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Dodger Fans Beer Batter Cops During Game 5

10/17/2008 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One rowdy baseball fan was bleeding a hell of a lot more than Dodger Blue Wednesday night, when two cops opened a can of whoop-ass after being drenched in a beer-throwing incident -- and it was all caught on tape.
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Here's how it went down: During the final game of the N.L.C.S., a guy in the stands was wearing a S.F. Giants hat and got it ripped off his head (allegedly by a guy dressed up like Manny Ramirez). Rowdiness ensued and the cops -- LAPD uniformed officers who were off duty and working for the Dodgers -- responded.

As the cops confronted the dreadlocked perp, some moron threw a full cup of beer at the officers leaving them soaking wet. When the cops turned to find the beer-thrower, another moron from a different section heaved more beer at the cops.

That's when the uniformed cops decided to enforce the anti-moron law -- grabbing the man they believe threw the second beer and dragging him down the concrete stairs. The tape stops, and by the time the shooter hit record again, back-ups were there.

An LAPD spokesman reiterated the officers were off duty and no one reported the incident to the Department. No immediate comment from the Dodgers.

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Idiots. Next thing you know beer will be banned at these games, and the fans will wonder why. Cops risk their lives for us every day and get paid so little they have to work overtime. I'm surprised they didn't get any help from the real men in the stands.

2166 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Two Mexican young ladies (ladies, ha! More like street rats) were dressed in their Dodger Blue at my ballpark, not Dodger Stadium. They got in a hairpulling fight walking up the stairs by my season ticket seats. Finally, one of the chicas decided to sacrifice her new beer and throw it at the other chica. The other chica ducks. Beer lands all over me and my husband. Then their tool boyfriends got into it like a total gang fight in the aisle, real intelligent. The cops hauled them all away but not before my husband tried to get at to the beer thrower he was so mad. Dodger fans are a a bunch of worthless idiots. They have ZERO clue how to act at a game or on the streets for that matter. They are all lumped in together because I have seen this for years. I look forward to their demise in a game or two.

2166 days ago


I HOPE LA GETS WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE MAP. (This does not include children, animals, or one of the few good people that live there) IF THE WORLD WAS EVER GIVEN AN ENEMA, LA IS WHERE THE TUBE WOULD GO

2166 days ago


good for you La Sucks for not including animals or children!

2166 days ago


BTW, do cops have to act so hostile about beer? seriously, it's just beer. It doesn't hurt you. it smells and makes you wet. You would think they could laugh about it and write a ticket.

2166 days ago


and oh beer will never be banned at games. Come on. It will always be allowed everywhere that it is allowed now. Pot on the other hand, that is illegal of course, for basically no reason. When really, it should be given the same rules as alcohol. And i don't even smoke the stuff and I believe that. but I do suffer from chronic pain and feel one day i might need it if my meds stop working.

2166 days ago


Sports fans are stupid moron idiots who are ugly, have huge hairy bellies and act like neanderthals.
They should have dragged him down the concrete stairs on his big ugly head, maybe it would have knocked some sense into him!

2166 days ago


That is disprectful for anyone to throw beer on a person, let alone a COP. Those dudes need to go to jail for instigating a fight with the cops. Can you imagine if more people got involved? Those cops would be in the hospital. They have to deal with that kind of childish behavior. Throw those thugs in jail. RUDE.

2166 days ago

Anti Dodgers fan at the game that day.    

I laugh at all the dumbasses at the game. I was there and watched the whole thing go down. Dodger Fans are nothing but low life losers. They cant respect the game of Baseball or the fans that support there team, but paying for a ticket to LAs Bronx Zoo. They guy did what he did, and pretended to be innocent. BullS&*t I say. He should have been tossed over the rail back on his Taco Truck and sent on his way. Viva la Crazy Dumb Asses that ruin it for real fans of BASEBALL. Can you spell that ESSE? My advice is to stop screwing 13 year olds and getting them pregnant and stay in school. Then maybe you wont have 5 kids by the time your 18 The cop did the right thing! To bad they didnt get the other loser that threw the first beer.

2166 days ago

No Excuses    

After watching this video I felt sick to my stomach. I truly came onto this comment site expecting to see a bunch of "Screw the cops, they deserve it" attitudes. Instead I am completely surprised at how many upstanding people stuck up for them. My husband has worked off duty at football games and always comes home with stories of drunken fans who think it's funny to ruin the game for the rest of spectators, then when they get in trouble, they blame law enforcement for ruining THEIR good time. But he treats them with more respect then they deserve. It's not the cops or security or even the beer that's to blame..It's immaturity and complete utter regard for anyone but themselves.

2166 days ago

firstamendment girl    

Sorry. No sympathy here for those who were arrested. If you can't conduct yourself in an adult matter, then please stay home and watch the game there. If you wants to drink all you want, conduct youself like a jerk, fight among your friends and family- then stay home. The rest of us would really really appreciate it and not have to watch your immature behavior.
I'm sure that the person, who throw the beer, at the cops, wouldn't put up with it being done to him. So, why should the cops, who are trying to keep the jerks from acting up, have to tolerate it.

2166 days ago

No Excuses    

Lack of utter regard. Sorry, I was riled up.

2166 days ago


I thought cops where suppose to keep there cool , oh wait, they where L.A. cops. They say they where off duty but they had there uniforms on so that makes it look like they are all macho. They should not be permited to wear city uniforms while working for someone else. The Dodgers should provide uniforms for them. 80% of cops don't help people, they just feed there ego.

2166 days ago

not first    

i liked the fact that the crowd was so drunked they cheered for a mexican dude in a manny jersey and braids as if he WAS manny! anyway the pigs deserved it, FFFF the police!

2166 days ago


Dodgers fans are some of the worst. A bunch of drunken low lifes. I'm so glad they lost to the Phillies

2166 days ago
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