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No Shoes, No Hat, No Problem

10/17/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a sight rarer than Jessica Alba cracking a smile. Kenny Chesney out in Malibu yesterday -- sans hat!
Kenny Chesney: Click to watch


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I mean what does ANYONE see in this guy, he is so gay come out of the closet already you dum bunny and he is not even sexah, Renee prolly caught him with another guy, hence FRAUD LOL

2196 days ago


i think that he looks great. takes a lil getting used to but i like it. i'd still flirt whim heavily anywhere on earth. come back to p'cola kenny!! we love your concerts here!!!

2196 days ago


I have NEVER understood why anyonw would think he's sexy - and you had to know he was bald under that hat, that's why he never takes it off

2196 days ago


Sorry for the typo, I meant anyone

2196 days ago


This guy wants to be Jimmy Buffet sooooooo badly.

2196 days ago


I think Kenny Chesney is very talented and he is very sexy, you don't need hair to make the man. I'd be honored to be seen with him with or without the hat! All you other people are way jealous!! I can't blame ya! Ha ha!

2196 days ago


He looks adorable without the hat. He's cute, talented, rich and a nice guy. I doubt he's losing much sleep over the imbeciles posting nasty things about him on TMZ.

2196 days ago


When will he come out of the closet? Jeez, enough of this butt plug. Renee was stupid to have married him and I think we all know what the whole fraud thing was about. He's here, he's queer, he needs to get over himself.

2196 days ago


He's the total package!!! There's alot of jealous people here! ha ha ha

2196 days ago


I have to agree with D-...he's hell-bent and determined to become the next Jimmy Buffet. And for the life of me, I cannot imagine why he'd want to be. How many "country" songs do we need about tequila, beer, pina coladas, sunsets, the beach, flip-flops, etc.? It's tiresome already! Give it a rest. Go back to singing about farm equipment! Anything that doesn't reak of Coppertone, for pete sakes!

I prefer the cowboy hat. Without it, all I can think of is, "He looks just like a turtle head."

2196 days ago


Total package? Yep if your total package consists of - no singing, on stage vocal tuners, and pole sucking flamers. He's the cat's meow of your total package, yup.

2196 days ago


Maybe he can star in Militia's next gay porn flick.

2196 days ago


I am gay, but I am wondering if he is really gay. He doesnt have any style, wears the same thing all the time, and cannot dance. Sounds like a hetero to me. Honestly, have you seen str8 people dance?? If you want a good laugh, ditch the comedy at the theater, and go to a str8 bar and just sit back and laugh your ass off. And the funniest part is the look on their faces while they are dancing. Like they are just the hottest things ever.... Bless their hearts, not a clue, but at least they try.... When you see a really trendy hott str8 guy, or girl for that matter, all manscaped, dressed to the nines, atempting to dance. Just remember , the gays are the ones who design the clothes you just have to have on your back. We started the manscaping, which I hate by the way. Every little fashion must have, we created and started.Ear ring in thier ear, which I hate also, we started, they mocked, then started getting thier ears pierced also. Hetero men, listen up, an earring in your ears says total QUEER to me. I wont even date a guy with an earring. And I am gay. SO if you want to bash gays. Stop wearing our clothes, and following and imitating every little thing we do. GO back to you mullets, mis matched clothing, and bad dance moves.

2196 days ago


Well said Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2196 days ago

Patty Lane    

HEY KENNY, CLAY IS CALLING YOU. I think he wants to tell you that is peachy keen being out of the closet and he wants you to come out and join him.

2196 days ago
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