any better than other materials

2199 days ago


When cows learn to speak english, clean up there own crap, dress and work for a living, then I will think about not using leather. Until then, I don't care if you beat them with a stick, light them on fire or drown them in a pool of acid. I want my boots, jackets and pants so I can hit the road every summer on my bike. If these animals had such a problem with being brutalized then why don't they just fight back? Because they can't cause there animals, there stupid and they are only good for meat, leather, fur coats, glue and hunting.

2199 days ago
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