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McCain to Dave -- Yep, I Screwed You

10/17/2008 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not since the Hanoi Hilton days has John McCain been subjected to an interrogation like the one David Letterman gave him last night....for canceling on the D man last month.


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Luke Warmwater    

Dave used to be funny, now he's just an old a-hole.

2206 days ago


McCain looks old and tired. Even his ill attempts at humor seem strained!!

2206 days ago


Dave's an ASS.. You have my vote Johnnie! VOTE McCAIN & PALIN......

2206 days ago


WOW. He must be desperate to come back to Dave with hat in hand.

2206 days ago


So, McCain lied. Said he couldn't make it for whatever reason and then went on Couric's show. Do we want another lying president? Or do we want a racist, non-American? Which is the lesser of 2 evils? They both suck and we are screwed.

2206 days ago

Just Me    

Just once I would love to see TMZ take the shots at Obama like they do with McCain!

2206 days ago


Dave was great. McCain got busted lying about cancelling his last appearance. There is no other way to describe it. Yesterday it seemed he expected to be let off easy and it was going to happen.

2206 days ago


"wasn't" going to happen.

2206 days ago


I wonder if McMoney thinks he is going to get some votes out of this? Talk about desparate.

David Letterman is a very funny man, but, it takes intelligence to understand why some of things he says are funny. So, I guess I'm not surprised that some of don't find him funny. Its called adult humor. Not MTV humor.

Keep posting all of the pictures you can find of McMoney with his mouth hanging open looking like the drooling old guy he is.
They are too funny.

2206 days ago


Letterman is always grumpy, not in the cynical sarcastic funny way, but in the grumpy way. Maybe Drew Barrymore needs to pay him a visit. Did anyone notice Letterman compared Ayers to Liddy? What a douchebag. A terrorist vs. a felonious hotel room breaker-inner?

2206 days ago


Dave Lefterman. He's not as funny as oh, say, Chevy Chase is now. Old and dried up like Chevy. John MCCain / Palin sooo has my vote. The "D man"? You mean the Douche-bag man?

2206 days ago


McCain looks sick, with those beady little eyes, pasty face, and mottled hands. He mixes up his words and keeps repeating old war stories, like a senile veteran. I hate to think of the shape he'll be in in four years, assuming he's still alive.

2206 days ago


Dave hasn't been funny since...forever. Look at the guy's hands when he's on HDTV. They are blue and weird looking. He looks like a corpse.

McCain does look more like "the average American." Unlike Obama, he has his natural teeth, not flashy Hollywood veneers.

2206 days ago


How about Lefterman,"the OP man". Old. Prick.

2206 days ago


He never said 'I screwed you'. Get it right at least once for gods sake! He said 'I screwed up'. Big difference idiots. BTW, you do tend to lean heavely on Obama's side, even if you don't say it. Just like Obama doesn;t say that he has been lifted and carried this far by some very influential people who are going to demand payback or the missiles are going to fly once again.

2206 days ago
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